Come meet a pretty lady~ (MxF or FxF, both are fine for her :D)

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    (All art by me)

    Hello! This is my baby, Cheryl, and she's a shy arachnid lost in the world. Destruction of forestland has driven her people out in to the world. Most are afraid of these creatures, as the lack of animals in their homes has forced them to begin hunting the general populace. These creatures are ruthless, bloodthirsty, unpredictable. At least, all except for Cheryl.

    Born with a kind heart - and nearsightedness - Cheryl finds herself more interested in learning about the strange folk populating the world, rather than eating them. (Plus they taste funny. She'd rather eat something else, thank you.) And that's where you come in. Being caught in this arachnid's web, you at first think your life is over! No one has yet escaped the clutches of these keen hunters, and you're sure that today you'll be meeting your maker!

    But wait, is she letting you go...?


    So, plain and simple, I'm looking for a partner who'd be willing to play with my darling little spider, and help her along in the world! Be as creative as you want - this is a fantasy world, after all! There will be magic and love and just everything wonderful you could think of when getting in to a creepy-cute roleplay like this! :D So let your imagination run wild, and lets have some fun, yea?​
  2. This seems interesting. F x F?

    Cheryl seems really cool, nice art by the way. I could never draw that.
  3. @Last Bunny

    Thank you! :D I take it you're interested in being more formerly introduced to my little Cheryl?
  4. I am. I am. So pm?
  5. If you're still interested, I'm also inclined to want to try this out. F/F, probably--just for the fun of it. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.