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    Hi there, people!
    I have recently been craving a few 1x1 role plays, and thus decided to make this partner search. Before then, there are a few things I need to make clear, however.​

    1. I live in Sweden, meaning that I'm in another time zone than most of you. My time zone is GMT +1, meaning that our time is most likely to differ 6 - 9 hours, depending on where you live.
    2. I'm very busy, especially on week days. While I try to reply as often as possible, it may happen that you go without replies for a few days.
    3. I do not role play smut. In the rare cases that I do, I prefer to do so in private- and it should not be sex without plot. Only if it aids the plot will I maybe agree to role play it.
    4. I role play any kinds of pairings. Be it MxM, GxG or MxG. Anything goes with me.
    5. I do not play with just about anyone. I absolutely don't appreciate one liners. I want to RP with people who put effort into their writing, and make as few misstakes (grammatical or spelling) as possible. Long posts are a blessing, though depending on how creative and motivated I feel my own post length will variate. I usually try to post at least three good paragraphs per post, though usually it's more.
    6. I am a person who likes to play many characters, and do not mind doing so even in a 1x1.
    7. I only play original characters, so don't come asking me if I could play characters which do not belong to me. I also prefer if you only play original characters as well- at least in our RP.
    8. I generally use anime pictures.
    9. I don't mind playing either dominant or submissive characters. However, for certain role plays I find certain roles more appealing, and for others I honestly don't care. Due to my like for playing multiple characters, I also don't mind doubling up.
    10. I am a very open minded, so if you have any ideas other than the one's listed, feel free to voice them and I shall consider it. I am also open to alterations/changes of the ideas I already have listed below. ^^

    • Claimed By: Lelouche VI Brittania, (Variant claimed by Megan Fieldsman)
      Genre: Gothic Fantasy, Possibly Romance
      Pairing Types: MxM, FxF, MxF

      Inspired by the anime Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler, the rp is set in Victorian London and focuses on the relationship between a human master and demon servant, who have for one reason or another made a faustian style contract. Other than that the characters themselves may be very different and the story should be completely original.

    • Claimed By: Tarot
      Genre: Science Fantasy, Romance, Slice of Life
      Pairing Types: MxM, FxF, MxF

      The RP is set in a science fantasy world, where both magic and science play an equally big role in our characters every day life. Think science fiction and mashed together. Have a headache? Take pain killers or use a healing stone. Need to get somewhere fast? Use a flying carpet or the ultra speed subway. Aurora academy is famous for delving into both areas, despite their contradicting natures.

      Character A is of a very prolific background, being the heir of a long line of powerful mages. A attends the academy upon the wishes of A’s parents, and studies in magic related fields.

      Character B is of a more normal background, having been born into a lower middle class family. Ever since his early childhood character B has been interested in science, and it has been his dream for a very long time to enter the academy. B was lucky to get a scholarship at the fancy academy, despite A’s social standings.

      Character A and B meet, and to begin with don’t seem to get on well. Due to their backgrounds and clashing opinions about magic and science, they pretty much start disliking one another. Due to certain events where A and B are forced to cooperate, they eventually start developing a friendship… and perhaps eventually something more than that.

    • Claimed By: Danger
      Genres: Fantasy, Romance
      Pairing Types: MxM, FxF, MxF

      The White Fox and Gray Wolf tribes have been in fide with each other for as long as anyone can remember. No one remembers why exactly they hate each other- only that neither of the sides refuse to give up on their prejudice and suspicions regarding the other village. Character A and B are from respective villages, and meet when they are young. Despite what they have learned about each other from their own tribes, they become friends. Knowing this is a taboo amongst both tribes, the children keep meeting in secret, until they eventually are discovered.

      Several years go by without character A and B ever getting to see each other. Then, one day they meet again- and this is where the role play truly begins.

    • Claimed By: Lyra Meiko
      Genre: Fantasy, Romance
      Pairing: MxF

      The role play centers around a demon war lord who has conquered a lot of land and is feared all across the realm. Secretly feeling lonely, he orders his left hand to bring him a worthy wife, a fair maiden pure and unsullied (something nearly impossible to find in his realm of darkness).

    • Claimed By: Aine
      Genre: Science Fiction, Dystopia, Conspiracy
      Pairing: (Not necessarily the primary focus this RP) MxM or MxF
      Multiple Characters Required

      Character A is detective/cop, working for the governmental police force. He was recently assigned to a strange case, in which a woman was brutally murdered. While interrogating him, he notices that the suspect displays an abnormal amount of anxiety. For some reason, his eyes also appear to have different colors. The interrogation ends with an incident where the suspect frantically tries to tell character A something, accidentally scratching him in the process.

      The following day character A stays home because his young daughter woke up with a heavy fever. This is where character B comes in. He/she is the neighbor of the single father, and a good friend of the family. Due to the fathers occupation, he has little time for his daughter, and thus character B kindly tends to help out. He/she has even somewhat become part of the family. Helping out with the ill child, character B notices that character A too, has gotten a fever.

      Character A has a lot of strange dreams, and after a few days, they notice that both character A and his daughter’s eyes have started changing color. Not long after, a government official knocks on the door, asking them to come with him. After several events including near death for both character A and his daughter, they pack their things and leave, character B deciding to tag along.
      The RP will focus on the relationships of this family, and their struggle at finding a cure for the virus they seem to have obtained, while avoiding being killed by the government. It follows them on their journey through this dark world, where they unravel one secret after the other.

    • Claimed By: C r o m i c a l♥
      Genre: Modern Fantasy, Slice of Life
      Pairing: MxM, FxF, MxF

      Losely based of the Nagi no Asakura anime, the RP takes place in our modern day world. The story is focused on two towns, one underwater where the people of the sea reside, and one small fishing town, where people of the surface thrive. The people of the sea and the people of the surface have never been on good terms, so what would happen if two of them suddenly befriend/fall in love with each other?

