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  1. Basics & Rules

    1) Will take first two people to respond to thread. After that it starts to become to cluttered. So including me please limit to three people total.

    2) Try to at least do one paragraph (4-5 sentences) per post.

    3) Obviously no killing of another persons character unless given previous permission.

    4) You can play as many characters as you would like.

    5) The idea of multiple worlds is welcomed.
    a) So far there will be the Human World and the Demon World
    b) That is not limited though, if you would like to add a world please do so!

    6) Jumping from world to world is possible using portals, but illegal.
    a) Unless given a passport

    That's all I can think of at the moment! Enjoy!
  2. The cold of the night as the dark clouds slowly grazed across the sky made for an uncomfortable atmosphere in this already dreadful demon wasteland. Nothing seemed nearby except for the one heavily guarded prison that stood tall. Many guards wandered both out of the walls as well as inside the building as the search lights constantly scanned the area. Inside the building directly in front of cell number 111 stood one demon guard waiting to be relieved from his shift.

    "I'm here to take over for the night shift." A new demon guard came and spoke as he saluted the guard, who then saluted back.

    "About time, I was getting hungry." The brute responded before looking at the steel door and laughing. "I think her damn spirit is finally breaking." He explained as he pounded on the door. "She's been silent for the last two hours. It's been great. I'm sick of hearing that trap of hers run all damn day!" He laughed.

    "Well that's a relief. Hopefully she'll keep that up all night." The new guard laughed along. He opened the small latch they use to transfer food through to the prisoners to speak to the captive. "You hear that?! I don't want to hear a god damn word after this conversation! You understand?!" He yelled at her, only to get nothing in response.

    The two guards looked at each other before one looked through the small opening, only to see an empty cell. "What the-?!" He cut himself off as he unlocked the cell.

    Both guards ran in, weapon of choice at hand as they scanned the empty room. They searched the mattress and found nothing, cursing under their breath. "Look!" One finally said as he pointed to the ceiling.

    A few lose bricks could be seen, as if quickly put back in place. One of the guards pulled a few bricks from the corner of the ceiling, seeing how easily they came apart and how they created a small opening, small enough for their petite prisoner to escape.

    Through the communicator they sent out the warning. "There's been a breach! Prisoner 111 has escaped! She's outside!" He explained. Soon after the alarms were already off and guards were searching everywhere.

    About a mile from the prison yard she ran as best as she could. With the damn hand cuffs that suppressed her demon energy however that was difficult. She stood no more than 5'6 with pale skin and silky black mid back length black hair. She had bangs that framed her face well and showed her mixture of blue and green eyes well; those beautiful eyes that were quickly filled with fear as her ears picked up the sirens. She had a set of black fox ears with small white tips as well as a black fluffy fox tail with the same small white tip, it was obvious she was a demon. She looked harmless, though that stature and demeanor was very misleading.

    "Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap." She repeated over and over as she tried to think through her next move. "I really wish I had more time to think this through!" She muttered as she continued to run at a slower than normal pace with her hands cuffed behind her back. It was obvious she was a run away prisoner, with her chalky gray prisoners outfit and cuffs, who in their right mind would help a run away?!

    ((I'll stop it here. This can give for many opportunities and many different character entrances. Another prison guard, ally, bounty hunter, up to you! You can change the outcome of this story easily. Have fun!))
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  3. "I'm lost....again."

    A petite, young male whined as he stood what looked to be in the middle of nowhere. Pouting softly, he knew that there wasn't anyway he would be getting out of this one. The only evidence of life forms near by was a large prison, which was blaring loudly with alarms. Someone had broken out of said prison. The thought scared the male as his fluffy, snow white dog ears flattened against his head and his equally fluffy and snow white tail his between his legs. What if he came across said prisoner?! What was he going to do?! The right thing to do would be to turn them in, but he'd probably end up helping them because that's who he was.

    He snapped out of his thoughts when he saw a silhouette nearby. Eyes narrowing, he tried to make out the dark figure, ears perked curiously now and tail swaying behind him. They seemed to be running. Instantly, the connection was made. He had spotted the prisoner. Fear running rampant within him, the dog demon was on the fence on what to do. "If I end up helping, I'll go to jail, too....but that's only if we get caught," he mumbled to himself, shocked that he was considering the option at all.

