Come all Ye adventurers: A High-fantasy adventurer's story

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  1. Come one, come all, to the Ogre's Tackle tavern and meadery: renowned for its cheap ale, its metropolitan location, and its legendary 'Heroes' Journey' Notice board. It's here that the legendary king of Varnra first met the individuals he would adventure with for years. It is here that the hero Micalo met his wife, the now-Warrior-Queen of Cinder, and began their misadventures with a group of other like-minded mercenaries. It is here that the slayers of the dragon Alkramesh first met, and would begin their growth from young misanthropes into the hardy saviours they are now.

    And perhaps, it is where you could begin your journey?

    -The Ogre's Tackle is not responsible for any injuries, curses, illnesses, or death(s) that occur as a result of taking missions. Once a request is removed from the board, the adventurer wavers all rights for retribution, revenge, or financial recompense. Signed Damalo, current owner and proprietor of The Ogre's Tackle.

    Welcome to the interest check for what I intend to be a long-running High fantasy roleplay which styles itself around the ideas presented in a D&D campaign, without any of the additional rules, organisation, or write-ups required in the playing of a Table-top.

    The premise is as simple and as iconic a trope as they come. A group of individuals (You, the Players) will meet initially at the seemingly-innocuous-but-well-known tavern 'The Ogre's Tackle' and will begin a questing lifestyle. What you did before this is up to you and it will likely matter very little. What does matter is what you do as heroes, or villains, in a world that is inhabited by monsters of varying levels of intelligence, strength, and madness.

    The basic premise will be that of a mission-based system set in a High-Fantasy world. Your actions will help to shape a malleable world, open to influence by the actions, decisions, and interactions of you, the player character. If you take up the mission that offers to free a town of an oppressive, tyrannical despot; you will gain renown as heroes, but may garner some dissatisfaction from the country's ruling class. Alternatively, you could simply quest to steal the prized sceptre in a dragon's treasure trove; ignoring the politics of the land and instead dealing with the terrifying monsters of the world in a bid for riches and personal delights: Not that the dragon would be happy about that; who knows what town he might burn down in rage as he hunts the thieves down with a rage and efficiency that would make Smaug blush.

    As you complete missions, your characters will be given a chance of developing strengthening in any feasible direction, choosing to be as organic or as pre-planned as you like. You might choose to become a heroic warrior with the blood of a long-dead line of royalty; or the cursed experimentation of a wizard, hell-bent on revenge; or the individual who invents guns, and develop a new style of warfare that the world has never seen before.

    ...That is, of course, assuming you survive.

    Note: I will probably cap the first wave at 10 players/characters. If I find the premise and the player-base lends itself to a larger group, I will expand the idea to have options for more players. Interest does not equal exclusivity. If more than Ten people show interest, I will put CSes through a screening process, etc. etc. The RP itself will use a stat/feat system, and I will roll dice for combat instances, to determine in a fair and unbiased way who succeeds and fails. Character death is a distinct possibility.
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  2. Well i'm game especially at the line "or the individual who invents guns, and develop a new style of warfare that the world has never seen before" because getting the ability to introduce gunpowder to fantasy is always fun. :bsmile:
  3. You have my interest.
  4. Looks deece. You have my interest.
  5. Interested.
  6. This sounds like something that could be fun to have several parties in, in seperate threads that other parties can't read. Each party contributes to an overall world, and the actions of one party may determine what changes on another party's campaign. At some point, the multiple parties may meet one another and explain some of the otherwise unexplained changes to the second party's campaign, if you understand what I mean. I don't think I wrote it very well, so here's an example:

    Note because of seperate threads, no party knows what the other parties have done.

    First week: Party 1 goes and murders an old necromancer. Party 2 collects apples. Party 3 defeats some goblins.

    Second Week: Party 1 goes to an orchard but for some reason, all the apples have gone. Party 2 passes through a village they saw the week before to find it littered with goblin corpses. Party 3 deals with a Lich caused by Party 1 killing the necromancer.

    Third week: Party 1 accidentally invents gunpowder. Party 2 deals with the demon left from Party 3 killing the Lich. Party 3 goes back to deal with the same demon, but finds Party 2 has already dealt with it and so have a picnic in the cave instead. Party 2, on their way back from killing the demon, see the picnic, get jealous and murder party 3 for their sandwiches.

    Though, this may be a difficult RP to orchestrate...
  7. First off, welcome to everyone who has shown interest. Some of you I know, some of you I briefly recognise, and some of you are completely new to me. It is a pleasure, all the same.


    That's more than fine. There is a slight level of technology, and gunpowder won't be completely devoid from the world. Naval cannons and gunpowder-based artillery exist, but the world hasn't quite shrunk the technology down to a manageable size...yet.

    Honestly, I feel like the subterfuge element doesn't really add much. If I were to do multiple parties (Which, if I opened it past my initial camp, would probably happen.) The only real advantage gained would be to make the groups/parties competitive, and that would lock people into roleplaying with only a specific group of people (their party.)
  8. Hmm, that's a good point. I'm probably thinking too much like a game since I'm browsing the forums currently to take a break from the past 4 hours which I have spent making an RPG :D
  9. No one has asked the important question.

    Will Abjaar make an appearance?
  10. +1. Or riot.

    By the by, noting my interest as well.
  11. Interest noted as well.
  12. I have no intention of having Abjaar make an appearance. :P There is not currently a social or political climate that would breed him, outside of something vastly drow-esque...Certainly none of the major kingdoms (Of which there are currently Four of note.)
  13. [​IMG]

    I mean, looking forward to the setting you've got so far.
  14. [​IMG]
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  15. Hmm...
  16. They're referencing Limey's character from another roleplay that he, Kestrel, Snakey, and I were were all in.
  17. That was what I was going to guess. My first guess was that some middle eastern dictator had an iwaku account though.
  18. Seems the name I chose was fit for purpose.
  19. You have my currently undetermined weapon!
  20. Glad to see this has gotten enough interest to go ahead. I'll be doing the bulk of the content on Wednesday.
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