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  1. It was close to midnight, the occasional car drove past the man walking along the countryside road. He watched the cars driving by with amusement. *They need so many things to feel comfortable, and there is nothing of interest anywhere.* Gathering himself he pushed himself upwards, drifting above the treetops. He was getting a bit tired of the calmness. But he didn't feel like continuing on just yet.

    Some time later he came across a small village along the road, tiny houses huddled together as well as spread all around. A gas station, a school, a convenience store and a church. All in all it was a tiny place, not much different than the whole of that particular world when one thought about it. On a sudden thought he picked a house and landed on its front yard. Some dog in an adjutant one barking, until he made it quiet down with a stare. He then looked up at the house in front of him, having thought of something to ease his boredom. Now if they possibly had a child of some quality, or a young adult. Adults were so easily baffled and broken by things they couldn't understand.

    He walked up to the front door and unlocked it, stepping inside without making a sound. Casually walking through the house as he tried to get a picture of its owners. They seemed to have what counted as 'middle class' around, the multitude of handmade furniture hinted as someone having it either as a hobby or a job. Walking up the stairs he went by the parents bedroom, they were sound asleep. Moments later he found himself in front of a door with a name-plate on it. Why would anyone need them at their own home. Emily it said, so far no indications for a kid, as there were no children's toys strewn around the house. Opening the door he got inside and closed it behind him. Taking a look around presented a normal room for a girl of, 15, 16 years of age. The girl herself sleeping soundly beneath a set of blankets, with fringes.

    Making a swirling motion with a hand the door locked itself and all the nights of the outside were cut of. With the door locking itself being the real feat, as it had no lock.
    He moved up to the head of the bed and looked down at the sleeping young female, who looked ok, or beautiful with the standards around, he wasn't sure. Raising a hand above her head his eyes lost a little of their focus.

    "Emily Carver, huh? Well you seem to be a healthy young girl. And unspoiled at that, in this culture, seems like a waste." He murmured to himself, before gaining a wide smile. *Lets see how you react to the unexpected* Straightening he took a look around, was there anything... perfect.

    "Emily. Wake up Emily." The voice was monotone and alluring at the same time, like the one you hear when you just wake up and some of the dream is still with you. When she opened her eyes she would find that all her stuffed animals were dancing around on her ceiling. Spinning around in a bonfire circle, moving like they had actual joints. The man sitting casually in her window, making small circular motions as he watched the toys. His black hair framing a friendly face, that you would have trouble remember the day afterwards, but containing a pair of eyes with colors that seemed to gleam with an inner light. He was less bored already.
  2. Emily had started to stir when she heard her name, sensed a presence in her room. The bought crossed her mind; was it time to get up already? It felt like she had only been asleep for a few hours... It couldn't be morning already.

    Tiredly, she rubber her forearm over her eyes, slowly propping herself up on her right elbow. There were shapes, and more movement than was ever normal when someone came in to wake her up. What about her alarm? She squinted at the moving figures, making out the tiny arms, the stubby legs... A tail...

    Pale blue eyes shot open as a gasp left her, her mouth agape. It took a moment before she even attempted to utter words, but those words didn't come easily at all. "W-what is this?!" She half squeaked, dumbfounded.

    Oh God. She hadn't played with any of those dancing toys in years. Were they haunting her? Here for revenge for the neglect they had suffered? Deep down, sometimes she had felt guilt for stuffing them away. In a plastic tote under the bed, to be forgotten about. How many times had she mused to herself, 'oh, I used to play with one like that!'?

    Something occurred to her then, a shadow making itself known in the corner of her vision. She whipped her head around, her eyes latching onto the figure that sat upon her windowsill. She hadn't called for a goblin king to come and take the baby away. Hell, there was no baby to take, and goblin kings were fairy tales. That thought stayed with her for a moment. That particular fairy tale was actually very sweet; the goblin kings intentions had been good, she supposed.

