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  1. So I will confess I am new to this. My writing isn't terrible though so don't be scared. I'd love to have a partner in crime so to say, to help me get used to everything. So far I am only doing one on one role plays. I play both genders equally. I refuse to get stuck in girly girl roles though. I'll try any genre. I don't have any plots myself saved up to throw out there so it'd be all us throwing ideas around. I'm on here often but be wary of my occasional short posts if my brains just like x.x no ideas. My grammar isn't stellar just to warn you.
    If your not discouraged and still want to role play send me a message or post here. =3
    ~ <3 Tomoko
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  2. Hey Tomoko~

    Your surprisingly welcoming, despite the fact it us who should be the one's welcoming you! If your still looking for someone to help you get the ropes of things, I've been here for a while now so yeah, or even if your just looking for somebody else to roleplay some One x One with. :3

    We are actually very alike in our preferences though, it surprised me. Haha. Just PM me if you'd be interested as I got a couple of plotstuff I'd like to share. ^^
Thread Status:
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