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  1. Hey, My name's Freyja (Did my username give me away?)
    Honestly, I'm a bit tired of all the introduction and roleplay sites. Roleplaying isn't a job or something, so I'm pretty casual in my posts. On the other hand I am pretty serious when it comes to the plot, call it obsessive compulsive , but I just quit when people start to throw in godmods and little kids acting gangsta.
    Seriously, I just wanted to set that straight, but I'm not that judging! Anything goes, but keep it a bit realistic. Just because you're the main character, doesn't mean your 16-year old girl can beat up a 32-year old kick-boxer.

    Aaand there I go again. *sights* Really, I'm open for anything and won't judge! I'm 16 and female. I used to be shy and sometimes it still shows (sadly), but mostly I'm an out-going, crazy , filthy and gore-loving weirdo.
    Hopefully, I wasn't too hard, but I'm sure you understand the frustration when your roleplaying partner has crap grammar/interpunction and an un-realistic perspective on character their abilities.

    *cough* So~Hajimemashite!/ Nice to meet you!
  2. I'm totes gangsta! 8D *MAKES GANGSTA MOVES!*

    maybe not. >>;; Welcome to the community, Freyja!
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  3. *whispers to freyja to tell diane she has gangsta moves*
    Whello there, welcome to Iwaku ^^
    A place where some are more and others less focused on the plot and its health as a whole :3
    Enjoy your stay Freyja ;D
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  4. " lol yes your literally so gangsta "
    Let's see that contained grammar mistakes , no interpunction and "literally", hope that's enough, senpai.

    That aside, Thank you!

    Thank you! I can't really judge , before trying.
    (I'm just slightly scared....or allot)
  5. Welcome to iwaku! c:
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  6. Diana I think you are scaring everyone this is like the third person who said they were scared in their intros lol

    but yeah, welcome aboard~
  7. Welcome to Iwaku, Freyja!
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  8. Hahaha. Thanks, but Diana has nothing to do with my fear. I'm always nervous about first impressions.
    Her gangster moves are impressive, but not enough to scare me.
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