    Finally reaching a decision, the male began to wave his hands in the air, hoping he could be seen. He also hoped that the prisoner would notice him before the guards did, or else his plan would fail. Whatever that plan was.
  4. As she continued to run she could see movement from the corner of her eye. When she turned her head to see she saw a young male waving his arms in the air, as if trying to get her attention. She had to analyze quickly; was he after her so that he could turn her in or was trying to help her? She figured if he really wanted to turn her in he would have yelled something by now, she kept her fingers crossed he was on her side. She changed her route to run towards his direction, which was probably a good thing for him. Since he was standing still waving his arms for quite some time one of the search lights caught glimpse of him and mistook him for her, the escaped prisoner and were getting ready to open fire.

    "Run run run run run!" She repeated to the strange dog demon boy over and over as she grabbed his hand when she ran past him, making him turn and run in her direction with him. The gesture might have been a little more awkward than she intended since her hands were handcuffed behind her still, but she quickly let go when she got her point across that he should follow her. She figured there would be better times for introductions than now, there were more important things at hand.

    "Any chance you can open a portal?" She questioned. "Nearest city? Even human world would be fine with me!" She yelled at him as she tried to watch where she was running so she wouldn't trip over anything in the darkness. The farther she ran the less she heard the sirens, which was a good sign, but she did begin to hear gunfire. She lowered her ears and her eyes got wide with worry at the sound. "If you can't do that, do you at least know the direction to the nearest town?" She questioned him again, not trying to sound panicked though it was pretty obvious she wasn't completely calm.
  5. Grinning, he was happy to see the escaped prisioner turn to run in his direction. He had been spotted! With this new found information, he continued to wave his arms, maybe a bit faster than before this time. Although, he immediately froze when sudden light shined on him, illuminating his being. Eyes wide in fear and shock, he stood still as the fugitive got closer and closer to him. Apparently, the light on him wasn't a good sign for, as soon as the prisoner, who he's identified as a female, reached him, she was dragging him away while chanting the word 'run' in a panicked tone. Without being told twice, he followed her, running in her direction.

    A portal? He wished that he could open one. He always wanted to jump from one world to the next, even though it was illegal. While he couldn't, he had friends who could and have jumped worlds. They always come back and tell them about their experience. Shaking his head, he responded to the question. "I...can't. Sorry," he apologized, biting his bottom lip as he tried to control his breathing. He let out a whimper at the sound of gunfire behind them. The guards had resorted to shooting now. At her next question, he flattened his ears. "Actually, I was lost when I found you, hehe...he," he explained, laughing nervously in the end. Suddenly, he perked up. "But I do know a friend who can help us! I just have to call him and tell him where we are. Until then, we'll just have to keep running." The dog demon pulled out his phone and began to dial his friend's number, crossing his fingers that they would pick up as he continued to run.
  6. "Oh, c'mon!" The teenage girl cursed to herself, getting down on her knees to pick up the leaves that fell from her makeshift basket. "Of course those damn alarms would go off right at this moment and nearly frighten me to death..." She ruffled her closed wings that stayed tightly against her back in order to shake off a dew drop. She grumbled in annoyance as she stood up, feeling her calves and thighs ache, and she grabbed the basket in one hand, using the other hand to massage her sore shoulder.

    Trying to ignore the alarms in the distance, she trudged through the woods, mumbling curses to herself because of how miserable she felt. Of course, with her past she already knew worse feelings, but her current attitude made her a bit dramatic. Through the alarms she thought there were voices, but she quickly ignored it, deciding that nobody would be in these woods except for whoever that prisoner was (which she'd rather avoid). She pushed back a thorn bush in her path, ignoring the stinging pricks in her arm, but stopped halfway when the voices became louder. Closing her eyes with her arm still pushed against the thorn bush, she listened closely... she really was hearing actual voices. Her heartbeat quickened thinking of all the terrible possibilities of who was there. Maybe someone was looking for her, maybe someone wanted to capture her, or maybe it's that prisoner being found by the guards... Feeling the adrenaline, her hearing became clearer, and her fight-or-flight response kicked in, making her ready to flee. She backed up and let go of the thorn bush, her wings folding out from the adrenaline, before her right wing hit against a tree. "Damn it!" Her wings instantly pulled back to her in pain as she fell to the ground and the basket rolled away down a small hill. She curled up in a ball on the ground, using both of her hands to clutch her right wing on her back. "Stupid wings!" She cried in agony, while still staying quiet enough to not be heard. One tear involuntarily fell out of her right eye. She had no idea what had happened, but maybe her wings hit a thorn bush, or maybe her wing being hit up against a tree had rapidly bent her muscles in an odd way. She turned onto her front side, letting her wings rest, while her long, curved nails dug into the ground from pain.

