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  1. I have a few rp ideas for one on ones. Anyone willing to rp with me? Now, I promise I'm not that bad at rping. I may not the best but...I usually post decent length replies. And I reply a lot. I'm constantly coming on the site every little bit throughout the day and night.

    I hardly sleep...and I'm up more through the night and sleep only a few hours during the day. *pssst....vampire!*
    I don't know why...maybe I recently developed a sleeping disorder? *shrugs*

    Anyone? Anyone?

    *Looks around for victims to ssnatch up*
  2. Well, I've got a couple ideas that would be about elemental witches.

    I also have an idea that would involve half-vampire and vampire.

    Depending on what one someone want to do, I will go into details.

    I'm also open for ideas so if you have any, throw them my way. I just wanna get back into rping.
  3. Ah i gets ya. hold on.
  4. Ok, back again. Now for ideas.......vampire meets soul reaper...nah. Hmm..
  5. I would RP with you if you like! What kinda RP would you like to do? I only play female characters though. sowwy
  6. @Moonbrook, that is the same with me lol.

    [MENTION=2430]Gicofokami[/MENTION], ha ha guess we need a new idea. Just so you know I'm up for just about any kind of genres.
  7. [MENTION=5627]moon[/MENTION] - I am too, just tryin to get said the ideas flowin.
  8. Ehhh I have no ideas. Although, I'm thinking so I may be able to come up with some. *shrugs*
  9. I like the idea of elemental witches, not to sure how far you have got with an idea with it but where you thinking some thing along the lines of different witch clans for different elements? or witches who can control all elements?
  10. Well, the witch rp could be made into a one on onenor a group. I got the idea from a book series I read.

    Each person has one element. They are natural witches.
    Fire, air, water, and earth.

    Fire and air have a strong attraction to each other because their elements complement each other.
    Same thing for water and earth.

    Witches live by harm none.
    Warlocks used to be witches but then broke the rule and live however the want also summons demons to do the biding or whatever.

    There is ablot.more info but we could make it however we want. Also I change the eartg element a little, making the witch able tobuse the element like the others. Because in the series earth witches are the only ones who have to make potions and store them on their body, asbin tattoos or hair, instead of being able to summoning their magic like aire fire and water.

    If that makes sense.

    But..tell me what ya think.
  11. Sounds good also sounds like the kind of books I like to read. I think it would be a good idea to change the earth element to make it easier for who ever want's to play that part, maybe a bit like one of the books I read where they can move the earth for example start earth quakes and make it shield them and others. In the books I read they can even heal the earth (so say there was a battle and all the magic would leak into the ground and stop the grass from being lush and full the one who as the affinity with earth could heal it) Also from some of the books I have read the earth element is normally the healer of the group.

    I think if we could get a couple of others interested it would be good but I'm more then happy to do this as a one x one.
  12. Yeah see in the book series fire, air, water can just summon their magic without anything. But earth has to use poisons to use their magic.

    So like you said, I thought it would be easlier if we made earth like the other elements. Andbi like the idea of how earth witches can heal the earth if magic harmed it.

    But I like how in the book series fire witches are the healers with people.

    The book series is call Elemental Witches. (Its an adult series 18 and up)

    We can come up with a stroy line and plot for a group if ya like. Or just do one for a one on one. Either is fine with me :)
  13. I have just read the synopsis on Witch Fire I think it's the series you are talking about sounds good to me do you want this rp to go along the same lines as in humans who have no idea of witches and such like but who have the power buried within them?

    I think we should try and see how much interest as a group first but if not many like the idea then we can always fall back on doing it as a one x one.

    Even if we get say another four people involved that would be one for each element as it were even if they a couple of them start as human and the others are the ones looking for them to help them learn to use there powers before the warlocks get hold of them.
  14. Yeah that the first book in the series!! Hehe xD

    And yes. Sounds good to me. We'll ask people if they wanna join. :)
  15. How about opening a rough explanation in group roleplays too. Maybe explaining what we are looking to do?

    Oh and I have ordered the first book on amazon really does sound like my kind of reading hehehe :)
  16. Yeah that may have a lot come in too.

    I'm not good at making rps though lol. I just can't get the explaining and wording right to where it isn't confusing to others.

    Since you haven't read the series yet and since others may not have either, it won't be like the books excatly. Even if everyone read the series I don't want it to follow the series. But we can take ideas from the books.

    Witches- live by harm ye none
    Warlocks- witch who turn their back on the harm ye none
    The coven, a governing authority of witches.
    Warlocks who drain witches of their power and life to summon demons. (They need like a company name or somethibg. Lol)

    Things like that.
  17. If you want give me a couple of hours I will see what I can come up with and I will send it to you in an inbox and see what you think then you can always just copy and paste it in to the section after you have read and changed anything you want how does that sound to you?
  18. Mkays. Yeah that would work. I need to lay down and get a couple hours of sleep.

    Talk to you in a few hours :)

    Erm and rules. That's something we should figure out to. Let any age join?