Come play with me. I'd rather RP than write term papers ...

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  1. I have papers due but fuck me! I can't write them, so here I am!
    (My old thread closed so Im making a new one, same as the old one but with some extra plots andd changes and stuff)

    Hey there, I'm KuroHime, searching for some Yaoi! Wrote a few plots, see if anything tickles your fancy, here goes.

    Closed : Closed RP's are ones that I am not currently interested in playing because (a) My tastes have changed for the time being and this no longer interests me much at the moment but I may come back later to rp it or (b) Im already doing this rp with one or more people and I am not interested in taking on another one with this plot
    Current: I am already doing this rp with another partner, however if you have an interesting plot twist, idea or character, I can be convinced to rp with you too, afterall, chracters make the story and everyon creates different characters.
    Really Want to do!: Something I'm really excited to do, please pick this xD (the really big size fonts are ones that I like super want to try right now)

    Skeletons in the Basement
    YC wakes up, with no recollection of whats happened the night before... a few days before ... weeks before ... For no apparent reason. To make matters worse, he searches his house to uncover some clues or rebuild his memory only to discover my character, naked, or half dressed whatever, and shackled to the wall ... When MC opens his mouth to speak, YC cannot understand a word, how the heck will they piece everything together.
    What the hell happened? What the hell happens next?! You and me will decide xD

    If the panties fit
    YC, a successful city slicker, has recently moved out to the country to escape the city life, MC is the son of a wealthy rancher, and also a cute little thing. YC wants him, but not because hes heir to a large ranch or that hes a beefy cowboy (because hes not beefy, hes rather petite). YC wants to dress him up and ride him like a cowboy, but obviously this will be no easy feat.

    Dancer Dancer
    MC is a dancer in an innercity club, a seedy bar with even seedier patrons. YC is a businessman who is branching out and ends up getting the bar at a knockdown price. MC ad YC inevitably meet and sparks fly ...

    I Live, I Bleed, for You
    Slave/Master rp, MC is terminally ill, when YC (a vampire) finds him, and offers him a way out ... at a cost (Vampire x human)

    I rule the land, and you
    Royalty (e.g. king/prince etc falls for someone they shouldnt ...) Or an arranged marriage, with an affair (since the man doesn't love his wife/wife doesnt love her husband etc etc so the above situation happens).

    Family Business
    I will play the daughter and right hand man of a terrifying mob boss. Sparks fly when my male character enters a gay relationship with your char (they can be in a rival gang (or even the same gang), a cop, or just an average working class guy! anything goes here) This is dangerous for them both. Meanwhile, the mob bosses daughter keeps running off with a bad guy in another gang (your char also), Daddies Little Princess knows that he won't hurt her, and he also knows that he can't shoot this guy for dating his daughter since it will have a domino effect on all other gangs in the area.
    Sparks fly in all directions. (Lots of room to customise this, if you don't like doubling up, we can perhaps rp one plot instead of the daughterxgang member AND the gang member x your char)

    The New Kid is Such a Witch!
    My character is from out of town, and from the start, everyone thought he was a little strange ... In a strictly conservative and religious town, it isnt long before rumours of him being a "Satanist" start to circulate because he never goes to church, wears strange clothes and doesn't fit the "norm". Your char succumbs to his curiosity about the mysterious stranger, or perhaps he just pities him, and they start talking.
    After a short time together, your char (who has been suppressing his sexuality) falls for my char who reveals he is a real life witch! They have to keep it a secret, for both of their sakes, since being gay is practically a mortal sin in this town, and my char discovers his family are being pursued by witch hunters, putting them both at stake....

    Damaged Goods
    My char is homeless, and struggles with a pill popping addiction, when your char finds him (however that comes to be!) and his heart bleeds for the pathetic stranger. Will your char be able to mend a broken man?

    Black and Blue
    My char has been bought and sold since he was in his early teens and he started fighting to earn money. Now that hes in his early twenties, he's gained a notorious reputation on the illegal cage fighting circuit. Your char is part of a fighting ring operation, and "buys" my character, for whatever purposes, will it be an abusive relationship? Or a healing one? Will your char take advantage, or try mend him?

    Love Triangles ... What's the Point!
    Your char is hopelessly in love with his best friend, the man who's been his best friend since they were 4 years old ... the man he also happens to sleep with sometimes ... But, my char(his best friend) is pining after his ex-girlfriend, believing that your char and himself are only "friends with benefits". Will the two best friends ever move past their "no strings attached" sex and actually hook up, or will he get away and get back with his ex girlfriend?


    • This is mature (obviously) so I am assuming you are over 18 years of age and willing to play violent/swearing/drugs/abuse/sex etc and other themes. If you don't tick those boxes, please don't apply. If you have any particular problems with a subject (e.g. incest, age difference etc) mention it to me and we can sort something out. (I don't typically play incest myself, what I'm saying here is, if you have a problem with particular sex positions etc, let me know, there are other things we can do, but do remember that it is mature and will more than likely involve sex)
    • I like longer posts, but once we're in the thick of the plot I can deal with one liners, but please, if theres loads of scope there, don't just post 1 line, the more you post, the more I can respond to in my posts, it works both ways.
    • I have a life outside of rp-ing, a life which includes, friends, family, chores, work and studies -not to mention other hobbies aside from writing- so I will not be on here 24/7 like a writing robot! Do be patient if I don't respond every hour on the hour and I will offer you the same patience. If I will be away for extended periods, I will let you know, I'd appreciate if you done the same for me. I have studies, and when exams/assignments are due I will be less active, but I aim to reply every weekend at the very least. Please be patient, I aim to supply quality posts, I think its better to get 5 excellent posts in a weak instead of 12 mediocre ones.
    • Characters ... honestly, I'm not too fussy as long as your character isn't plain/boring or "perfect" in every possible way. I like interesting characters, so I aim to create interesting ones, I hope you take your characters seriously too :)
    Anyway, that aside, comment or PM if interested, this is always open and I will update when I can with new plots etc, and if you have plots of your own, do suggest them I'd love to hear!!! I'll post notices on here if I am away or not accepting more rp's, but at the time of writing and publishing this post, ITS A FREE FOR ALL :D

    Hope to hear from you soon

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