Come Meet Medilia

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  1. Hello,

    I am Medilia. I have been roleplaying for far too long and do it all over the place.

    I joined Iwaku a little while ago but never really got into it, I have now decided to give it a second shot.

    I roleplay MxM only (Except in some fandoms). I am always bursting full of plots!

    If you want to rp with me here are some of my pairing ideas:

    Serial killer/Victim
    Detective/Strong-willed victim

    Lord of the Rings
    Doctor Who

    Loads more in my head if you want to get to know me =)
  2. Evening! Welcome to Iwaku! Is your soul for sale? :)
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  3. Welcome to Iwaku, Medilia! Enjoy your stay and have fun ^ ^
  4. Of course my soul would be for sale if I had one
  5. Hi Medilia! I really like your name!

    I've been roleplaying a really long time too. I stopped a couple years ago and I want to start again, haha. Hopefully you'll stay here a little while longer than before.
  6. I hope to stay. It will depend if I can find partners.
  7. Hi there Medilia. :D Welcome aboard!