Come One, Come All! Looking For Everything! IMs/Skype/Googledocs

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  1. I will keep this short and sweet! I'm looking for people who are willing to rp over IMs/Skype/Googledocs specifically! I don't get on Iwaku enough to justify trying to do any sort of roleplaying over threads or PMs. I'm willing to give a shot at just about anything.

    You can find me at;
    LegolasML on skype, or poke me via googletalk @

    If you're looking for AIM/YIM/Trillion/whatever please ping me here and I'll get back to you asap.

    I don't mind slow replies and/or lots of OOC chatter.
  2. Did you have any plots in mind? I would be more than willing to play over Skype. :)
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  3. Latest Plot I've done is (very loosely) based off of a book series involving my character Gilla saving another from a jail/dungeon and taking the (typically young male) other to his home and teaching the other everything Gilla knows about being both a gentleman and a thief. Sound like anything you'd like?
  4. I think it sounds interesting!
  5. Awesome. My Skype is in the first post. Go ahead and add me when you can and we'll chat =3
  6. Anyone else?
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