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  1. Moving To The Beast...


    According to legend, it fuels passion between lovers. Soothes the savage beast. Lifts one up on clouds of inspiration. Makes the heart beat faster. The spirit, feel cleansed. When played out in the open, clasped to the bosom of Nature, music becomes magic.

    Oh... to be proper, one needs music to dance.

    Roose had picked this particular Nature setting not only for the clear meadow between trees, but for the sunlight's angle at this particular time of day. Because, being young and Twill and male, he needed to dance. Because female Twill liked verve and bling. And bling, for a male Twill, required just the right angle of sunlight. For magic? Just the right music to fuel passion, to inspire. To make the heart beat faster. To cleanse the Spirit! Though in Roose's case, soothing the savage beast was not part of it all. Well, to be truthful, yes... but the soothing would come when....... *

    Well, best leave the details to imagination. Risk of blindness, and all that.


    Away from home, out in the Universe to explore. And to get used to his new wings. No, not large enough for flight. Vestigal, though still quite impressive. This other world, witness to his glory. As in hallelujah. As in bonnie breeze is blowin' through ya. Yes, Roose danced in his altogether. Buff. Though not technically naked, given his fur and scales. But still, better to keep horses and small children away. Because this dance... his Passions... his Spirit... his Beast. This dance was for Chorri. The future mother of his children. Every movement, every ripple of muscle and flick of wing membranes scattering not only a refraction of rainbows, but every hope, every dream. Roose's dance screamed want with bestial energy.

    Him... alone. Chorri not here with him. His chosen music, passionate, sad. Wanting. Heart and soul released to the beat. Riffted against the strings of rhythm as his body moved. Eyes closed. Claws out. Ears back. Tail, swept in counterpoint. Other limbs, wild, then loose. Teeth, exposed. Other things exposed. But he was alone. No one watching. Him, lost in the magic of his dance.......

    ....... or perhaps not as lost as he thought.


    On May 1st, 2016, under the influence of a cold virus (which is still playing me havoc), I wrote the above. This will be a one-on-one jump in... first come, first served. Be sure your skills can match what I've written, at the very least. This will be the first time I've played my namesake on this site. So I'd like it to be something special. Bring your imagination along, with donuts and coffee. And be prepared to travel. Long Johns. Good coat. Sturdy shoes. Shirt with many pockets. Strong bladder and bowels. You know... the usual adventurer stuff. Might be wise to include a reliable weapon. Never hurts, unless you need one and don't have it.

    I'll provide the toilet paper. And the band-aids. And the transportation. Thanks. But if you have your own, bring it. I can make room.

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