    "Who are you?" She asked, maybe a little softer than she would have liked. It couldn't be helped. Emily was fond of wood carvings, just as her father was; though her talents lied in art, instead of furniture making. Making art from wood took a soft, gentle touch, which she had in her hands and in her voice.
  3. Emily's surprise at her dancing toys made his day, the little female was adorable. It took a few seconds before she noticed him, but her initial surprise seemed to have calmed *Calm and collected, maybe I should... no, it will spoil the fun.* He made do with observing her through normal means, it still showed in her posture that she wasnt afraid, but there was no telling if it would come later or if she was simply too innocent. Her voice reminded him of gentleness he seldom came in contact with, especially in those that had yet to love a child. He smiled, a white line in the shadows. So many asked that question, so many missunderstood the answer.

    "I am the Spreader, dear Emily Carver. And I have come to take you away." He said with a soft voice, his answer was one of many, but it was one he enjoyed. Standing his feet down on the floor he made a slight turn of his hand, the toys continuing their dance standing on thin air, moving through the room.
  4. The first signs of fear crept into her blue eyes as she understood his answer to her unimaginative question. He was coming to take her away, from her home, from her family, from that old farmer her parents kept trying to sell her to. This sounded like a kidnapping.

    "Why?" Emily asked, sitting up more, scooting back against the wooden headboard. Her father had crafted it himself, with an image of a pasture and a fence and sheep. "I'm no different from any other girl here," she reasoned. There was still some fear, but her voice was still gentle, still soft as she spoke to him, blue eyes fixed on his figure. She was trying her best to ignore the dancing toys. It wasn't working as well as she would have liked. "... What is a Spreader? Are you a terrorist?"
  5. Some kind of comprehension regarding her situation dawned upon the girl and she moved backwards to put her back against the head piece of the bed. With another question he constantly had to put up with, the man chuckled softly. Looking into her eyes at her next questions, it was intriguing how her voice still kept its soothing tone. In that place she could probably become a loved nurse, caretaker or teacher. But if he brought her with him, his boredom would most certainly lessen. He straightened, standing at almost 7 feet and spread his hands, he was still smiling, but the shadow around him didnt move.

    "That sounds a bit boring don't you think Emily ? And I felt like it, travelling alone gets so boring sometimes." There was a hint of something old in his deep voice, memories long forgotten. Reaching out a hand one of the stuffed animals floated towards him. It was a girl bear with a pink flower in its ear, its eyes blinked at him like a dog looks at its owner. He let out a silent breath towards the toy, making it sneeze and rub its arms down the nose. A moment later its material rippled, and instead it was clad in real fur, the little creature looking down at itself in amasement. It turned around and jumped to Emilys bed, where it proceeded to stumble across the blankets for the now grown child it had used to play with.
    Rolomel watched it amused. A childs love could truly manifest imagination.

    "Its who I am, as well as I am the Causer and the Bringer. And please, a terrorist ? Not with such small goals that drives those in this world." He said with a soft laugther, the shadows around him fading to reveal his modest appearance. a pair of dark bmue jeans and a hammerfall t-shirt, over which he wore an unbuttoned long coat in dark green.

    "I am simply passing through, dear little Emily. And I decided to bring you along." His face was lit up in a wide smile as he looked at her. A turn of his left hand sending all but the now real animal walking back to their box.
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  6. Emily watched, still awe and dumbstruck as the once stuffed animal came towards her. Again, her initial reaction was fear, but that was quickly replaced by amazement. When the bear came up to her, she held it in her arms, pulling it against her chest. Emily turned back to the man in her room. She wanted to ask how such a thing was possible, but part of her was beginning to understand that this particular man could simply do things.

    "Where are we going, then?' She asked, her blue eyes innocent in the moonlight as she held the bear, gently petting it's head. She wasn't so afraid right now. If he could make something so sweet, then what was the problem? Stranger danger was mostly only good for not making friends anyhow. At least, for right now it was.

    She pulled the blankets off of her with one hand, her other arm still wrapped around the bear as she went to stand. A pair of soft slippers went on her feet, and she gave her night bloomers a decent tug, pulling them down enough so they reached mid-thigh. Her top was a simple, noodle-strap tank top with pink stars and a pink lace trim. She looked her age, roughly seventeen. Long, smooth legs and subtle chest, with just enough of a belly that meant she was healthy and not some anorexic wanna-be, but still not overweight.
  7. Emily, surprised him. Maybe it had something to do with the now real humanoid bear she was hugging, but her fear seemed to have gone, and she simply asked where they were going. He felt a true feeling of interest coming over him, this would certainly erase his boredom. Though that very innocence and gentleness may be tested if he brought her with him, she was so adorable, the way she accepted the little creature hugging it back even while it was not of this world.

