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  1. Hehe, I couldn't resist the title refrence. sorry for the cheesyness.

    Hii guys! So I finally have a little lull in my classes so I thought I might pick up one or two new 1x1's since I have about another month before summer semester and or break hits. Life has finally calmed down where I can put a little more time into actually writing something fun instead of spending all my time with my nose in a paper or textbook. (Hopefully it would mean a lot less questioning my life choices and why I don't just quit and run off to Canada or something.) I'm going to work to keep my RP's balanced with my school work and personal commitments I've made with family and friends. Though I guess you aren't here to just read me ramble, so on to what I have. I have a few new ideas since my last search when I first joined, so let's hope they aren't all sleep deprived loonieness. Also those who have stuck around this far in already, thank you for your patience!

    A Little about me
    (This is just some thing more specific then what is on my Resume.)
    ✺ I’m a full time College Senior at the moment, so if I’m not hovering around here…and probably sometimes when I am I am likely doing homework or crying over my math textbook questioning why Math had to be a thing. So with that said me posting everyday isn’t really going to be a thing, I wish I could, but I don’t have that sort of time to give you a quality posts everyday like clockwork. I finally got my classwork and studying schedule set up where I should have the time to post at least once or twice a week, Probably more if I keep up at the click I’ve been finishing my assignments. A really, really good week you might see three out of me, on a typical one, only one. Really bad one? You will find an PM with me apologizing and telling you what new tomfoolery (my new favorite word of the week.) that my professors are throwing at me. It can take me two weeks if my life get busy, but I will keep you updated as to why it's not out yet.

    If such events occur you will go to the top of my to-do list after my homework, (I’ll even put you above sleep on said list) So that way I can get it to you as soon as possible when Professor tomfoolery occurs. I’m determined to be better at communicating with my Partners.

    ✺ So I realized I forgot to say, I do all sorts of Genres, Fantasy, horror, Gothic, Sci-fi, historical I even enjoy cyperpunk, and steampunk settings. I'm rather varied in them, I'll play about genre if I like the plot. Also I have some starter ideas for about everyone one of those if you don't have any that we can run with and build on. Since I didn't list all my ideas bellow, these are just my more recent ones. I have some (mostly fantasy and sci-fi based) That I have bits of the world developed, even developed social structures and religions for it. (well mostly for a fantasy war and guardians of the forests idea)

    ✺ Soooo, big question here guys, and one I’m sure you all are thinking. (I’ll admit it I often wonder when looking at these things what the answer to this is.) My writing length and quality. Well my friends, I’ve improved a bit since I was last here. Not as drastically as I’m use to my writing style changes being, but I think it’s still improved. I at least don’t cringe nearly as much at myself.

    My writing Length: I’m a believer in quality over quantity. Though one site I’ve been on since here, well I’ve had a partner tell me my writing length can get intimidating. (Though in my defense in the same place another had told me I don’t write enough for their taste.) I’ll be honest mine can vary from three to four paragraphs to this novel-esq wall of words that took me a complete week to write. I tend to put multiple characters in a post to give the world more depth or flesh it out a bit since I got to admit I love side characters, and I find them great ways to help a plot along/set up for something. So these things is where a lot of it come from.

    Quality?: I’m a descriptive person, I like to try and paint a word picture (though I don’t think I always accomplish this) I know punctuation, grammar, I might not be good enough to be a professor of it, but I like to think I’m rather competent. (at least I hope so after being through more than one writing intensive course and five some English classes that I was graded solely on my papers. Though who knows with the professors around here sometimes.)

    ✺ I love plotting, I really, really do! I’m addicted to it as I am with plot twists. I adore it.

    ✺ I am that dorky RP partner that if I get really into a rp I might just make a color coded relationship tree or really crappy maps in Paint……….and 8 times out of 10 I make Spotify playlists inspired by it.

