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Come into the mirror-world...

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Komorebi, May 3, 2015.

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  1. Hello there!
    Nice to see you decided to check this out!

    I am a role player who started just a few months ago, doing animal based role plays but soon progressed into increasingly complex ideas. I like to think I write to a high degree, with good grammar and spelling, as well as an increasingly sophisticated scope of words, as I am just new to the English language.
    I'd like to find a partner who matches me, who can write both long, eloquent posts and short, snappy posts that cut to the chase. Someone who can provide a sophisticated level of writing but also, someone who can be a friend as well as a writing partner.

    At most, I would be willing to have five roleplay partners. Ideally, only three.

    If you are interested in any ideas, let me know here or via PM. I would like to see evidence of your writing ability but I can do that by having a look around I think. :P

    Now: if you don't match me?
    That's okay! I think everyone has potential! Maybe we can come up with a plot together!

    Onto my ideas!!

    Nine months of mayhem

    It started out as just some fun. She's not a girl with all the right things. She's broken and battered and bruised. She's got a voice in the back of her mind- but that's okay, so does her best friend. He's been there for her- but what happens when she falls in love with the voice that talks for him?
    And now- he's gonna be a dad. What the hell is he supposed to do?!

    Preferences- I'd prefer to be the female but we can arrange things differently if you wish.


    Can I play with Madness?


    Tibetan thought forms.

    A created consciousness.

    But can a tulpa feel? Can it love and cherish?

    Does a tulpa have a soul?

    A girl with a broken heart loves a boy with a tulpa.


    A girl with a tulpa who loves the tulpa of another.

    I'd prefer a female role but anything is okay. :)


    The Evil That Men Do

    A young woman, life already torn into pieces after a brutal attack. Found by a kindly doctor on the doors of his clinic, she finds welcome there: but she's afraid and twisted beyond recognition. The kindly young doctor faces the monumental task of building her back to who she was- even with a child on the way.

    Preferences- female role.


    Only The Good Die Young

    A young man/woman dies in a tragic car accident but finds themselves trapped in the world of the living, with few people who can glimpse them. They have to solve why they are still there- but who is still tying them to this world?

    Not sure. Can be discussed.​
  2. I would like to do this. It seems really interesting. As long as I play the female!
  3. Message me and we can discuss this.
  4. I like the fourth one.
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  5. Send me a message and we can discuss it.
  6. I'd be interested in the third one! :)
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  7. I love one, three and four. If you prefer just three partners, that's okay, Just let me know.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.