    He looked approvingly as she got out of the bed, a nice body as well, but it may need a bit more layers. He would feel slightly stupid if she died of the weather. And then the whole luck of finding such an amusing little female would be wasted. He reached a hand towards her closet, the doors opening and some of her outdoor clothes floated in front of her.

    "Where I am called, and where I am cursed. Where I am loved, and where I am feared. You should dress warmer, can't have you complaining about the cold."
    He smiled with a tilt of his head. "Oh, and do you want to leave something for your parents? A note perhaps? Though I suppose I could possibly bring you back before the dawn. Time flows forward in this place if I am not mistaken?" It was said with a slight unconcentrated attention, the man wawing his hand at her little alarm-clock, the arrows moving backwards. He let out a pleased sigh.
    Observing the little human girl dressing he couldn't keep a low chuckle out of his breath. *So many who begs me for the opportunity, will she realise it? Where was I going next, destruction or creation. Fun either way.* Something feral came over him, birds outside Emilys house escaping. The little animal in her arms, having a shudder run through it, holding on tighter to her.
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  8. Watching as the more modest clothing floated towards her, Emily wasn't sure how she felt about changing in front of him. It couldn't quite be helped. Wandering around the house would likely wake her parents. So, she turned her back to him, making sure he couldn't see any of the 'goods' she had to offer.

    "I'm still not quite sure what you're talking about... As long as you're not crazy or going to kill me and leave my body in the woods, though, I guess we're okay... And, what do you mean, 'flows forward'? That's the only way time passes."

    Slowly Emily stripped out of her shorts and took the leggings that had been given to her. They were white, but she had a pair of grey sweatpants to pull over them. Layers were good. She started to pull her nightshirt over her head, but stopped, looking at what else she had to wear. She wasn't so endowed that it was mandatory she wear a bra, but... The shirt came off anyways, and was quickly replaced by a bra and long-sleeved turtleneck.

    Emily looked down to the little bear that clung to her. Was it shivering? She picked it up and held it in her arms like a toddler, having grown attached already.
  9. It was a bit cute how she turned around to change, well, it was to be expected. Not everyone frequented unholy sabbaths and rituals, or whore houses. *Some idiotic ideas of tributes and sacrifices. Who wants to watch beauty die.* He let her change without interupting, or mentioning that he could watch her from the other side without moving, it would spoil the fun.
    Her statement made him rethink her innocence, she was simply practional about it, assessing her situation correctly. Her comment about time was hilarious, he couldn't help but laugh softly, the rich sound spreading throughout the building.

    "What would be the fun in that little Emily? Slaughter is only satisfying when the prey believes in its triumph, the realisation is... sweet." His voice changed into something heavy, the shadow cast from him by the moon growing, moving with disregard for that worlds laws of physics. The little bear freezing in the girls' arms, its origin being his power, it felt the pressure. As did animals in the whole village, but their fear made them silent. The mans shadow stretching itself out the window, filling the lawn. As he watched her dress, he could feel the anticipation of a hunt, but Emily would ease his boredom.
    He hadn't wanted to scare the girl, but in that docile world the need for restraint was more pressing, he gained nothing for its death. *Next destination will become destruction then. She better survive it.* A deep sigh escaping him he realised his error. Luckily she was almost done dressing.

    "Time is, tricky. And you may need to write that note, I think your parents are awake. Which means we need to go, awkward meetings have never been to my liking." He said with slight regret, the voice smooth again, but his shadow still grew steadily outside, his ferocity wouldn't be contained.
    Another motion of his hand made the window fly open, and he floated up in it still looking at her. A slight tremor shot through the area as he spread a pair of wings, black feathers, he felt like flying.
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  10. "Comments like that don't really make me want to go with you more," she almost muttered, a soft frown playing at her lips as she slipped on the brown jacket that had been lying at her feet. Slaughter wasn't sweet. This man was sounding like a sadist. Saying nothing of the change in his voice. What would her parents think of this? What would the rest of the small roadside town think of this? Damage done to reputations was often times irreversible. Emily hugged the bear a little closer, a little tighter.

