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  1. I have been in dire need of an rp transfusion for some time now and so i am here looking for interested roleplayers who would be interested in a High-Fantasy setting roleplay.(a genra pulling from various fantasy settings past and present, think Final Fantasy styled settings)

    The only things I have come up with so far are just some general ideas. I would like at least six members to start this thing going. It will start here on IWAKU, but my hopes are that we will eventually move all site to our own forum to grow. Anyways here are the ideas I have been thinking about this rp.

    +Orignal Settings, Completely built from our collect group, from orignal races to creatures, habitats, and government/laws.
    +Magic/elemental is a must.
    +I'm leaning more toward a steampunk ideaology. Mixing the old with the new not so much Late Victorian England/France.
    +Advanced (larger posts)
    +Thought we could use this as a spring board.. . 'Floating City with a group of hunters/guardians who protect there small city, unaware of any other civilizations on the planet.' This way we don't have to make EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW, but we can build and grow (hence my saying we may move eventually)

    Anyways those are my ideas of course I do have a bunch more ^.^ But this will do for now.
    Anyone interested?

    Please post bellow if you are interested in joining this little World Building Project. Or if you want you can private message me through IWAKU's pm system.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. Oh, my goodness! I actually had a very similar idea of floating islands above the clouds, and then the world underneath unknown to the general populace, but inhabited by monsters, but I didn't have the drive to flesh it out. It was going to be based on a mix of steampunk (Though less "brown everywhere and gears!!" and more "Using old technology few people truly understand") and alchemy (The synthesis of homunculi was going to be prominent.)

    I'm very curious to see where this will go, and if you'll have me, I'd be interested in helping!
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  3. Well-well-well! Yes, I'm very interested in this. In particular, various styles of magic in the 'world', or even the theology/religions common in this world. I've always been fond of working on that sort of thing.
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  4. I think this sounds really interesting! Count me in!!
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  5. Wow. This matches my EXACT interests, Including the desire to create a personal world! I'd love to be involved in this!

    A Part I'd especially love to play is someone who has never known anything outside of this Floating island, but has a strong desire to seek out other civilizations, and ends up trying to leave the island without permission.
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  6. Hey wow I never knew i would get replies ^.^ Lol Sorry for the very delayed response as i have been in the hopsital for the past month. But now i'm out again and I NEED RP lol. So if you're all still interested we can begin today or whenever you get this message ^.^ I think five will do just fine.

    Okay now we need a main race of people firstly.

    Also Mao i like your idea on old technology being used. Maybe keeping the city aloft, and running. Maybe a big plot that the technology of old is shutting down ?
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  7. I would like to help, I have extensive experience in writing and fantasy, even tech/magic combinations. I'm good with both technology and magic in terms of making it sound realistic, at least enough to be believable in a fantasy setting. I'd like to lend my help in that area if you like, and failing old tech sounds like an awesome idea. Always interesting to see where that goes.
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  8. Wewt! With that we have Six people Yay. We can begin. Still trying to think of a name and stuff for the thread we will start here on Iwaku.

    If anyone of you would like to add me to instant messaging my aol name is Feel free to add me but you are in no way obligated to give me your im's or even add me. Just might make things a little easier.
  9. I am glad you are out of the hospital. Hopefully your health has returned and you're feeling alright!

    I'll start up a rough write-up of what I had in mind so that it can be picked apart and dissected to see what sticks and what doesn't. It'll at least serve as a good starting ground.
  10. Sweet I;m doing the same thing today ^.^ thank Kaizer for staying on me.
  11. Long ago the world of Haiaku was vast and ever expanding but in their greed the Moiet people awoke a great and powerful darkness. A war was waged and nearly everything lost, including the historical texts. The surviving races of this world, the ____,____,_____and ____ sought to escape the now unnamed evil. Pulling what eresources they had left to them they created a vast city high in the atmosphere of their world. Using their magic they sealed the world bellow them to seek peace, and harmony they cast away their past to strive only for the future. But history has a horrible way of repeating itself.


    The Evil is an all-singular all connected varients of one being, spreading into anything it influences. If one were to ever see the true form, or central mind of this darkness they would find an ever-shifting shadowy form with no visible features other than its amber yellow eyes. This form spreads its darkness and evil through contact with an individual’s soul. When I say ever spreading meaning once it takes root a deamon form emerges from the host and takes complete control doing only the bidding of the darkness from then forth. No darkness has come to the surviving moiet races in almost a century.

    How it came (unknown history to players) A comet was brought to Haiaku, which struck one of their two moons, Yune, nearly destroying it and raining down a vast amount of energy into the atmosphere which further fueled the darkness and changed much of the races on the planet.

