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Which Seems more interesting, Plot 1 or Plot 2 (read before answering question)

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  1. Plot 1 for sure!

  2. No, you're crazy Plot 2 most definitely

  3. Meh, neither...(okay I'll pretend that didn't hurt *Sniffle Sniffle*)

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  4. Now that there's a plot 3, Is plot three better than one or two

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  5. Plot 4 Plot 4 please!!!

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  1. Hello everyone! If you do no know me (which I'm pretty sure you don't) I'm XxWhySoSeriousxX but please call me Clown Princess or Kat. I have finally got some more free time and I've been looking for a really good FxF plot that involves smut but isn't fully surrounded by it. Meaning
    plot > smut.
    Now onto the lame part! My Expectations! (Booooooo)
    •Please be intermediate, I really hate one liners and I would prefer five sentences or more.
    •Do NOT! And I repeat do NOT abandon me. I will not hassle you but if I'm really pumped about the idea I would love not to be abandoned half way through.
    •I cannot stand someone who doesn't try to make the roleplay fun. I love drama and trying to push the plot along. But do not turn into that person who makes their character the star depressed person for no reason or a really dumb one.
    Ex: "Oh no my boyfriend dumped me...I'm going to jump off a cliff now"
    • Please have fun! I am an easy person to get along with so if you have any problems or concerns or you just want to talk I promise I will not judge or ignore you. ^_^

    Now if you have stayed that long after all that, pat on the back cause you're finally to the good part! Plots and parings!
    * <--------- That indicates the part I want to play.

    Cop x Cop
    Cop x Stripper/Prositute*
    Best Friend x Best Friend*
    One Night Stand
    Teacher/Profsser x Failing Student*
    Bad Girl x Bad Girl
    Bad Girl x Good Girl*
    Boss x Secretary*
    Bosses Daughter x Worker*
    (All I have at the moment, will update)

    Now this part are the plots that I have thought up so far. I'm not looking for someone to be a dominant or a submissive, but instead I'm looking for someone to play both. (I will explain if you dont understand)

    Plot 1: Sorry, You Can't Handle Me

    Muse A has never been graced with a good life. Her mother and her father were killed in front of her very eyes and she tried to run from the murders, until in 1849 they killed her off as well. She thought that she was dead for sure until a peaceful soul passing by saved her life. Muse A had never met the person who saved her life but she knew that whoever that person was gave her a new power and gift, Muse A was now a creature of the night and loved every minute of it. Now it's 2015 and Muse A has made a living as a stripper. She's the best there is and everyone there is probably there to see her. But Muse B (your character) is a bartender at the (lesbian) club that they work at. Both have been eyeing each other up lately and everytime Muse B tries to ask Muse A out, Muse A always gives the same excuse. "Sorry Love, you just can't handle me"

    Plot 2: Nothing more Nothing less
    (Based off of Carmen and Shane on the show L Word, you don't have to watch the show to roleplay)

    Muse B (Your character) is nothing more than a player. She gets whoever she wants into bed with her, and she can even make the straightest girl want to just get a little taste of the lesbian life. What can you say, everyone wants a little dip in the pool of a huge player...even Muse A. Muse A has been a closeted lesbian her whole life mainly because she's afraid to get hurt. Every girl that she's ever been with wants to use and abuse her before they leave in their merry way, and at first that was Muse B's intention. They had met at a famous Lesbian club one night and hit it off pretty fast before Muse B had Muse A into her bed. She left Muse A before the sunrise had come and now they seem to be running into each other regularly, at their favorite cafes, favorite clubs, and even sometimes in their workplace before they just decided to agree. Why don't they just have a sexual relationship, nothing more...nothing less.

    Plot 3: Can't think of a title but it's the CopxCop plot
    •Modern Fantasy

    Muse A was a cop that played by the rules, everything was by the book with her and she never broke rules and listened to her superiors. Muse B was the cop that never listened to anyone but herself, always was a lone wolf, and couldn't stand the idea of having a partner. They were both the best in their squad and when a string of unknown disappearances occurs their captain teams them together to solve the issue, of course them being two different people causes arguments every second for stupid reasons. Then when they make a break through in the case it isn't pleasant, something that you hear in stories of see in movies is actually coming true in their city and they need to prevent it from getting out or letting anyone find out about what's been going on under the eyes of the people. There will be trials and tribulations on the way to keeping their city safe (mainly between them) but something may or may not blossom while they're trying to save the world....just kidding, while their trying to save their asses.

    •I wouldn't mind playing Muse B but I would love to play Muse A, the choice is up to my partner.

    Plot 4: Not About Angels
    •Slice of Life/Drama

    Muse A and Muse B were two bad people, both had sucky personalities and did horrible things. So when it was found out that these two people were in a relationship, all hell broke loose. Well, that was stretching the truth a bit but all in all, people were not happy. They were harassed for their relationship constantly and were looked down upon because they were together. But what the people saw on the outside, them holding hands while smoking...was not so pretty on the inside. They fought all the time whether it was verbal or physical, Muse B cheated and flirted around while Muse A constantly got high and did drugs. Muse A loved Muse B but it seemed as if the only time they could stand each other is if they were very drunk or very high. How will these two broken hearts try to mend each other when they aren't fixed themselves?
    •Looking for Muse B

    If you don't like any of these plots but have an interest in one of the parings, pm me or comment below and we can talk about a plot for the pairing (though I do hope someone is interested in one of the plots).
    I hope to see someone soon >_<

    Oh yeah, P.S: Sorry males, I'm just a little sick of MxF plots at the moment.
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  2. I have a plot that would work with the good girl x bad girl plot
  3. Alright well I'm interested lay it on me! Or if you want to talk about it over pm then pm me
  4. I love the second plot ^^
  5. Oh really! I'll pm you so we can talk about it!
  6. Gawd I love plot 2!! Had a character in mind and everything! Ha!

    Oh well! I do kind of like the boss's daughter/worker idea. But really do like the Cop x Prostitute idea as well!

    Gosh! Please pm me! <3 (I don't have anymore ideas for the conversation title ) xD
  7. {Update on plots!!!}
  8. {Still Open! Update on plots}
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