    Before she could voice any objections that came to mind, she saw and felt the change. She felt the terror in the little creature in her arms, saw the elongating shadow. Pale blue eyes widened as fear returned to her, though it didn't replace her curiosity. She took a cautious step back, soft brown locks falling down her back like a stylized, cascading waterfall of milk chocolate, contrasting with the darker brown of her coat.

    "What are you doing?" Emily didn't really expect an answer, but it did her well to ask, some semblance of confidence bubbling in her chest at how she could speak without her voice cracking. It was a talent, just like her ability to make art.

    It took her a moment to respond after his last statement, carefully yet quickly putting the bear down at her feet to grab a blank piece of paper and a blue crayon. She set it down on the top of her vanity dresser, leaning over the chair in front of the mirror to scribble a quick note about going on an adventure. She didn't directly say not to worry.

    Once she was done, she reached down to pick the bear up once again before she turned back to the man in her room. She saw the wings that had sprouted from his back, but she only froze for half a second. More like hesitated as she walked towards him. This was all so completely irrational. If she died tonight, she would feel like a complete retard.
  11. He watched her as she wrote down a few words for her parents, which they would probably read numerous times in worry. *Not everyone can search their foolish children down* The memory gave him a bad taste in his mouth, one of them had even sealed a world against him. And the childs mother had just laughed at his annoyance.
    Shaking his head he turned his attention back towards Emily, who was catiously walking towards him with the little bear in her arms. The sound of running was heard in the house, before the girls father knocked on her door.

    "Emily! Who is in there? Open up!" The man sounded more afraid than angry. Some parental intuition perhaps. Trying to open the door and cursing when he found it 'locked'.
    Before Emily had second thoughts and tried to ruin his chance at a fun trip, he reached down and took one of her hands.

    "And now we leave Emily." He said, dragging her towards him as he jumped out still looking at the door to her room. Changing his grip on the small female so she wouldnt fall. Putting his arms around her with her back towards him. Smiling as her dad proved to be quick of mind, kicking the door in and rushing towards the window. Emilys mother joined her husband only a moment later, both of them staring horrified at their daughter in the embrace of a winged man, his eyes glowing.

    There was a few moments where they just stared, until the father mustered courage in fear of his daughter. The smile of her kidnapper showing because he knew what to expect.

    "Give back our daughter! Give Emily back! You monster!" Emilys father screamed at him, while her mother had started crying. They were powerless to save their child.
    It was the same wether the parents were kings and queens, or simple farmers. The fear of loosing a child was every parents nightmare.

    The man who had their daughter stayed in the same place all the while, slowly beating his wings. Straightening his head he locked eyes with Emilys parents. His mouth splitting open in a feral grin as he laughed. The sound echoing across the whole town, sending every animal into a state of panic.

    "She is mine now!" He continued laughing as his eyes shone like purple gems, horns growing out of his head and a long, bladed tail flicked out. His fingers turning into gruesome claws. The teeth in his grin razor sharp. The wings beat harder, and they started to rise.
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  12. Emily felt the panic when she heard her father beating against the door. So foolish, so stupid, she was letting this happen. She suddenly felt her back press against his chest, and she clung to him with one hand, desperately holding onto the bear with the other. She didn't want to drop it, didn't want to let go. It was a reminder of her room, her home, her parents, and by God, she was going to keep it with her wherever this maniac was planning on taking her.

    Nevermind his voice. His words were possessive. She's mine now! It was a red flag that everyone warned their young girls about. Avoid the possessive ones. Emily still felt like an idiot, even felt the twinge of pain in her chest as she watched her mother burst into tears and sobs. Blue eyes widened even further as she was pulled up, and they were flying. Skywards.

    "Wait! I don't want-" she started, but stopped short as she looked into his face. Those eyes, the horns, the wings. God, what if he was the devil?! Emily started to struggle, ignoring how high they were from the ground below.
  13. Maybe he had went a bit too far in his fun, but once he had loosened the restraint which he had held while travelling in her world, he feltno point in stopping. The demonic form like stretching his numb body. He could feel his power seeping through the borders, weighting down on the surroundings, all technology for miles in all directions would possibly break down, as would water run uphill and trees walk. For a while, the laws of reality would bend to the thoughts and imagination of every being present. Though it would quickly level out, as he planned on leaving. He took another beat of his wings. They were still only a yard or so higher than the house.