    ✺ I don’t really have a whole lot of limits(mature theme wise I mean. Libertine sort of themes? Well to be honest I'm not very knowledgeable in that area to be honest.), though if you have any or any topics you aren’t comfortable with (that isn’t already a no-no by the rules, please tell me! I’m always happy to adjust to your comfort zone on things.

    ✺ I play all sorts. I play female, male, androgynous, gender fluid (these are my characters who can switch genders because of specific mutations with in their species DNA OR the ones that don't give a flip and like to confuse people.), shapeshifters, cross dressers, I even have a couple transsexual characters in my list…..I have some really wide brush strokes or plainly just really weird ones…..

    ✺ I like elements of romance in plots, but I rarely like it as the whole plot. (I can be convinced) I like mixing it up with something like adventure, action, and supernatural and so on and some such. I don’t do a whole lot of slice of life stuff where everyone is human and everything is normal and such very often. In short I like Romance as a subplot.

    ✺ I do play multiple characters if you would prefer it.
    What I'm Looking For in a Partner
    - I'd really love Someone who is Advance or higher. You can find an example of my writing in my resume, but if you want another example I can readily supply it.
    - Again I'd perfer another grown up please. (As I always say I need an aduiltier, adult since I'm not so good at aduilting.)
    - I'd love a fellow plotter, someone who likes to discuss ideas and bounce around ideas to make the story even better or to torture our characters more.
    - If you are in for a long term story, that would make you a doll in my eye
    - Also I'd love someone who's actually read this, so if you did please pus.t a smiley face somewhere.
    General Rating
    98.9% of my ideas anymore are mature, and most of these ideas do have dark or gothic themes, some not so much, but not many are super campy all sunshine and rainbows…..I blame the person who helps me improve on my writing style has very dark tastes soooo, yeeeeaaaahhh…..I can do light hearted though!….I was challenged to write something dark and depressing…..This is what happened….. Anything you are not comfortable with please just say so! We can avoid it with a twenty foot pole at the ready! So I would really love a writing buddy who is 18 and over please. I'm sure you young men and ladies are mature and are fine with dark themes and such but I feel wrong writing stories with anyone younger then 18 since some of my characters can be dark, crazy or skuzzy if not some things that happen to them. Also some of these plots can get psychologically messed up. If not some plots have some very dark themes, such as descriptions of suicide, and darker side of humanity.


    ✺ Knock, Knock; (Random title) [OPEN]
    This idea is one that has been bugging me for a solid month now, and I had to put it down. This one might require doubling, but it also might not, it really depends on what sort of plot line we want to play around with. Since the main premises is two people, roommates or neighbors, get pulled into something out of their ordinary, and adventure of sorts. Back story (like how they met, if they actually get along or not and this forces them to be around each other more then they would like, they were obvious to the others existence right across the hall (if they are just neighbors.) Heck one could have answered an add on facebook or something for a roommate.) ect, ect, ect. We can totally work on that. Bellow in the tabs are a few idea of versions of it/ ideas to play with. And know I'm open to suggestions!
    • Or something like that! This idea can very easily dip into the sci-fi, to realistic areas. One idea I have is the roommate stumbling on an assassination or get themselves in to an unfortunate situation. Like for instance stumble into something like a super solider "recruiting" (kidnapping) and getting themselves in a heap of trouble/ injected with the serum (or some sort of enhancing tomfoolery) This idea we can bounce back and forth what would be better. We could even have one of them be an ex assassin or spy from another country or from the one they are in.
    • This version goes along the line of not at all realistic, at least in the sense supernatural or dark fantasy creatures exist. Like the other it could be made as roommates, neighbors, doubling or no. Though the original idea is that the roommates after a long day of life things (just to generalize so I don't ramble forever on you.) One suggest they go to a new club down town/further in the city, to change up their routine. Though doing so end up with half drunken stumbling into a ritual and unintentionally tethering themselves to an ancient force that might manifest in odd ways. Doing so dragging them into a world hiding in the shadows with people who have intentions of their own. For a mad scramble for power is coming and as their society find themselves on the cusp of change.
    • This one is sort of an idea of the roommates going away on vacation together, visiting one of their families relatives in a foreign country, invited to an old fashion masquerade ball. Little do they know they have stumbled blindly into the buzzing criminal underworld. The family fortune of one roommates family actually coming from illegal activities. (the other one could just be a normal person who get's thrown head first into this mayhem or they could even be a member from another crime family or hit woman/man, who tried to leave that life.) It was at this ball that they come upon members from a rival family, a brief meeting before they depart. With one request from the relative, to deliver a package, thus sparking an adventure of outrunning the law, sneaking around, and life and death situation. This is just the sort of base for the idea.

