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    • Hello, Call me Momo. 24 years old college grad with a full-time job. (like i get overtime a lot) I live GMT -6, but my work schedule varies from week to week. I can definitely get out at least one post per day depending on the day/my mood/whatever. (sometimes it'll be at weird hours though) You do not need to do the same, but I would greatly prefer at least once a week. I also like talking ooc, and my casual writing is just that. So you'll get a lot of sentence fragments and things not capitalized and "lol"s and "idk"s outside of the roleplay. (i actually say "idk" in real life that's how bad it is yo)
    • I think I'd prefer the role play over the private messaging system, but I'm not averse to threads.
    • I've been roleplaying for so long, so I'm kind of set in my ways about what I like. (i'm super relaxed though so it's not much)
    • As far as "adept" for the title I'd like to take the time to be a little more specific: A normal post for me is about 200-400 words depending on what I'm given to work with. I'm completely open to less. I've totally done one-liners back and forth and been cool. (i prefer a little bit more than that but as long as you've got a grasp of the English language it's fair game)
    • Beyond a pairing or a vague plot idea I don't have much else. If you want to discuss plot stuff that's cool. I'm willing to work with you, but I'm more of a "go-with-the-flow" type. As long as you don't throw something way out there into the mix I'm cool. (even then i can be pretty cool. i can usually find some sort of reaction)
    • In case you didn't catch on, this will be mxm, m//, yaoi, whatever new hip term the kids are coming out with these days for two men in a relationship.
    What I'm looking for at the moment is this particular plot:

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    It's a small town with only one church. A church Character A has stopped going to because of some anti-gay statements promoted by the preacher. He was never really sure he believed anyway. Of course he had his own excuses. There was no way he was coming out any time soon.

    Character B is the preacher's son. It's hard to get away with anything, since any small indiscretion spreads around the town like wildfire. And hanging out with the guy who just left the church was definitely frowned upon. That is unless he gets him back into the church. He doesn't know why it matters so much to him that he's gets to be around this guy; there's just something about him.

    Looking for someone to play Character B, but won't refuse if you want to play Character A.

    Otherwise here's a couple pairing ideas:
    Bold = my preferred role
    • Priest x Anyone (demon, parishioner, what have you)​
    • Teacher x Student (preferably high school)(i prefer teacher but i'm 100% open to playing the student)​
    • Brother x Older Brother's Best Friend

    Some themes I kinda dig: dumb angry boys, teenagery, stupid high school angst, snark/sarcasm, guilt, inappropriate age gaps, hopeless romantics, cynical assholes, inappropriate flirting
    basically i love playing teenagers in high school settings

    Things I Won't Do:
    Incest, mpreg, and most fetishes (i'm pretty vanilla, sorry lol)
    Feel free to contact me on the thread or shoot me a message. Thanks!​
  1. I'm interested in the plot as Character B. Message me?? C:
  2. I'd love to do BrotherxBrother's best friend
  3. Oh, I never see anyone wanting to do the Brother x older Brothers best friend thing. xD I love that kind.
  4. I never tried it and would love to o3o