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  1. I'm beginning to think nobody actually checks the "Roleplay Invitation Requests" thread. Only, though, because it's been a week since I posted my own request and gotten nothing out of it.

    Anyway, I'm looking to start/join my first RP here on Iwaku, and although I have more than a few ideas, I'm not exactly comfortable posting them right off the bat. So, to cut this off before it gets longer than it should, I'm open to a lot, you just have to check/ask, and I'm awaiting an invite, a suggestion, whatever.

    EDIT: Oh, yeah. Don't mind the title. I couldn't think of anything fitting.
  2. Hmm. What types are you interested in, I may be able to direct you to a few I've found... And/or am participated in... I'm a little new to this forum too... But so far it's been pretty awesome here!
  3. I like it when things are kept simple and easy to follow.

    When it comes to genres, I don't really like anything historic, horror, or tragic, but I'm open to anything else.
  4. You could always start with the "Jump in" rp's, because currently I'm kinda caught in the flow of comples rp's :P
  5. Jump Ins are nice, but it's difficult to jump in after the first page or so. I speak from experience on that respect.
  6. Yeah, new ones do pop up, actually there's a few new rps in the "roleplay talk" section, so jumping in there and browsing will get you some good results :3
  7. How far back should I look, page-wise?
  8. Not entirely sure, try checking the first few pages, and of course check the global sign up area too >.<
  9. Alright.
    Thanks for the help.
  10. No problem! XD Oh, one last thing, you could watch the forums in those two sections, so you'll be notified when new things are posted :3
  11. That's probably a good idea as well, lol.
  12. They are checked, the people who've been interested in my resume have messaged me privately or left a comment on my profile. And from personal experience, once a handful of rps start sprouting up, it's not hard to imagine that not many people check the invitations thread after a while until they've got more free time.

    That being said, if you have particular ideas that you want to put forth, message me and we can hash something out, either a 1x1 or co-GM a group rp. I'm very open to all sorts save for a select few genres, so don't be afraid.
  13. I was told that Iwaku was slow. I suppose I just happened to join during a slow period.

    As well, if I can ever find the PM button, I'll do just that.
Thread Status:
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