    • Claimed By: Kikinki, PinkArrow and April
      Genre: Historical, Romance, Drama, Small Group/Multiple Characters
      Pairing Types: (pair 1)MxM and (pair 2)MxF/FxF
      *Separation of the two plots is an option.

      Set in the beginning of the twentieth century, the RP centers around the scandalous romance between an aristocrat and a factory worker. Character A, the heir of a wealthy family stumbles across character B, one evening. Character A takes pity on Character B, a poor street boy on the verge of starvation, and decides to take him in. Character A feeds character B, gives him a roof over his head and a warm bed to sleep in. Character B having grown up in a though environment tries to take advantage of character A’s kindness and intends to leave with several stolen goods, but is caught in the process of the crime. Character A tells him that he may leave with the stolen goods as gifts, if he promises to reform.

      Of course character B doesn’t reform, and continues to live as a thief constantly struggling to live. Eventually he is caught by the police, and would have spent several years in prison- if not character A had appeared for one reason or another and payed for him to be released. In return, character A wants character B to work for him as a steward. The two eventually develop feelings for one another.

      To make things more complicated, however, it turns out that character A’s parents are searching for a fiancé for their son.

      Character C is a young woman with aristocratic background. She knows she doesn’t have much say in who her future husband will be, as she has been told ever since a young age that her parents would arrange a marriage for her, which would in turn aid the family company. Nevertheless she can’t help but feel bubbly and fluttery every time she meets with the recently hired gardener. How will she dare with the struggle between her secret love, character D, and her future husband, character A?

    • Claimed By: LaFemmeFatale
      Genre: Romance, Slice of Life, Yaoi
      Pairing Types: MxM

      Character A and B have known each other since they were small. It all started in kindergarten, as character A found character B being bullied by the other children on the school yard. Character B was a small and fragile, girly looking boy. He was always gentle and soft spoken- the perfect target for bullying. Character A had always been somewhat of a runt. He didn't care if he got into trouble, and always did what he wanted anyway. Taking pity on character B, character A who was three years older fiercely decided to defend him. Thus the two of them became friends.

      Before long A and B found out about their parents engagement. The stepbrothers and best friends were inseparable. B always stuck with A who would never hesitate to defend him when it was needed. They truly cared for one another.

      However, as the years passed things started to change. B grew taller and manlier in appearance, far surpassing his now pixie-in-comparison stepbrother. This was when B started taking a distance from A- much to A's confusion. Little did he realize it was because B was struggling with the feelings he was developing for his best friend and stepbrother. How will A handle the truth when he finds out? Will B ever open his heart to his loved one?

      *Inspired by a story I once read...
      *I would like to play B, the seme character in this case.

    More ideas to come...
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  2. Hi! I read this over, and I'm searching for a really great one on one role play partner as well. Since it seems like you can't post very often, I would not mind posting longer and meaningful replies. Normally, that can get a bit tiring, but when a role play is not too fast paced, posting longer things is not a problem for me. I'd be totally willing to comply to your rules, I'm pretty adaptable.

    I read over all of the plots as well, and I really love the beauty and the beast idea! If we chose to further this, would you be playing the maiden or the demon? Personally, I'd prefer to play the maiden. I love stories like this, so I would really love to start a role play on this idea!

    In my past one on one role plays, I have created worlds controlling multiple characters. I see a lot of potential to create a world with this idea, or any of the ideas you have listed really, so I'd really love to start something up.
  3. I am interested in your forbidden love. There are so many things that can happen or for it to lead. Just let me know if you are still interested and we can talk :)
  4. I think the beauty and the beast one looks good!
  5. Hello, Im interested in the Virus X plot. I tend to write long replies when RP's are slow paced since we have different time zones.
  6. I Command Thee and Contradicting Worlds~~ :D

    I wanted to do Beauty and the Beast but so many people are really interested so I don't know if you'd do another RP like that... :x
  7. I am indeed interested in -> In The Hand Of Sea And Land. It seems different from what I've passed through so far, so I'd like to try it out. ^^'​
  8. Since you were the first one to show interest, I shall do he Beauty and the Beast plot with you. I don't mind playing the demon lord at all. Posting longer usually (but honestly not always) makes it easier for me due to my slow posting. I'm simply too busy to keep up with fast paced stuff right now. X3 PM me so we can talk over the details.

    PM me about it and we can talk it over. ^^'

    I'm sorry. >_< Someone has already shown interest in the Virus X plot, so I'm not too keen on doing a second RP with the same plot. However, I will have several more ideas listed soon, so if any of those interest you, shoot me a PM. x3

    Same goes for you. Sorry. X3

    Comtradicting worlds has already been claimed by Tarot, but I'd be more than willing to do the I Command Thee RP with you.

    Yay! ^^ Then shoot me a PM and we can discuss it. :3
  9. @Gladis How? Where are they? Where's their post?
  10. I was PM'd ^^'
  11. Oh, okay...
  12. Added a new plot. ^^
  13. The Forbidden Love as FxF sounds interesting to me. the wolves are of the Werewolf i assume.
  14. I am very interested in I command thee.
  15. Hey, have any more openings? Or have you closed the shop. hehe
  16. I still need to edit everything in. XD
    I think the only open one I have left is Midnight Blossom. x3

    I'm sorry, it has already been taken. However, if our like to workout something similar, I would be up for that. ^^

    Same goes for you. x.x
  17. I'd love to do pairing two in midnight blossom, if that's available at all...
  18. It is. ^^ If We can find a second person to join in, we could do it.
  19. Okay, hopefully there is someone out there willing to do it~ (:
  20. I'd love to play pair one for midnight blossom, if you are still looking
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