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Hello folks, and welcome to my thread. Now, I don't know what you're looking for, but I hope I can offer you something interesting.
Before we begin, however, I'd like to make a few things clear. You should read these if you want to RP with me.

  • My posting schedule is... Well, there isn't one. I post inconsistently. I can take anywhere from a day to a week, possibly longer. Or shorter.
  • I can't play females. Well, I can't play a female involved in any sort of sexual activity. I'd like to it's just that I have no idea how the female body works and at this point I'm too afraid to ask.
  • If you're interested in RPing with me, PM me. I'm not replying to anything in this thread.
  • Fill out your resume. It helps immensely.
  • If you're PMing me about this thread, the passphrase is "The bears are hunting."
  • You don't have to worry about limits with me. I'm into the kind of shit that'd get you thrown into a Taiwanese jail for thirty years.
  • I'm not doing MxM at the moment. I'm not opposed to doing it, but I'm already doing a few at the moment and I'd rather not oversaturate.

So, plots. What have I got in the way of plots? Well, step into my office, and we'll see what I can fix you up with. Feel free to suggest something of your own if nothing tickles your fancy, though.

For years, a queen has ruled over the land with an iron fist. Rich getting richer while the poor get poorer, unnecessary wars, propaganda everywhere, the whole shebang.
IF YOU PREFER PLOT TO PORN: Two mercenaries are sent to the queen's land to assassinate her, or to at least find a hole in her defences so that someone else can. Along the way, they see the kind of atrocities the queen's society breeds, and they wonder if the pay is worth not interfering with what's happening. The soldiers and the nobles seem to live pretty good lives, however, and mercenaries defecting isn't unheard of when the price is right. TL;DR: Moral dilemmas. TAKEN
IF YOU PREFER PORN TO PLOT The hero has broken into the queen's throne room, and defeated her in single combat. He knows that once the army is finished and catches up to him, the queen will become a prisoner and made to stand trial, then be punished for her crimes. But he figures that nobody would mind - or notice - if he delivered his own brand of justice.

I don't actually have a plot for this. I just want to know if anybody's willing to play it.

Rose Valley isn't a particularly remarkable town, but it's still a rather charming place. The farm, however, is nothing short of an eyesore. The buildings and structures are little more than hunks of rotting wood, with only the farmhouse in decent condition. The field is barren and dry, unable to grow anything except the hardiest of weeds and crops. The mayor decides to hire two people to help the townsfolk in revitalising the farm - a farmer, and an alchemist. The farmer to... well... farm, and the alchemist to breathe life into the farm's land once more. Typical HM stuff abounds. You know - farming, friendships, romance, all the good stuff. Note that this is going to be plot-based, with mature content only happening when appropriate. Even then, it probably won't be all that common.
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Laggy Lagiacrus

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If you want to RP with me, you'd best be quick - these plots are being snapped up faster than a cow in a piranha tank.

I've still got a fair few spots left.

Laggy Lagiacrus

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Is nobody of wanting to RP with me?


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Romance - Action - Drama - Fantasy - YAOI .... I feel like I can put everything here so don't make me do it ^^;
I could RP with you if you want! ^^ Though I do think we need to brainstorm something up xD
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