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    Thank you for coming to view my post! Please be sure to read all of it before commenting or asking questions!

    So I'm currently seeking one or two partners to venture into my mafia styled world with me. My characters are very developed and while they have a set story line I want to explore other possible options. It is a 1900-1930's Italian Mafia setting with romantic themes. This is The Gang.

    This would be a harem style roleplay, which means I would play multiple characters all pursuing YC in one way or another. There are fourteen major characters and sixteen minor ones, making up a whopping thirty possible characters I would play in the story. They are a mix of men and women with varying personalities and importances.

    Below I will write out the basic history and story of The Gang. YC can be fit in basically anywhere and however you'd like. If you'd like to play multiple OC's, that's totally fine. I'm okay with changing some details of my world, such as marital status of some characters, and how many characters are actually involved. I have some plot ideas but I'd like if my partner could bring some ideas to the table to begin with. Really though, talk to me. I'm not going to question you continually to pull out information.

    Basic Back Story of the Boss: Harlen was born in 1898 in Italy to Maria and Arcangelo Cabot. He had three friends whom he spent all of his time with; Vinico, Paul and Sid. His father passed away when he was 7 and the very next year, Maria took him and they moved to America and they ended up living in San Francisco. His uncle and brother to his father, Antonello Cabot, insisted that Harlen move to New York and be raised by him and trained to take over as head of the family as he was the heir. He moved to New York when he was and had a teacher for a short time to teach him to read, write and do math. Basic schooling was all he had. When he was 14 he began doing basic running tasks for his uncle and worked as a soldier until he was 17. Eventually his three friends from Italy came across the ocean and joined them in New York, joining the gang life style and working next to him, just as they had when they were children. When he turned 18 he was promoted to a captain and worked over a unit of his own soldiers through his 19th year. When he turned 20 he was promoted again to being the underboss and worked directly with his uncle and got married to Adalia Marino, a girl he'd known growing up in Italy who he was never exactly fond of, but he married her as a favor to the family and began hosting multiple mistresses on the side. He started a speakeasy when he was 22 almost right after the Prohbition began, he kept his friends in his inner circle and they all worked the speak easy with him. They began accumulating new members and associates. His uncle decided to retire and hand over the whole family over to Harlen. He took on being the boss when he was 26 and lived in New York as the head of the family until he was 32. Soon after that he moved to Las Vegas and decided to extend his reign throughout the casinos where he continued to live for most of his life. Las vegas brought conflict but it also brought a new sense of power for their ever expanding reach.

    Because my universe is very developed already, I'm being a little picky about who I'm choosing to write with. So as long as the title doesn't say 'closed' feel free to message me or comment.

    Please come with or be prepared to make a multidimensional and well developed character. I don't need tons of information but they have to be interesting and feel like they'll work with The Gang. I may also ask for a writing sample.

    Post length can be anywhere between 2-10 paragraphs. I usually provide a healthy 2-4 when writing this series, depending on my partner. I usually am able to reply at least once a day. I do however work a full time job and have some semblance of a social life so sometimes I miss a day. I'm not accepting most roleplay requests, I just happen to really be craving The Gang currently. Hence why I'm only looking for one or two partners.

    These guys are my babies, I love developing and playing them. I will not change the way they are.

    There will be mature themes, such as some violence and sexual themes. I generally fade to black, no libertine here.

    While God Modding is a no-no, there will definitely be some instances of characters physically controlling others. Guns to the head, forceful pinning, fighting, kidnapping, pulling someone around, leading them somewhere forcefully. It just comes with the territory of aggressive men. So be aware of that.

    You must be 18 for this roleplay.

    I prefer to play men, although there are women in the cast as well. I'd prefer my partner to play a female, as MxM doesn't really fit this genre. I'm alright if YC would like to pursue both men and women. MxF and FxF is acceptable.

    • This one's important: In this roleplay, I like to play a few different guys at once, usually all after your character. I don't like to specifically decide who she's going to end up with. I like to just play it out, and see who she decides on throughout the story. It's fun, kinda like a dating game.

    So if you've got any interest in pursuing this or learning more, please PM me! I have character sheets for all fourteen major characters ready.
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  2. I'm interested and can usually put out 2-4 paragraphs
  3. Cool, message me with any questions and ideas and we can try out figure something out.
  4. I am really interested in this!
    Let me know if you are still looking.
  5. Still looking indeed! Go ahead and shoot me a message :)
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