    She rested on the ground for only two seconds before a search light came on behind her, instantly and clearly illuminating a dog demon boy who stood frozen in fear. He couldn't of been the prisoner though, he wasn't wearing anything from the prison. While her right wing still throbbed in pain, she perked up, seeing that the boy was a demon just like her. She stared for a few seconds, before he turned and sprinted away, with another figure running with him. She tried calling out, but her voice strained from pain, so she clutched her wing and hastily stood up, running after the two figures. Her wing pain slowed down her running and she couldn't call out to them from her heavy breathing, but she hoped they would notice her heavy footsteps and help her get into a different world. After all, the boy and hopefully the other figure were demons like her, and maybe they were trying to get a different world like she was.
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  7. She couldn't help but sigh, quickly losing hope of her escape. She figured the portal was a long shot, but it sure would have made things much easier. When he explained to her that he was lost her eyes shot back to look at him. "How on earth are you lost?! You just happened to wander the middle of nowhere to find a prison?!" She more mocked at that point than questioned but quickly let it go as the gunfire persisted. She had to think fast!

    Then he suggested the phone call and she couldn't have been happier. "I really hope you get service out here." She muttered as she noticed the guards were not letting up. They were actually gaining on her. Damn the stupid cuffs that surprised any of her demon abilities, including strength and speed. Luckily she was decent at thinking on her feet, she looked back at the boy. "Keep running but don't get too far ahead." She said loud enough for him to hear as she began to run towards the guards.

    As she was running towards the guards she noticed another figure not dressed in the traditional prison guard uniform. "What are the odds?" She muttered to herself as she saw what looked like a teenage girl running towards her. Was she injured? She shook her head, she didn't have time to think about it.

    "Keep running. Run towards dog boy." She said quickly to the strange girl. She wasn't sure if that was the smartest move. The girl was a complete stranger, but she seemed harmless, and in need. She obviously wasn't a guard and wasn't after her in the condition she was currently in. The prison girl on the other hand had to try and distract the damn guards long enough for dog boy, as she liked to currently think of him, to complete his phone call.

    With her current speed and lack of demon abilities as soon as she was close enough to the four demon guards on her tail she slid into the dirt right in front of them, causing a huge cloud of gust rise from the dirt and temporarily blind the guards from their targets.

    "Damn fox girl!" One muttered through coughs.

    During the temporary blindness the fox girl gave a swift hard kick straight to the guards head, knocking him unconscious. She signed in relief and quickly did the same for another. "Two down." She muttered. She couldn't help but think how much easier this would be if she wasn't still handcuffed, but she had to make do with what she had.

    In her train of thought she was picked up by one of the demon guards by the back of her neck while the other demon guard pointed a gun straight at her head. "Thought that little stunt would work with us fox girl?" One guard asked in an angry tone.

    She couldn't help but smirk. "Of course not." She said through gasping breaths as she quickly kicked the one in front of her straight up and into his jaw, knocking him to the floor while grabbing the one behind her with her fox tail wrapped around his neck to make him lose oxygen and fall unconscious, letting her go. Once she caught her breath and realized the closest guards to them were taken out and that there were still more on the way she began to run back to the other two demons she met along the way, hoping that by the time she got back that phone call would have gotten through.
  8. All he could do was nod as he continued to run, slowing down his pace so he didn't get too far ahead. He heard commotion behind him and voices, but decided to ignore it and focus on the phone that was held in his hand. It had been ringing consistently and it echoed throughout the dark woods for he had it on speaker. Gnawing at his bottom lip, he silently prayed to any and every deity that existed for his call to go through and be answered. Fortunately enough, his prayer was answered by one of them as he heard his friend's voice on the other line.


