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  1. I'm new here (and trying to figure out how this site works so please forgive me if this is a bit scatterbrained, I assure you I don't write as scatterbrained as I talk with others) and am looking for an RP buddy!

    I know some of this will be in my profile but here:

    Hi I'm Lucy I'm 23 and am from the US (central time zone, I offer this so we can know the time difference between each other), also I am a biromantic asexual so I will RP with anyone and I'm looking for someone to have a primarily romantic long-term RP that can be sexual (not constantly though). I'm looking for story more than anything. I enjoy a good fantasy RP (I like incorporating other worlds and such, not alien type things but demons, magic, humanoid creatures, dragons, etc.) but am open to other ideas as well.

    Now I'd love to discuss ideas and things you'd like to incorporate into this RP. I want to get to know each others preferences and likes. I want this to be something we can both be happy with. I want to know what aspects you'd like to put in it, what kind of creature/being you'd like to be, details of what you want in your character, what kind of world you want, etc. As much detail as possible please. I would prefer proper grammar, punctuation and spelling (I'm not the best at it so don't worry I really just want the effort of well written responses and not short-hand). I will ask that details/reactions would be lengthy, after all I want this to be a story RP.

    If you have no objections to what I have said thus far, I would like to do where it's mostly a "human world" with other creatures that go mostly unknown to the humans. If you have seen Yu Yu Hakusho (an anime) this is more of what I mean, however if you know about Harry Potter and their world that is what I mean as well. I simply wish to do more demons than magic, but either is acceptable too. I want to talk about an obstacle that will help make the story progress (example being someone tries to out what most humans are unaware of (demons, magic, etc.) and we try to stop them and get woven into it and the complicated tasks at hand).
    Of course all of this can be discussed and tinkered with but what I have said here is what I would really like to stick with. I've been dying to start this RP with someone. I do have a Kik that we can RP on if you choose to do so there, I also have a G-mail account and a Yahoo Messenger account. I do not have Skype, I do not like it.

    My character: Her name will also be Mystique. She is 5'5", with a heart shaped face, deep purple eyes with flecks of blue in them, light purple lips that have a natural pout to them, high cheek bones, a pale complexion that has a slight soft purple tint to it. She has lower back length black wavy hair that looks as smooth as if it's wet and her hair has natural blue highlights to it, she wears a small skull hairpin that holds back her sweeping bangs on the left side of her head. She looks petite but deadly. She wears a simple black dress that is backless and dips in a U shape showing a small amount of cleavage, the dress goes down past her feet so it looks like she is flowing rather than walking, the dress is strapped about two finger's width and has slits at her waist showing a small amount of skin, the dress also has slits on both sides that go up to her hips giving her more of a dancer's rhythm when she walks. She has a voluptuous form that is hour glass shaped. She is wearing fingerless gloves that reveal her black fingernails that have slight points to them and the gloves go to her elbows and are black. Her back reveals what look like foreign symbols and markings that seem to have no reason to them. Her voice is light like a whisper and sounds like the most welcoming song. She smells like a cool fall night with hints of chocolate, cinnamon, magic (whatever you believe it to smell like), and rain. She appears to be in her 20's.

    Please feel free to message me with as many questions you want if you are interested. Thank you for taking the time to read all this and please don't use Mystique I created her without any form of reference.
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