Come in and enjoy the 32 plots.

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  1. Okay, so lately I've been... rather board and had some time to write up some plots that I wouldn't mind roleplaying with. Now before you go 'you can't possibly have 32 plots' or 'you are a crazy woman', I will point out that Yes I just counted the plots and it's 32, and I am crazy.

    Anyway. Instead of filling this first post up with a hard to read list of the different plots, I have written them up in different word documents depending on categories. So You should be able to find a category you want to write about a lot easier this way. But since word docs aren't accepted in this little place, I have put them all up in a Google Doc, which you will get a link to in the spoiler in the grid below :)

    Before you ask--[RAINBOW]all of them are written in such a way that they can be Yaoi, Yuri or Straight! [/RAINBOW]
    [TABLE="class: grid, width: 650, align: center"]
    This is any and all characters that can change shapes into an animal--any animal. It is not required to be a wolf or cat. Honestly, I give kudo points to people that think outside of the preverbial box and uses... oh, say, an ajaba or even better, snakes or foxes!
    Link to page with the document for the shapeshifting plots (open)

    Oh the dilemma! Students falling for other students! Watch out, there are a lot of tricky pot holes in these that evil, but delightful plot twists can pop up out of!
    Student/Student doc (open)

    Simple enough--magic! Mages, spells, the works! Anything can happen in these, as long as it's not too rediculous.
    Wizard/Witch doc (open)

    This includes anything and anything that may have one of these in them. :)
    Fantasy/Romance/Modern Doc (open)

    Historical Romance/Fantasy
    Most of these are going to revolve around romances that were common delemas in old days (King x Lover, Queen x lover, guard x noble). They do not need to be overly accurate on historical notes. Just... Don't give Romans showers and jeans (an example of what someone has done in the past).
    Historical Romance/Fantasy Doc (open)



  2. I'm interested but I'm not sure which one I should pick.
  3. Well Which one do you like the most?
  4. I haven't done student or Shapeshifters so one of those.
  5. Why don't you send me a pm with which student's or shapeshifters you are interested in and we can talk there? :D
  6. I'm interested. :D
  7. :D Yay, interest~ Send me a pm and we can start plotting.
  8. I'm interested >:3
  9. :3 IN which one? Pm me and we can discuss it. :D
  10. This seems interesting. I haven't been on in ages and I just want to try with a onexone. I like one of the student ones a lot.
  11. OMG, Rose, if I had the time I would start some of these. Instead, Rose, please let me know if you begin the prison two or rave one so I can read. <3

    Please take that as ultimate compliment - I'd wish to see it come to life even if I couldn't get the fun of being in it.
  12. Send me a pm and I'll see ^_^

    Which prison two? :3 I have one that is possibly starting with the one between the new inmate and the hardened Criminal but other than that I haven't had either. And if you have time sometime in the future, don't be afraid of sending me a message. I am honor that you find them so interesting. ^_^
  13. Oh, I didn't even read this thread of replies and who signed up for what, just the wish list itself. I'd like to read 'em whenever anyone DID begin one.

    One of my characters is in a rave now. Another is going to jail in the future in order to test his relationship with his boyfriend, give them dramatic stormclouds in their lives, give them a massive reunion when he gets out, and some growth when he gets out.

    Aw, heck, you talked me into joining you myself, if you don't mind a slow pace - sometimes more than one reply per day, sometimes only once per day even if you respond right away after, sometimes miss a day.
    * May I please do the hardened criminal x inexperienced one, M/M? If so, I'm the newbie and you're pretty much in charge of the environment although I might help with the setting and guards.
    ** Also, may I please be the "gutsy naive first time raver" F/F? You're the leader and I'm the newbie this time too, but I'll probably add to the environment. ^^

    Are both okay? I realize it's a lot of work to be the writer who does most of the planning, so I understand if you want to save one for a writer who'll carry you along for the ride instead of making you run things.
  14. Okay. You snagged me with historical since I lluurrvveee that stuff. I am digging the King's lover falling for the guard <3
  15. :D Why don't you pm me and we can discuss these :3

    :D I am glad that you were snagged. If you wish, pm me and we can discuss more, yes? :D
  16. I am totally feeling the shape shifter one! 8D It makes me go squee. XD

  17. Heheh ^_^ Well take your squee and come pm me yah? We can talk then.
  18. I'm interested in one of the shapeshifter role plays you had up. Sadly, I just joined this site and can't figure out how to pm. x.x it's been a while since I've rped with someone new so I'm feeling nervous and shy but um if you're still interested in starting another rp lemme know. ^^

  19. Hello, sorry about that taking so long. I was feeling kind of off and slept later than I normally would. We can discuss here because it doesn't look like you can pm just yet. (I think it takes a day or two before you can? Maybe? Don't remember hehe). Which Shapeshift idea did you like?
  20. It's ok though for a second I thought it might've been too old for you to notice my reply since no one has posted on here in weeks. I hope you're feeling better. Oh! I didn't know its because I couldn't yet. XD I just thought I was too tired and couldn't see it. I like the first one, where the shifter gets caught shifting. What kind of shifter... Erm I guess norms? I don't know what to call it, maybe rules? Lets see if I can describe what I mean. You know, I use this sadly, the twilight shifters where it's hereditary and they are large animals able to talk telepathically. Or are they like stereotypical weres that can only shift during three moon days. Or something else entirely?