    "Oh, thank God! Listen, I don't have much time to explain, but I need you to come get me."

    "...Okay, where are you?"

    "I'm at the prison that's in the middle of nowhere."

    "You mean....Obsidian Tower?"

    "Yeah, sure, whatever."

    "What the hell did you do?!"

    "Nothing!" He shouted back, glancing behind him to see that the fox girl was running towards him again. Along with another figure, which made him narrow his eyes in curiosity. "Look, can you just come get me, please?"

    "Alright, fine. But I want a very good explanation."

    "Deal! And hurry!" With that the call ended and he stuffed his phone back in his pocket. He was certain that his friend would be there soon and it wouldn't be hard to spot him. The dog demon knew his car like the back of his hand and could spot it from miles away. As he continued running, the woods seemed to be running out. Shit, he thought, eyes wide and full of panic. They were almost out of the woods it would seem, which meant they wouldn't have that much cover. From the sound of it, a road was nearby, coming up actually. At least it'll be easier to find my friend, he thought optimistically.
  9. As she ran closer to the boy, she saw the outfit and the fox features of the figure next to him, realizing that it was a prisoner outfit. She would've freaked out and split away from them, but seeing as this girl was also a demon, she felt relieved to be running with them. She stayed running in the same direction as the boy as she was told to do by the fox girl, as the girl paused behind them to fight the guards. Of course, she would love to fight and show off her wings and talons, but seeing as she could barely keep up her running pace and was slightly crunched over from her damaged wing, she might've died instantly in a fight.

    Squinting her eyes to look at the boy ahead of her, she could see that he had a phone on speaker in his hand. Once the person on the other side of the line answered and they started talking about coming to get him, she felt nervous. A part of her felt like she should trust these two people, but at the same time she was ready to run away from them at any second.

    "So, um... who was that? Why and how are they coming to get us?" She asked the boy in between heavy breaths. She knew that it probably was unnecessary and useless to ask questions, but testing how he will reacted would give her a good gauge of his personality, since she wasn't a part of their conversation before they started running.
  10. She finally caught up to the two others she had just met, hunched over and trying to catch her breath. She was still handcuffed with her hands behind her back and a ridiculously disgusting gray colored prison uniform with a number 111 on the shirt. She looked back to see some guards pretty far from view and a bit lost, finally a bit of extra time. It wouldn't be long before the three of them were spotted again though, hopefully being hidden behind some thick trees waiting for a suspicious car while the lost prison guards looked for the petite fox girl would give them more than enough time, but all she could do was hope.

    "So I heard part of the conversation. Sounds like my second rescuer is on his way." She said to the dog demon boy in a low whisper, not sure how well the guards could pick up her sound. She then turned her attention to the very confused girl that happened to join them through the middle of the excitement. "Who is a good question. Why is partly my fault. At this point I think it would be much safer for you with us in the car than for you out here in the woods with big ugly guard demons with trigger happy fingers." She whispered again, looking over her shoulder a few times just to make sure they were still in the clear.
  11. "Well, it was a good friend of mine. Been together since childhood, really. He's coming to get us with his car and it's pretty much my fault," he responded, glancing at the two girls. "I mean, I'm the one who thought it would be a good idea to help a fugitive, no offense," he explained. At the fox girl's words to the other girl, he agreed whole-heartedly. "I'd be distraught if something happened to you and I knew that, if you stayed with us, you would have been safe," the white haired male confessed in a genuine tone. Even though he had just met these people, he still wanted them to be safe, despite the fact that one of them was an escaped convict. I don't know what she was in for. In fact, I don't even know her, so I can't judge, only help, he thought, reprimanding himself. He was pulled out of his thoughts when he heard the noise of a familiar engine. Eyes wide with hope, he, without warning, hopped onto the road and out of the woods. Standing there in the middle of the road, he flailed his arms around, hoping to be seen. Fortunately, the car before him slowed down before stopping completely in front of him.

