Come Get Your Fandoms 1x1 M/F: Craving Warcraft(WoW)

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  1. So a little about me, I am a 25 year old male role player who has been roleplaying for about five years now. I do work a full time job 4 days out of the week so there is that, and I love to play video games so I might be gone for that. Besides that I am a cosplayer, gamer, nerd, geek, sports fan, so just about Jack of all trades. As far as what I like to role play, I do mostly 1x1 and enjoy things liks fandoms, anthros, and just all around the weird pairings. I can play your prince charming but I much rather be the less than desirable character ;). Below are some rules and also my ideas, if your interested drop me a PM and lets work something out, have nice day everyone.[/align]
    [align=center]1. No One Liners
    2. Hetero Pairings Only.
    3. I casual post between 3-5 paragraphs so if you can meet me somewhere in there good.
    4. Below are two separate lists of RP ideas one is Originals and one is Anthros.
    5. I like to keep my Roleplays in PMs, easier to manage.
    6. Large List Of Original Ideas listed below.
    7. World of Warcraft = :heart:


    Overwatch(Blizzard's New Game)

    Treasure Planet
    -Captain Amelia/OC:heart:

    Elsa/OC(Dragon Anthro OC)

    Avatar Legend of Korra
    -Asami/OC(Firebending Anthro Dragon):heart:
    -Korra/OC(Firebending Anthro Dragon)

    Mass Effect
    -Female Shepard/Garrus
    -Male Shepard/Tali
    -Human/Female Turian

    -Bebop or Rocksteady/April

    Final Fantasy VII

    -Subject Delta/Big Sister
    -Subject Delta/Little Sister


    -OC/Nurse Joy or Officer Jenny
    -Pokemorph/Canon or OC

    Code Geass

    Left 4 Dead
    -Nick/Female Hunter

    -Card Monster/Duelist

    Soul Calibur

    Mortal Kombat
    -Kano/Cassie Cage:heart:

    Star Fox

    Legend of Zelda
    -Ganondorf/Zelda(OoT or Hyrule Warriors)
    -Ganon/Female Link
    -Ganon/Impa(Hyrule Warriors)

    Super Mario

    Advance Wars
    Phoenix Wright



    (Any Race/Any Race):heart:
    -Jainia Proudmoore/Vol'jin:heart:
    -Sylvanas Windrunner/Vol'jin

    Resident Evil
    -HUNK/Rachel Ooze
    -Bertha,Lupo, or Four Eyes/Nemesis

    Team Fortress 2
    -Medic/Female Class
    -Medic/Miss Pauling
    -Heavy/Miss Pauling

    Dynasty & Samurai Warriors
    -Zhang Liao/Zhen Ji
    -Sima Shi/Yue Ying
    -Zhou Tai/Zhu Rong
    -Zhou Tai/Lianshi
    -Zhang Liao/Guan Yingping:heart:
    -Zhang Liao/Lu Lingqi

    Star Wars
    -General Grevious/Ahsoka
    -Boba Fett/Ahsoka
    -General Grevious/Shaak Ti
    -Boba Fett/Leia

    -Colonial Marine/Alien
    -Predator/Colonial Marine
    -Female Predator/Marine

    Scooby Doo


    -Deathstroke/Harley Quinn:heart:
    -Deathstroke/Poison Ivy
    -Black Mask/Copperhead
    -Bane/Harley Quinn
    -Bane/Poison Ivy

    Elder Scrolls Skyrim
    Dead or Alive
    League of Legends
    Totally Spies
    Powerpuff Girls
    Assassins Creed(Brotherhood or III, Black Flag)
    -Multiplayer Characters
    Highschool of the Dead
    Adventure Time
    -Lord Monichoromicorn(human form)/Fiona
    -Flame Prince/Ice Queen
    Gears of War:heart:
    Dragons Crown
    Game of Thrones
    Heroes of the Storm


    -Frank West/Rebecca Chang
    -OC/Rebecca Chang
  2. You like WoW, I like WoW! We should plot something. :3 If you are still searching that is. I prefer original characters and if you couldn't tell by my avatar I do like my trolls and well... Horde races all together.
  3. I'd totally be up for a WoW RP
  4. Sweet! I also sent you a pm but we can plot here. Either way. I have two different ideas involving my female troll characters but I'd also love to hear what races and or ideas you're wanting to play.