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  1. Hello! :)

    Well.. I got tired of trying to find people that don't want to rp with me but say they do and I end up wasting my time coming up with ideas and blah blah blah.

    Anyways .. few things I must say..
    I only play female characters

    I don't care for grammar and punctuation but don't make it a repeated thing please.

    I only do FxF and MxF rps :)

    Okay ! Hit me up people ^_^ I'll be waiting.
  2. Ooh, are you into fantasy? I can take up the male role, I'm on every day and I usually reply when I see your reply after school. Have you got any ideas?
  3. Got a large list of ideas if your interested.
  4. Yes I do fantasy and I might have a few ideas :) Pm me

    I'm very much interested :) Pm me !
  5. Whatcha got? willing to do just about anything....
  6. Nothing honestly. But we can always brainstorm! :)
  7. If you're still looking I'd love to work on something. :)

  8. Sure! Feel free to pm me :D
  10. I didn't really have any ideas atm but I would would be willing to RP with you.
  11. Sure we can come up with something. :) Pm me!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.