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  1. Hiya and welcome to my request thread! <3


    Things you should know:
    I write in third person, past tense (but would be willing to try third person, present tense ^^).
    My replies are usually about 2-6 paragraphs, with 4 being the average, so I'd ask that you try to match that or I'll get bored quickly. xD
    My work schedule is kind of crazy during the week but hopefully I can reply at least once a day if all is going well!
    If it's been a few days, just poke me to remind me! I'm forgetful sometimes. ;D
    I overuse commas when I'm writing and I'm so sorry. :p
    Edited to add: I love using real life FCs :3


    Honestly, I'm a pretty laid back partner and I'm open to most things, but I'll lay out some likes and dislikes that I can think of:

    Dark themes
    Slow build romance
    Characters with sass
    Mature themes (foul language, bloody fights, etc)
    Switches <3
    Dubious consent (i.e. under the influence of drugs, alcohol, spells, whatever)
    Pretty boys
    Smoking hot, burning sex <3

    Bathroom stuff

    As far as kinks go, I'm pretty flexible but I really love:
    Dom/sub overtones
    Orgasm denial
    and probably some others but I can't think of any at the moment. ^^


    Vague plot ideas:

    Something to do with soulmates? I've been really craving this lately. One idea is that the first thing your soulmate says to you appears as a tattoo on your wrist or something along those lines. I'd even love if one of our characters is mortified to discover their soulmate is another guy - yay, sexuality crises!

    Love/hate relationship. Either rivals or maybe a bully/bullied thing. I have an idea of two rival rappers getting into a sordid relationship that they have to struggle to hide from the press and stuff.

    A/B/O-verse. I haven't really gotten to play with this sort of setting but I'm DYING too!
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