    He watched as the driver's door was pushed open. Out stepped a male who looked a couple years older than him and was a lot taller than him as well. He had a more buff look to him, a lot different than his petite stature. Jutting from his head were two fluffy leopard ears and there was a sleek, leopard tail coming from his back. It twitched in annoyance as he scowled at the dog demon, who only smiled gratefully back. The dog demon made his way back to the other girls and grabbed them before dragging them to the car. "Come on, come on! My friend's here so we need to hurry in order to get away without being spotted," he urged them.
  12. She listened to their explanations, nodding hesitantly. Thankfully that boy was out here to help the fox girl, or else she would've been too cautious about it and would've ran away. In fact, the only reason the owl girl decided to come along with them was because her damaged wing would've caused those guards to find her, and she just assumed that another demon would have the same escape idea. Which, apparently (and thankfully), they all did.

    As the edge of the woods was coming near, the boy jumped in the middle of the road, flailing his arms like a madman. The owl girl stood frozen in confusion before seeing a car come screeching down the road, thankfully stopping right before the boy. She didn't have time to process anything before both her and the fox girl were being dragged into the car. "Oh yay, I love getting into random stranger's cars..." She said sarcastically, grunting as she was forced into the car, feeling another sharp pain in her wing. She massaged her muscles near her tertials, resting her head against the window, hoping that the guards didn't spot the only car within a million miles of woods.
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  13. "Not even offended." The fox girl muttered with a smile. She couldn't really argue his point, it was obvious she was a run away fugitive. Really it made her question him more than herself; who in their right mind finds a fugitive and thinks it's smart to help their escape? She never even gave him her name! That might not be the best idea at the moment, especially with how things were.

    Again with the flailing arms! He really liked to grab attention didn't he?! She rolled her eyes as she heard some guards yell that he spotted them. When she saw the driver of the car she had a small internal voice that analyzed the new demon man, a voice that was much out of place for the current situation. 'Nice. I wouldn't mind using him as a body guard.' She thought to herself before shaking that thought from her head. 'Stupid girl, you have more important things to be worrying about!' The guards were on their way!

    As the dog demon tried to rush the girls into the car she knew of one more important detail she wanted to make sure she covered before getting in. "Give me one second!" She urged as she ran from his grasp and back to the side of the road. With her hands still behind her back she grabbed a bit of mud from the ground and ran at the back of the car, covering the license plate so that when they drove off the guards wouldn't be able to read the number. She wiped her hands clean and ran into the back seat of the car, a bit uncomfortable because of the handcuffs but she had to deal until she was out of them.

    "I apologize for dirtying your car." She apologized to the driver. "I'll hand wash it later to make up for it, I just want us out of here safe." She explained, hoping he would understand.
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  14. With everyone crammed into the back, he hopped into the passenger's seat, slamming the door behind him. He was bouncing in it nervously as he waited for his friend to get back inside of the car. "Hurry up, hurry up!" He urged his friend, who muttered under his breath and shot him a death glare that he met full on without a single flinch. Honestly, he was used to his friend's attitude at this point. Especially with the many times that he calls him to get him out of trouble. But that's why they were best friends! No matter what, they'd always stay by each other's side. Hearing the driver's door just close, he focused back on his friend, saying, "Punch it!"

    "Look, this is my choice to help you, so I suggest-"


    There was a moment of silence as his friend registered that, yes, he was just yelled at. Blinking owlishly, he followed the dog demon's previous order and accelerated his car, speeding down the road. Looking out of the window, the white haired demon could see guards staring at their speeding vehicle. With a sigh, he relaxed in his seat. That was until he remembered that he just yelled at his much taller and stronger friend. I'm totally getting Hell for that later on, he thought while biting his bottom lip in slight fear. Deciding that there wasn't a better time than now, he turned in his seat to face the two girls in the back with a bright grin.

    "Well, seeing that we're pretty much safe and aren't running for our lives anymore, my name's Hikaru! Hikaru Kimura," the dog demon said, introducing himself. "This grumpy cat here is named Mamoru Hashimoto, but he goes by Moru," he continued, poking the leopard hybrid in his cheek. "But I call him Moru-chan~." A growl was heard and Hikaru immediately took his finger away from Mamoru's face. Blinking owlishly, he turned his gaze back to the two girls. "Anywho, what's your names? Oh, and don't worry about the mess on the back! I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be the one who cleans it up," the male muttered the last part to himself.
  15. She stared wide-eyed at the dog and leopard boy, then rolled her eyes at the leopard boy's attitude. It probably would've been better for the boy to not provoke that guy.

