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  1. I'm quite a passion writer, so my detail are quite a lot and I promise I won't disappoint.

    With this role play, I'm looking for anyone who are happy with long term plays.
    This is not for the light hearted either, I would like someone who is fine with the idea of domestic violence: physical, psychological abuse.
    Before I'm thought of as 'disgusting' it's just different and personally, it's interesting to see how the role play parter will react. Having said that, I'm really not picky at all.

    I'm up for a role play that revolves around your kinks and fetishes rather than my own, you'll find I'm very adaptable.
    So, be as wild and creative as you'd like, just be detailed and descriptive, I'll be happy with whatever we role play.

    If you're interested in having a creative and passionate writer as a role play partner, message me, and I'm sure we can find somewhere to properly get things started.

    The content ratings are just what could happen in a role play, they are not strictly needed. If you want fluff, romantic sweetness, I can give you that happily.
    If you want dark, abusive lover with possessive traits and rough sex, I can give you that.

    I'm not limited to what I will role play, you'll find that out. So, if you have any fantasies you really want to role play with effort, I'm more than happy to help.

    With love and promises, Writer Beckie~

    {Kik is preferred, it allows me to reply ASAP. I don't keep people waiting days, so I'd be reliable and online daily. <3}
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  2. would like to roleplay with me, I might have a few ideas and a few pairings, if your interested.
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