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Adventure stories! They can be fantasy, modern, sci-fi, all kinds! Give me some good world travel stories and I'm all over it! I also enjoy romance stories and even though I tend to play females I love playing gay men.


Paris, France

The newest and most luxurious airliner to have been built rested quietly at it's newly refurbished gate. Just outside the gate the benches for the Verseau's maiden flight were almost completely packed with people ready to join the plane's first flight headed to Leon, Spain. A short flight to be certain but safe in case anything should happen.

The majority of the people waiting for boarding were Pacifica Airlines employees mixed in with a few rich VIPs but amongst them was Chloe Yamamoto, the quiet yet friendly stewardess hand selected to serve aboard the Verseau. She looked forward to it very much. She adjusted her uniform as she headed down the jetway to the plane and waited with her fellow attendants as the person behind the desk paged and began the boarding process. She smiled as she set her bag in the attendant's area, tucking in a roll of paper that was sticking out and turning to welcome the passengers.[/dash]
Normally, plane engineers wouldn't stay aboard the ship throughout flights and the such, but seeing as this baby was brand new, extra precaution took place. Matt Dean silently looked at the tires on the plane and patted the metal that grew from the plane's underside and created the end that the tires were attached to.
Under the hum of the engine, Matt could barely hear the slight ding from the metal as he patted it. After feeling content, he casually walked over to the cargo door of the plane as the cargo carts came steadily up to the machine. Matt opened the door, which silently popped open. The man of the cargo cart nodded approvingly at Matt as he began to shove things into the cargo hold. Matt helped with this, seeing as nothing was wrong with the plane. he had already looked over the engines that morning, and checked all the electrical wires and had made sure everything was in its proper place and in working order.

As the last bit of bags were loaded up, he closed the door air-tight and prodded his was to the stairs that led to the insides of the plane. Matt walked up these, smiling at a man who stood near the door, looking over the port. They nodded to each other, and Matt skipped on inside. Looking around at the beauty of the machine, he smiled in content with himself, knowing that he had help build this, and was one of the only few picked to be among the engineering crew. In fact, he knew most of everything about this contraption. Even as high of technology it was, Matt had gain the knowledge of all of it through many years of study and mainly - just for the fun of it. He believed that technology was the future of everything, which came to be almost true; fact, really.

Carefully, Matt began to make his way through the isle of the plane, heading towards the staff area. The plane was almost ready for take off.
Another of the crew members among the VIPs was more interested in the VIPs than the other crew members. Because that's what she was paid to do.

Savannah Harriman wore an expensive business suit and her shoulder-length, copper hair in a very artful style. Only her Pacifica Airlines insignia pin gave her away as an airline representative as she floated effortlessly through the crowd, mingling with passengers and exchanging pleasantries with the crew as they all began to flow down the gangway and onto the plane. On this flight she was essentially playing the role of the charming hostess, showing off features, helping to serve champagne, helping the VIPs familiarize themselves with this new luxury airline, especially the things that would make them want to come back.

As the VIPs began to settle in, she assisted the stewardesses with helping the passengers to settle in. She wanted every minute of the short flight to be perfect for them. Her own carry-on had been stowed well before boarding, so there was nothing for her to worry about on that end.

"This should be a great flight," she chirped happily to Chloe as she moved towards the galley.
Chloe watched as each VIP and fellow workers boarded the plane, a bright smile on her face. The excitement about the Verseau's first flight was practically tangible now that people were actually boarding and finding their seats. Chloe quickly moved down one of the aisles and helped the various passengers with their bags taking special care to make note of which each passenger was wearing so she could recall their names. This flight was going to be short but she was really wanting to make a good impression on the passengers.

Chloe found her way to Miss Harriman's side and flashed a big smile. "Everyone seems to be aboard and I think the captain is ready for taxi and liftoff. You can take your seat now while me and the other attendants give the usual spiel about safety!" She nodded and quickly moved around her and found the plane's P.A. and quickly grabbed it as the plane itself jerked as the plane backed out of the gate and headed towards the runway where the Verseau would make it's maiden voyage and Chloe would find herself in a new exciting city! "And thank you for choosing Pacifica Airlines and welcome aboard the Verseau's maiden voyage making an international flight to Leon, Spain where the weather is clear and the high is 27 degrees celcius. Once again thank you for joining us on the maiden voyage of the Verseau." Chloe hung up the P.A. and sat down and buckled into her seat and waited for the Verseau to take off, her smile growing bigger and wider as the excitement built.
The roar of the engines filled Matt's ears. A broad smile spread over across his face as pure joy and excitement floated through his being. He felt like a father being proud of his daughter getting married and mainly because this plane that was taking off was almost like his own spawn. Hours, days, weeks, months, and several years his hands went to work on this plane. He had help, of course, but.... This aircraft was his baby. As the Verseau slowly began to make its way down the runway, Matt patted the interior of the plane that he stood next to. "It's your time to shine, baby." He said almost silently as he felt the wheels lift off from the ground and the front of the plane going into the air. Soon, they were completely off the runway and in the skies.

Happiness and pure excitement filled his mind as he watched the passengers look out of the windows, feeling the softness of the Verseau, the smooth and soothing flight that was taking place.. Matt kissed the interior as the wanting to jump up into the air and shout filled his mind. He was proud, honored, and purely satisfied that he, Matt Dean, had, and still was, taking part of this wonderful aircraft.
Mercedes sat back in her seat, watching the other passengers more than the scenery outside the windows, reveling in the luxury she was surrounded by. She had worked hard to sell this new plane to the rich clientele that now enjoyed it. The airline's focus was to lure back those who were leaving the market for their own private planes. She was proud of this plane, and proud of her work. She wouldn't work so hard to sell a plane that was one bit less luxurious and smooth as this one. She smiled at those who caught her eye, sharing comments and remarks that held weight from previous conversations, discussing group tours, business trips, even buying out an entire plane for extravagant parties to exotic destinations. It had the appeal and the promise of a cruise ship in the air. And she couldn't wait to go along for the ride. There were definite perks to her job.

As the plane lifted into the air and settled at altitude, Mercedes got down to some serious work, making notes and observations for future meetings, working on options and suggestions for her clientele, and even marketing and selling points. She had a lot of work ahead of her, but she was up to the challenge, and the thought of showing off and selling such a work of art had her adrenaline pumping! If she weren't still on show as an airline representative, she would've let her hair down, shaking out her wild mane of hair. It made her feel powerful, alive, sexy. But this wasn't the time for that, so she kept her hair, and her outward emotions, pinned up professionally.