    Moiet= Sky City’s name, also a general name given to all inhabitants of moiet, they try not to discern between the four races left seeking only peace and prosperity. The city itself its held aloft by the energies of mages who hone their skills at Soul casting

    Soulcasting, projecting ones own soul into inanimate objects such as tiny robots or dolls.All soulcasters are removed from the general populace and placed in a shrine and are only taught that they are the heros of their age keeping the city aloft for the continual of the race.

    The Barrier: A wide ranged elemental barrier that cannot be passed through.

    Where the conflict begins, Yune is further deteriating and raining star showers down into Haiku’s atmosphere, several shards have broken through the barrier and now the Deamons are coming forth.

    Here is what I threw together so far ^.^ Mao and Kaizer you are my team because you ahve both been keeping up with the delayed responses from me and continued interest. ^.^ Thanks again for your patience. I am really looking forward to this.

    Also this is not a set in stone story jsut sort of a jumping off point sorta like what Mao is doing ^.^
  12. So the basic idea that I had worked out was pretty complex, since I actually was making it into an RP on a different website, but because I was planning on drawing art for each character, it never panned out. Still, because of how much time and effort I put into it, I was never able to shake the ideas out of my head. I know it actually clashes with a lot of what you wrote, but I wrote a lot of this before I saw your post. We'll just pick and grab what we like.

    Anyway, because there's so much involved, I broke it into somewhat coherent sections. I figure it'll make reading easier, and make it a bit easier to isolate elements that you guys like.

    History (open)

    The world originally was a place with magic. Kingdoms would have magic 'arms wars' trying to make more powerful spells and monsters to try to out-power the other nations. Eventually, this got out of control, and the world was simply too dangerous with monsters and magic running around. Most of humanity was destroyed, but one kingdom was able to create a spell that propelled their land into the air, forming islands above the clouds.

    On the earth, its a barren wasteland, with mindless monsters running around trying to eat whatever they can and struggling to survive. Then there's the layer of clouds, which keeps humanity from knowing what is on the ground below, there are legends, but no one who has ventured below has ever returned.

    Location and Technology (open)

    The land is made of several floating landmasses, generally collected into lose city states under one monarchy. They are held up by magic, but only the highest royals are aware of this fact. Most citizens think it is some advanced, ancient technology.

    Some of the closer landmasses have been connected by bridges, but to get around, most people use airships. Most of these are fueled by “Batteries”, capsules that contain ancient magic. While no one knows how the capsules themselves work, engineers are able to use them as a fuel source to keep ships flying in the sky. Those who cannot afford these expensive, rare capsules use blimps and air balloons.

    Batteries can be used for all sorts of tasks, but for the most part, they are reserved for ships and larger machinery.

    That being said, engineers and mechanics have been working on their own forms of technology, though it stays close to steam-generated. Many people distrust the batteries, and would like to move away from using technology that cannot be replicated or understood.

    The Monarchy (open)

    The monarchy is corrupt and secretive, hiding the truth about magic, and keeping a tight lock on it. Those who find out about it tend to mysteriously fall off the islands. The majority of the population understand that their king is keeping secrets, but they are too worried about the consequences to go investigating.

    Behind the Scenes with Magic (open)

    On top of the basic elemental skills, levitation, and all the more normal “magic” you can really think of, the monarchy is also working to create homunculi to use in place of soldiers, as they are able to use magic more freely than humans. Most of these homunculi are created in the image of humans to avoid suspicion from the general populous, but those reserved for military action can get decidedly more sinister.

    For the sake of RP purposes, it'd be entirely likely for magic, the ability to create homunculi, and actual homunculi to have escaped from the monarchy.

    Magic in the General Populace (open)

    Magic is closer to alchemy than what we think of as “magic”. This is not the conventional “Casting”. All magic has ingredients, though they can be somewhat abstract at times. Potion-brewing is the most common form, and all magic seems to have at least some basis in chemistry.

    The Age of Romance (open)

    So we've got a lot of young people with airships, and we've got a vast, unexplored horizon. Of course people are going to go exploring! Many determined young youths have decided to go to the earth below, which is the stuff of legends. So far, no one has returned to tell what is under the clouds.

    Unfortunately, when the younger generation set out to gather themselves airships, there also seemed to become an increase in crime. This is another age of piracy; several ships make their living stealing and fleeing from monarchy ships. It's an act of rebellion, and typically speaking, most pirates focus only on the government. As a result, there is a very large amount of support from the common populace.