    ✺ The Town of Locwood [Open]
    In a town of 20,000 surprisingly little happens. An occasional accident or drug overdose, but it's a relatively sleepy town. Though this little town holds more then a few secrets for it will soon find itself at the epicenter of change, creatures that have protected it's borders have grown lazy, or maybe simply forgotten what those before them were set to do. Things are changing, and others pushing at their leashes. For what bumps in the dark might not stay there.

    This idea is something of a type of creatures exist in this town like Druids, Werewolves and few other creatures live in this town among the human population, they had been there as long as the town has existed. Some forgotten what their ancestors had set down before them and fallen into just marking their territories and looking to bolster numbers, but with sloth comes error as well as ignorance. A single bite started a domino effect of old secrets being upturn and things forgotten brought to life. The question is if the humans can be kept in the dark and safe or will the darkest secrets come to light. Many different sort of characters could be used for it. One for sure has to be a new werewolf, them being bit starts the chain of events that lead to something bigger in this city. There can be druids, other pack, vampires, hell demons or phantoms. It's open for building on and tweaking.

    The Red Paved Road [Open]
    “I’m pretty sure we were supposed to take a left back there….”
    So, this idea hit me a while back and I finally have time to put it down. It’s pulled from an old group ideas that I had to scrap for lack of time a year or two back. So anyways on with idea. {Pretty sure you all are tired of my rambling already.} So again this is another one I wasn’t real sure how to write it as a nice summery. The basic idea is a travel RP of sorts. Either a road trip as the title suggests, or it can be a travel around the world idea. Though as usual it has a twist to it. This idea has many variations to it. If it’s a road trip it can include very persistent serial killer(s). Modern

    If we take an supernatural twist it can include a few different tweaks, though one idea is of course sort of inspired a little by the concept of Supernatural, the show by having the characters travel around taking out monsters as hunters, and can evolve into all out hell~.

    Another twist from the very original drawing board of this idea is sort of that the characters were science experiments created by secret labs to be super-soldiers or a new form of humans to use as weapons or even labor. Though they (and possibly more) were sort of “liberated” from the labs when they were young, by the more sympathetic scientists and raised as their children. So when they start out on the trip, which this idea fits better as around the world sort of trip, they are suddenly under the radar and have to fight and run for their freedom…So this might be sort of Sci-fi if I think about it. It can be futuristic even.

    ✺ Making Deals with a Devil: [Open]
    What would you do for power, revenge, or even your darkest desire? Would you turn your back from the golden gates and make a deal with a demon? Or would you let the filth walk across your back. Pretty much this is a raw idea of where someone makes a deal with a demon or even the devil himself for some reason, doing so set things into motion. For they are not the only one to make deals with devils, and not all have such secular goals. It's a raw idea. (if you read my writing sample in my resume it's inspired a lot off this idea.)