    The boy introduced himself and his friend as Hikaru and Mamoru. Offset by their seemingly calm attitude after nearly being caught and taken back to a gruesome prison, the owl girl said, "Yeah, hi, I'm Lux Jepltha, and I don't normally get into stranger's cars, so I swear to God if you kidnap me and rape me I will fucking spit on you..." She looked out the window, using her left arm to massage her wings and right arm on the car door armrest, resting her chin upon her hand. Being hungry, injured, and inside of a random car wasn't helping her already fed-up attitude.

    Lux looked back to the girl next to her, getting an idea, "Hey, do you need any help getting out of those cuffs?" She asked curiously with a gleam in her eye as she showed her one of her nails. It was sharp, long, and pointed like an owl's, and it was also perfect for picking locks.
  16. She sighed, closed her eyes and finally released all the tension in her shoulders and sunk into the back seat of the car. She couldn't remember the last time she could feel so at ease! But then in the back of her mind she wondered if she really should, she's in a car with three strangers. She opened her eyes again and looked at the individuals, listening to the names and trying to match faces with the names given. Hikaru, Mamoru, and Lux; those names didn't seem to hard to remember! Oh crap, her name!

    "My name is Christine. Christine Walker." She downright lied to the entire group. She figured it might not be wise to give her actual name right this second in fear of the tall, strong and handsome looking driver slamming on the brakes and turning the car around. Okay seriously... her head and the places it really needed to be right now!

    'Christine' couldn't help but laugh at Lux's earlier comment. "I doubt their the type to take advantage of girls like us. Plus if they were that type Lux I'm sure they would expect to be spit on during the forced escapades." She tried to lighten the mood with a somewhat dark joke, listening to Lux's question about the cuffs. It took everything in 'Christine's' being to not smirk at her question. She could finally be free, her demon power would be free at last!

    "If you wouldn't mind that would be great!" She sounded so happy as she turned her back towards Lux in the hopes that her sharp nail could unlock the cuffs and set the fugitive free from her demon restraints.
  17. "Christine?" Lux asked quizzically. "Hmm... No offense, but you don't look like a 'Christine'." Lux shrugged it off, and then smirked in amusement at her light joke, "Oh, how I wish I could be as carefree as you right now."

    Lux took her head away from the window to start trying to pry open Christine's cuffs. She dug her nail into the lock, jumbling around trying to feel where the release piece or inner knobs were, and right before she was about to give up hope, the handcuffs sprung open, falling down to the seat. "There you go." Lux then went back over to face the window, mumbling under her breath, "Just don't punch anybody now that you're free..."
  18. Hikaru had turned back to face the front when he got everyone's names and the two demoness in the back began to talk amongst themselves. Remembering that he owed Mamoru an explanation, he set on giving it to him now. Turning his head to face the leopard demon, he poked him in his cheek once more to gain his attention.

    "What?" He asked in his usual monotone voice, signaling that he had calmed down from earlier. That didn't mean that he had forgotten about the little incident though.

    "So, let me let you in on tonight's events," Hikaru began, like he was telling a story. "As you know, I have no sense of direction and get lost easily. That being said, somehow I had ended up near Obsidian Tower right when the alarms were going off, signaling an escaped prisoner. That's where Christine comes in," he said, gesturing to Christine. "For some odd reason, I decided to help her and then we were both on the run. While running for our lives, I called you, knowing you would help." Mamoru frowned at this while the dog demon continued, "That's also where Lux comes in, who ended up randomly tagging along. And, well, you know the rest."

    It was silent as Mamoru digested what he was just told. Inhaling deeply before exhaling slowly, he ran a hand through his blonde hair, trying to wrap his head around the whole fiasco. "So, let me get this straight," he began. "Basically, you stumbled upon a prisoner, helped her escaped, added someone else to your gang, and dragged me in it, too?" He stated in a questioning tone. Hikaru nodded, beaming. "In other all just became criminals in one night," he deadpanned.

    "Which is why," Hikaru butted in quickly, "we need to go to your house and portal ourselves to the human world!"

    A moment of silence.

    "What?!" Mamoru hissed.