    He noticed Emily glancing at his face, and gaining those second thoughts. He supposed he would look scary to someone living in a human world. He stopped laughing as she squirmed and strained against his grip, though she still held the bear tight. Still so adorable, but the escape behavior would be extremely inconvenient in the long run. So he smiled softly and stroked a strand of hair out of her face, the claws gentle and his fur warming as it brushed against her. If she stopped to really look at him his whole body was covered in soft fur an inch thick, dark dark green with blue streaks in it.

    "You may want to say goodbye, and ease their worries. Ill keep you safe, you have my word." The way he said it was soft, but it carried the strength of an oath, sacred in its truth. He would not, and could not, break it. His fearsome face becoming gentle as he made her voice able to reach her parentsclear enough to be remembered without fault.
    Then he spread his wings wide, and launched them into the heavens above. Shortly overviewing the whole town.
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  14. The way he swore to her, promised that no harm would come to her, she didn't feel quite so bad. Yes, she realized how completely fickle and indecisive she really was.

    "I'll be ok," she called down to her bedroom window, holding the bear tightly. Chocolate brown hair danced in the chaotic wind, whipping about her face as she looked down at the house. "Goodbye mom, dad!" The fur was a nice touch, and she didn't feel quite so afraid to hold onto his arm for fear of falling. Despite what he had said about not harming her, at a certain distance from the ground, gravity would always frighten her.

    The little pink bear clung to Emily's sweater, as Emily clung to the demonic creature that held her. They continued up, and she saw some of the things that were happening. Water from mud puddles in the road floated back up to the clouds that bore them in thick droplets, and trees reached down to pick up their fallen, autumn leaves. There were two in the distance that fought over some, their branches bashing against each other with a crack!, over and over again. It was all so magical, and... Frightening.

    Emily clung to him even tighter, the little bear pressed between her chest and his so she could wrap both arms around him.
  15. Her parents heard her farewell, the mother not able to let go of his worry, but the father thought that if his daughter said she would be ok. Then he would pray for her to be so, she had a good head on her.
    Both of them looked after their daughter as she was flown higher and higher, not able to fear anything but anger at the man, demon or monster that took her. But Emily wouldn't have said she would be alright if he scared her. But the young girl knew nothing of men, what if she got taken advantage of, her mother exclaimed still sobbing. Her husband letting out a forced chuckle, telling her that if that was what was worrying her then maybe their daughter would really be alright.
    They stood watching as the winged being and their daughter disappeared from sight, high up in the sky. The thunder that then sounded down enough to make them cover their ears, along with the rest of the town. They would never stop hoping for her to come back, safe.


    Listening to her reassure her parents he could only smile at the fact that they would worry all the more, because her words would make them hope that she was doing well as being alive. At least she listened to him, he just hoped that she wouldn't have second thoughts again.
    He made them soar higher and higher, holding her close. If she fell he could always pick her up while she fell, but it was better to make sure.
    Once they got above the clouds he put her hands and arms around his neck, noticing that the bear creature was clinging on to her between them, its face borrowed in Emilys chest. It was probably a comfort for the girl to have it, so he let it be.
    Drawing his power into the shape he desired, he let his hands reach out at both sides, dark light engulfing them.Swirling brighter and brighter as he poured the energy not of that world denser around them.

    "Don't let go of me Emily Carver, we are leaving this world." He said with a thrill in his voice, purple flames flickering out between his lips.
    Suddenly he opened his mouth wide and bellowed something that no words could describe, the light around his arms pulsing out in front of them, flowing back around them so they were encased in a sphere of bright nonlight.
    The world around them shock. Thunder exploding outwards from them.

    Then the light was gone, as was the sky. Everything around them empty nothingness, seemingly lit from nowhere. Taking a deep breath he started smiling, turning around to look upon a giant shimmering sphere, filled with darkness and numerous tiny lights.

    "Welcome outside your world Emily." He looked intently at her, waiting for how she would react. Some went mad, others became more so. Hopefully the cute little female would survive it.
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  16. When he took her hands, Emily gave him her full attention, her expression bewildered as she studied his strange features. She had stopped looking down a while ago, her nerves were unable to take it; she could only hope that she would ether get used to it, or not have be that high up again. The pink bear agreed.