    ✺ A Thin Line: [Open]
    So this idea actually has a lot to do with an old Idea i had where a criminal is enlisted to help a Detective solve cases when a series of serial murders come about. Though through out this partnership (and possible budding romance) the Detective (or federal agent) is struggling with the darker impulses inside. This idea was originally a modern fantasy idea where the pressure added on was that someone was trying to weaken the vale that separated the mythical world from the human one. The only thing that kept the two worlds from praying on each other once again. This can be build on more as well or be made into a modern thing or Victorian era like Sherlock Holmes. That can even be made into a steampunk-ey sort of world

    ✺ I also had another idea that has to do with a cursed dorm house. What are people supposed to do when college students and professors are going missing and turning up ritualistically killed if at all? There is one dorm house on campus that everyone hears of their freshmen semester. Of it being haunted, cursed even in the worst stories. Most take it as just that a story If only they were so lucky.

    This is a campus full of all sort of supernatural creatures, demons, witches, and more than a few crazy cultist running around. This is a very bare bone idea.

    ✺ I really like the idea of a dark twist on Alice in Wonderland/Beyond the Looking Glass, possibly with a modern twist. I’m sort of thinking of an all grown up Alice or her great grandchild and Wonderland starting to bleed into their world. This needs a lot of work on what plot to go with but this would be a lot of characters for us to split among ourselves.

    ✺ Something with werewolves, or vampires....................OR Fae~ Something, there are nuggets of idea but need a lot co-planning/building on.

    ✺ I also have an Angel, Demon, Man made creatures and reincarnated spirits idea, that I had been working on making a group RP but I do have a sister idea This I have a lot of the world building already written up, but I can be bend and swayed to change something. The plot will need a nice bit of co-plotting for sure.
    These are just a few ideas I have, and if you don't like any of them and you have a couple you rather do and you think I'd be good for, I'm up for suggestions.

    I might add some more ideas latter after a little more sleep but here is my search and you poor souls who have read all the way to the end, bless you. You are a patient person. Well thank you for reading!
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  2. no slide
  3. Oh gosh darn it! Thank you for catching that.

  4. Ooops, really sorry! I originally posted the following in my reply but I just realised the text is not in the post. Here is/was my response:

    Great profile!

    I'm also a Uni student, a very visual and detailed writer to the point that I describe outfits, settings, temperature, and posture in full. I'm an extremely visual writer. Your profile spoke in volumes to me on this basis along with the fact i'm looking at doing a cyberpunk vigilante RP with Tim Burton-style Gothic undertones.
  5. It's good to see people appreciate my touch of OCD-ishness. XD

    Cyberpunk, vigilante, and Tim Burton-style undertones. Got to say that might go up there in one of my favorite one sentence summaries ever. Is there any one of my ideas that you would want to build off of, or do you have a few ideas of your own?
  6. I enjoyed reading your profile, some interesting things there for sure. Couple of ideas that could work for me too, I particularly liked the Making Deals with a Devil one and the Thin Line. I haven't yet really branched out much on Iwaku yet, only used it as a medium to write with a good friend who I have wrote with for years now. I'm hoping to try and change that, however, and find more opportunities to write. I myself post very slowly, although sometimes it comes in bursts now and again. I can definitely do one a week for the most part, not something I could say when I had uni assignments, so kudos to you for that.

    I read some of your recent posts and I liked it, and would be interested in writing with you some time. I think the two ideas I referenced above are worth further discussion, but I'm not limited to just those. I have two threads knocking about somewhere should you like a sample of my writing. And as a final note, who doesn't enjoy a smiley face from time to time?

  7. Knock, Knock has gotten my attention.

    "This is why we should have stayed home" and "na-na-na-na spies" look very promising to me.
  8. "Knock, Knock" also got my attention. Heh... what about a "roommate" who just happens to be an alien in disguise, trying to hide himself from "pursuers", which leads to the whole "getting themselves in a heap of trouble" scenario? Perhaps with a "Men In Black" vibe. Since I'd have to come up with an alien I could stuff in a "human suit". Oooor... a Ben Ten-ish type. Tech that allows him to assume human form.

    Or both.
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