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  1. I've been gone for soo LONG!

    So I really wanna get into Rping again, I've been so darn busy with Art and family problems..
    ANYWAYS I'll just list a few things here I'd like to try.

    Pet X Human

    Rich girl X thief

    Demon X Human

    test subject X hero
    (probably need to pm me so i can explain)
    Bully x Victim
    (not really a TERRIBLE bully, but a bully who picks on the person because they like them.. Or something on these lines. >.> )

    half demon x full demon

    Furry x Furry
    (pretty much explains it's self. Note it doesn't have to be romance or anything, could just be normal and clean! xD)

    there is probably more.. But meh.

    I'm also open to suggestions!

    ~Pm me if you wanna know anything~
  2. I'd like to do pet x human!
  3. Pm me ^.^
  4. Ohhh demon x human sounds interesting
  5. Pm me and we can talk about our characters and such c:
  6. It's interesting the Test subject X Hero. Can I know what it will be about?
  7. Do you think we can do bully x victim?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.