Come Weary Travelers, Share a Story with Me

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  1. Come one, and all! Please, please make room for each other, there's plenty at the table for all of you. Sit, sit, and settle down as I weave a tale for you, my young, and weary adventurers.

    It's a scary world out there, now isn't it? With rumors of dragons, and cultists on the rise. Orcs threatening to take over pieces of land, and bandits plaguing the roads, it can be rather terrifying to think of leaving home. Yet you're not like the rest of this town are you? you have a burning fire in your heart, one that screams to adventure, for whatever reason you see fit. Whether it be for good, to honor your gods, or for treasure. You all have your reasons I take it.

    Well then, let me give you something you can perhaps, look into. See, there are strange happenings everywhere, now aren't there? Well in this small little town, there's something really odd. It's just rumors now, but I've heard of something, something up in the hills. Something in those caves, that would make a man cry with fear. There are rumors, of a cult, a new group that has formed. They worship the dragons of old...and have a fetish if you will, a true obsession with something one that could destroy this world.

    Are they true though, is the question you must ask. Even I do not know the answer, for all I know, it could just be a group of goblins, with robes on. But perhaps, they are true, it would be a great service either way, to take a look. Can I promise you treasure? No, sadly I can't. I can't pay you, I'm but a weary old man. However I'm sure whatever is up there, would have plenty waiting for you.

    Now then, onto the more important details. Apologies for the short, slightly in character explanation. I'm Bismarck, or to my players, the All Mighty Dungeon Master~ As I prefer to be called. Or you can just call me Bismarck, that works to, both are just imposing I guess. I'm looking to run a high fantasy, DnD campaign, centered around 5e DnD. I like the mechanics, and the races in 5e DnD much more than some of the earlier editions. At least in my opinion, it's a much more interesting system in some respects. Plus, it has some of my favorite new races, including the infamous Dragonborn!

    I'm looking to run a group of say 3-8 players through a campaign, centered in a world threatened by a bit of everything. Ranging from cultists, to orc tribs, to just roaming groups of bandits. It's not a young world, but it's a world on the brink of war, and it's up to you to decide how that goes. I only old one stipulation with characters, and I'll explain that in a moment.

    There must be two characters, before anything can begin. And those two, are a Half-orc ambassador, for the largest orc tribe in the game (The Mokran Drokkar). The other required character, will be a Dragonborn ambassador. Should no one wish to play these characters, I will play them. There is no real major difference between them and normal characters. However they will get some little special things. But I won't divulge that, after all, then everyone may hop at the chance. Oh and just so you know, those 'special things' could be bad, or good. Who really knows? Oh wait, I do!

    I hold no restrictions on characters however, be what you want to be. Only restriction that I do hold is, don't be evil. I will never accept an evil character, unless you have some really astounding idea for your character.

    For the format we'll be playing in, I'm not actually sure yet. I was considering forum play, however I like Roll20 more, since it's very, very fun in my opinion. Especially when everyone has a mic on, to join the fun, and perhaps roleplay a little bit. In truth though, we can work this out among the players.

    Important: In your post to sign up, tell me two things. Why you love fantasy Rp, and what your character will be!
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  2. How much difference is there there between D&D and Pathfinder? Is there a website for it like Jovian has for Pathfinder that you know of? My google search just sent me to the Wiki and the official page. There was a pdf for the base rules, would that be enough to know?
  3. It's not too much different, there's a nice gap in races, and their abilities. But functionally, they are very similar. I could share my google doc 5e folder with you, if you'd like.
  4. Alright, thankya. Im taking a look at it now. *nods*
  5. How do you want us to generate the ability scores?

    Also, I have half formed ideas for a human(might be a half-elf. like I said, half ideas) sorceress and a monk half-orc (if noone jumps in to play one. Not usually my thing but Im up to trying it)

    Uhm, I love fantasy because of how different it is from reality. Anything can happen and I like that.
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  6. Oh, please oh please can I play a cleric in this campaign? I haven't any experience with 5e but I've heard it's quite good. I haven't played on roll20 for a couple years but I remember it being super fun :DDD

    oh and fantasy is just the best genre hands down. So many possibilities! And weird stuff! You can really let your imagination go to it's limits. That's why fantasy roleplay is the bomb :3

    //stalks thread into oblivion >.> <.< >.> <.<
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  7. Lol, amusing enough. Play what you wish. Sadly this thread has been moving slowly. So you know. Takes time it seems to get interest.
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  8. Ah ^^ Have you considered putting a banner in rotation? I think this forum gets less traffic then some of the others.
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  9. I had, but at the same time, in all honest. My own lack of motivation slows me down.
  10. Greetings, my fiancée Silver, invited here. Now, to be honest I've had very little experience with Version 5. But I have had several years worth of V.3.5 D&D. So, it might be a little to adjust to.

    As for my character, I will be playing a very large, Half-Orc that's both intimidating and...well, he'll be very lewd towards females. I think that would be a brilliant act to portray.

    Now why do I love the fantasy genre? I'd like to think I like it because you can build your own myth out of whatever you create.
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  11. I'm always up to play some D&D, so I'm interested, but my energy to roleplay has been sporadic recently, so I don't know whether I'd actually be able to participate that often. However, I'll probably jump in if I can when it starts, so I'll be keeping an eye on this.
    Looking at playing a human warlock, but I could also play a fighter, bard (probably with magic intitiate so I can just be my avatar, heh), or barbarian. Warlock is just my favorite class overall, but I want to do a crossbow expert character, I've never tried Bard, and I'm interested in trying a defensive unarmored barbarian.
    Oh, and I love fantasy because it's escapism and wish fulfillment. It's nice to jump into a better world with magic and swords, or, in some cases, a worse world to appreciate what good things I do have.

    Also, a note on format. I'd prefer chat/skype, but can do forum. Roll20 wouldn't be ideal because I don't like to use my mic (for personal reasons that aren't relevant) so that one would be difficult for me.
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