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  1. Welcome to my 1x1 Search Thread, I am Reveuse and am pleased to make your acquaintance.

    Now, I shall take a little bit of your time to properly introduce myself, after which I will expound upon my likes and unravel my dislikes. You may call me by either Reveuse or Revy, at your leisure, and I see no harm in telling you that I am a little over twenty years of age and female. I enjoy writing, watching documentaries and play video games as well as reading various things from books to manga passing by some fanfictions, and I believe my style of writing is affected by this. Mostly, I love above all making plots, which will bring us to my roleplaying tastes.

    First, I am not the most romantic or sensual of people, and while I can do mature scenes I largely prefer the old and tried fade to black method. Romance, likewise, is fine as long as it is not the focus of the plot, with the exception of one craving I have and that is to create something akin to a text visual novel for your character to interact and for you to enjoy.

    What I like above all is historical roleplay and fantasy elements. I love twisting events to my whim and therefore Science Fiction also hold appeal to me. Mostly, I am a tale spinner, enjoying making plots, lore and world-building sometimes to the detriment of my characters, but I'm working on that. I love Horror and dislike unnecessary angst and drama and, despite my serious tone right now I also love Comedy and lighthearted adventures.

    What I will absolutely not do is taboos like anything commonly ending with 'philia', incest and 'furries' and animals, as well as humiliation and rape, the mere mention of those in a roleplay turning me off, I warn you. Aside from that, I prefer to only do dark, heavy or romance-laden roleplays with other adult, I'm sorry, but I can only do something light and hopefully fun with you if you are a minor.

    I think that is all, I look forward to your requests!
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  2. Hope I to not be the partner you do not seek, as I find myself quite intrigued by your roleplaying interests. I am RiverNotch, and I am equally pleased to make your acquiantance.

    I am fairly new to this site, and am rather inexperienced in roleplaying using the forum as the main medium, so if I do become a partner of yours I might make plenty of mistakes. However, I do hope to learn much more than mess up, and hopefully if I become your partner the main mark of our roleplays will be that of development. My name has misled many a person I have interacted with; I am a male, and of the heterosexual orientation as well, being named as such only because of my love for a certain videogame. I am sixteen years of age, and my primary enjoyments are listening to music, writing, watching old films, and reading books, mostly novels, anthologies, and analyses of history and philosophy. I am an avid daydreamer, to the point of almost being completely mad in fact, which, following the style of your introduction,brings us to my roleplaying tastes.

    I am, unlike you, very romantic; however, the romance I refer to is not of the sensual kind, but of the energetic and idealistic kind that fuels my daydreaming. I can do mature roleplays though, but being rather inexperienced in that subject (both in writing and in real life) I would be very awkward in doing so.
    My greatest likes in writing is semi-historical adventure, romantic fantasy, analysis, and really terrible humor. I absolutely love creating worlds, and making rather complicated pieces of lore for them; however my untempered enthusiasm for creation has made my attention span rather short, so without another person's support the world I create quickly come to ruin. On the other hand, following someone else's lore in writing is something I'm not quite used to yet, so more fan-based approaches to world-making and story-telling are things that I might mess up a bit.
    I am more of a role-player than a tale spinner; I love making characters that just come alive in the mind, and I love becoming them while at the same time embodying pieces of myself in them. Tale-spinning is enjoyable for me too, though, but my attitude to it is rather akin to my attitude towards world-creation.
    I haven't done many roleplays of a sensual nature, so I don't think I can do things related to 'philias' or furries. Rape, humiliation, incest, and bestiality are things that I have written about, though, but I have never written anything about them in detail, as I only write about them when they're relevant to a character's development. I'll be alright with doing more lighthearted roleplays with you, but I'd much rather do something heavier and more romance-laden, as I feel that I can learn much more from a darker roleplay.

    Anyway, yeah, I think that's all. I look forward to a reply!
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