    "Wait, what?" Emily gawked, her grip about his neck and shoulders tightening. He had let go of her! With a quick glance behind her, looking out at the world -- or more accurately, the strange energy that surrounded the three of them, Emily shut her eyes tightly, burying her face into the crook of the beasts neck. Did she have to sign up for this? Did she need to see this? It was too late for that kind of second-guessing, she knew, but she couldn't help as her mind wandered, the soft fur pressed against her cheek and forehead.

    Slowly, cautiously, she turned her head to see what he had indicated to her. There was still nothing solid under her feet, so there was no way she could feel comfortable. But, what she saw was beautiful.

    "What... How is this possible?" She asked, softly. "Is this outer-space? How... How can I be breathing?!"
  17. Emilys reaction was wonder, it made him want to show her more, to fullfill the need of experience. A chuckle escaped him at her questions. They were adorable, and asked in innocence, not in ignorance.

    "We simply left the boundaries of your world. And no, not in the way you think of it. Though its nature is much the same. Breathing would not be your main problem, but I am enabling you to be here." He said, thinking of how he should explain it for her. The simple version would have to suffice.

    "We are between worlds. The sphere you see before you is your homeworld. And we are going to enter another one." The sound of his statement expectant like a childs. His eyes sparkling, and his long tail twisting.
    Gripping her a bit tighter he shot up over the shimmering globe filled with her universe.turning around trying to find another one close by. There were spheres in the distance, muttering a word under his breath he sent his awareness outwards to touch upon them. He needed to find one where he could relieve some stress.
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  18. Emily continued to cling to him, looking over her shoulder to see what there was to see. They weren't in space, but... Some place like it, then. She watched, with intrigue as he went about what he was doing. Then, something occurred to her.

    "What's your name?" She asked, looking up to his face again, a curious look in her pale blue eyes. She had realized that she had no idea what to call him, this person who had broken into her house and kidnapped her from the comforts of home for the sake of an adventure.
  19. He wasnt really surprised at the question, she had to ask it sooner or later. He looked into her curious eyes, his own swirling with color. This would be an entertaining journey, hopefully Emily would keep from running away, but that was a problem for later.

    "My name is Rolomel Meqt, dear little Emily Carver." His head snapped around suddenly, his eyes becoming a little distant. While the long tail started flicking back and forth, like that of a cat. Rolomel muttered silently, but as they were alone, and it was quiet, it could be heard clearly.

    "I didn't know anyone here knew enough to... one of the others perhaps? Or the old... whose side are they on." He turned back towards Emily, a slight frown in his brow. Cracking a few of his fingers he sniffed in the air between the worlds. Narrowing his eyes in one direction, before whistling. The sound taking hold of the girls body, the little bear holding on to her as it almost lifted above her. And they were only at the side of what he whistled at. He looked at her with a gleam in his eyes.

    "I need to go somewhere, and it has to go quick, so we can't bother with the wildlife around. Which is why I sent for a ride. Have you ever seen a world-serpent Emily?" He smiled at her, as a deep animal call was heard. Something looking like a long snake approaching from far away, as it closed in its true size was showing however. Its width that of a mountain and its length hundreds of miles. The snake-like animal got its head up beside them, one of its eyes intent on Rolomel.

    "Emily, meet Bill." Rolomel said with a merry laugh in his voice as 'Bill' lashed out with its split tounge, the tip touching Rolomels outstretched hand. A humming sound coming from the snakes body.
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  20. "Rolomel," Emily repeated, committing his name to memory. She kept running over the syllables, barely noticing his strange sudden change in behavior. This was a lot to take in. It wouldn't be fair to expect her to be ultra-aware of every aspect of her surroundings. She heard him address her directly, though, and turned to look up at him again.

    "No. I don't think anyone has heard of them... At least, anyone from where I'm from... You're not going to leave me, are you?" She asked, the smallest hint of fear in her voice. If he left, she'd be stranded. In space. In a void, evidently between realms. The idea didn't sit well with her.

    The massive serpent served to distract her for only a moment, her hands gripping onto his fur. She didn't want to let go. And this Bill creature? It seemed tame, but, it could swallow her without a second thought. Hell, it could inhale her and the little pink bear and probably not even notice.
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