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  19. "Yeah, I kinda get that a lot." 'Christine' laughed at Lux's suspicious of her name as she tried to help with the handcuffs. Every second spent trying to pry the lock seemed like an eternity, she couldn't wait to feel like herself again! Once the cuffs fell onto the seat she could feel her energy returning, all the energy that had been suppressed for so long! She had been in solitary confinement for almost a year in that damn deserted prison, always wearing those damn cuffs that she began forgetting what it really felt like being a demon. The feeling of strength, speed, enhanced senses was beautiful and she was so happy to have those feelings back.

    She rubbed her wrists a little bit as her fox ear twitched at Lux's comment. Punch someone? In a way it did seem tempting to take control of the situation; maybe take Hikaru hostage and have Mamoru drive her back to one of the bigger demon cities, Canon City to be more exact. There she could return the the dark corner where all her troubles began; an area of town where only the darkest and meanest of demons could be found. People have given that specific are of town the nickname of Lucifer's Playground, though that wasn't an official name. If she could just make it back to that area, if only.

    "Why would I punch someone? You guys just saved my cute little butt! I couldn't be more thankful!" She sounded happy and playful as she smiled. She was going to thank the boys up front but felt it would be rude to interrupt their conversation, so instead listened to Hikaru's explanation of the events that unfolded only moments ago.

    When he motioned to her she simply waved, listening to the rest of the story. When Mamoru was worried about their criminal status she couldn't help but slightly laugh, but her laughter quickly stopped when Hikaru mentioned a jump to the Human World. "Are you insane!?" She asked him in a serious tone. "I mean, me personally, I'm already screwed if I'm ever found again. You three still have a chance! They could just charge you with a warning, fee, or even community service depending on how you play your cards if you ever get caught. But, make an illegal jump to Human World and then you are in major trouble if caught." She just wanted to make sure he completely understood what he was getting himself into.

    "Look, I've already caused you enough trouble. I would hate to cause you more. If you wanted to drop me off on the side of the road and leave me here I would totally understand. Don't risk so much for someone you just met." Her fox ears were down and her eyes looked filled with worry, she didn't want to cause them more trouble than she already had.
  20. Two dark figured men stood at the tower of the prison watched as the guards failed. One gave out a sigh of displeasure, his face twisted into a frown as he looked to the other, kneeling up on a wall that overlooked the area. His eyes glowing a dark gold, "Prisoner 111, eh? I tire of most demons as it is but the fact one escaped here is really unnerving." He gave an exaggerated sigh this time, and smirked. The man had scales on his arms he showed up to his forearms, the rest covered by his cloak. His face was human except the fact his hair had a unnatural black swirl of power that radiated from his light brown hair. He wore a dark red cloak, though he openly showed his face not pulling up his hood. He had two large daggers at his side. "We will have to scare the others." He gave a pause, "Maybe kill some of them, what do you think my hell-fire friend?"

    The other man stood at least a foot taller than the other demon, at 6'10 he towered over most and his complexity of his skin and radiant energy matched his size. The man was a reaper from what most people would call Hell. He had a scythe on his back and a long sword to his side. He also wore a dark red cloak but where the snake demon showed his skin, every inch of this man's body was completely covered. He wore black gloves that seemed to have no real feature except energy radiating off him like a dark mist throughout his entire body. "Play with the prisoners if you must before we leave. I expect you to be ready when I call."

    A soldier came running up, and went to give him the report. "Damion Frahdor," He gave a salute though his hand was pratically shaking with fear as he turned to the towering figure. "Azusa..." He paused not knowing how to say his last name. "I came to repo---"

    "That you failed, and I have to kill you." His tone was so metallic the soldier instantly fell to his knees in fear. "Or my partner hear could do it for me." Damion practically fell from his perch on the wall with excitement. The soldier couldn't say anything and the mist around Azusa's body flared out and tore through his chest, blood running on the ground and splattering behind him. Azusa looked to Damion, who seemed extremely disappointed in that quick kill. "Go have your fun and teach these prisoner's their place. We will be going in a bit." With that Damion ran into the prison, a huge demonic smile on his face. Azusa paused for a several minutes until he heard of dying screams. He started walking down the stairwells picking up Damion as he went.
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