Come one, come all!

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Urban Fantasy, High Fantasy, Epic Quest, Sci-Fi, Time Travel and World Hopping, Steampunk, Action/Adventure, Modern Drama, Mystery, Slice of Life, Romance, and many more.

Like everybody else on this forum, I'm looking for an entertaining roleplay; some quick questions, if you can answer yes to all of them, we'll get along fine

1: I can enjoy a roleplay even if it has no romance in it**

2: In a roleplay, everyone involved should contribute twists to keep the story going

3: I understand that my post must provide my partner(s) with something to build on

**This isn't to say I never allow romantic relations in a roleplay, I just don't consider them essential

We good? Yay!

So! I roleplay pretty much anything but animals, you tell me what you feel like and we'll work something out, or if you'd rather gamble, I have a crap-ton of ideas we can use

I love things with a fantasy twist, but non-magical is fine, too

some examples of my favourite ideas
  • Modern World with underground fantasy dwellers
  • A microcosmic world, such as playing inch-high fairies
  • Area-51 type workers, keeping the otherworldly things secret from the masses
  • Time travellers crash and must travel through times to get back home
  • A contracted killer must take out someone with whom they work closely
  • Survivors of a plane crash must find a way back home (prefer somewhere NOT an island or jungle, like the desert or arctic conditions)
  • A magician creates dolls that are alive, one of them gets lost in the city and must find his/her way home
I'm gonna start off by being completely honest with you from the start, I'm new here to Iwaku.
Not to roleplaying itself, but to the forum.
(I just don't want to put you off by hiding the fact that I'm new here, hahah)

I read through your list there of your favorite ideas, and if you're willing to give me a try, I'd love to roleplay with you.
I honestly don't have a preference, if you have a plot you've been dying to do since you've thought of it, and had no one to do it with, I'm your girl :D

Also I feel I should add that even though I'm female, I'm completely up to roleplaying a guy, if you prefer.

I'm completely open to any and all ideas.
YAY!!! =D

Don't worry about being new to iwaku, I'm rather new myself, I spent most of my first month lurking >.>;;;

I've kind of wanting to try the Time Travellers Crash-Land idea, do you often play multiple characters? That one works best with a large cast, I think n_n

If not, hmmmmm, theres LOTS of other options xD
That's how I usually am, but I really like the way this place is, so I wanted to just kind of.. jump on out there and see if anyone'll take me xD

I would love to play multiple characters!
I'll admit, I have a thing for time travelers as well, so it works out great! :D

Do you have specific people in mind, or a certain amount of people, or are you pretty much just gonna wing it and see what happens? ^ ^
I never make requests for who/what you play or how many of them, love, if you want to play an 8-man cast of simpering damsels in distress or just one badass dude/dudette or whatever is totally up to you!The only thing I think we should predetermine is why our characters are time travelling; for the hell of it? For research? I tried once where they were time travelling soldiers; they went forward, saw the enemies movements, and then went back to prevent them. Your choice n_n
How about a group of friends researching for the hell of it? :D
Coming up with the idea of time travelling, and then going into the future to help update their technology before venturing into the past, so as not to get stuck there if something happens?
Cool! What did you imagine them researching? Also I think they should probably have /something/ of pressing importance, otherwise getting home isn't really a point of tension after the crash. So.... who starts?
You there nicolai? Anyone there? What is it with posts getting abandoned here!?