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  1. This can be a brother/sister roleplay, or one between two people who become friends. I don't mind either, however I want one of both.

    This will be about my character who has a lot of friends, but no one to really listen to her. We all have friends who "care" about you, but seem to disappear when you want to talk about serious or personal things.
    If this is bro/sis, her older brother will be coming home from college, and is too involved with himself and/or his friends to really notice anything else, or acknowledge his surroundings. After a while he begins to see, and tries to help her, blah blah blah. He starts to see her differently, liking her maybe more than how he did before. This will not be an overloaded romance one.
    If it's between two soon to be friends, it'll kind of be the same way, except the coming home from college part . You're character would maybe have a crush on mine, seeing only the outside happiness and perfection. Looking to your char as a friend, they start to spend more time together, and they begin to see she's deeper than her surface. She doesn't want to have any romantic relations with him, not wanting to throw away a listening, caring, and understanding friend that likes her for her, for meaningless sex. The friendship begins to grow, and things might happen, I don't know.

    I know my descriptions suck, so idk, we'll see where this goes lol. Message me if you want more details, and fill out a character sheet on THIS THREAD if you're interested! Please only send a cs to me through PM if you're uncomfortable doing it here. It will be a thread rp!

    P.S. The character sheet is not mine! I was looking through threads and found this. I forgot who made it. I'll give credit if I find them! The character, however, is mine.

    Character Name: Atlanta "Atty" "Lanta" Wayne
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Occupation/School/Grade: Student/Bridgewood High/Sophmore


    General Appearance: [​IMG]
    Strengths: Intelligence, braveness, empathy
    Weaknesses: Mental health, coping, being tickled, chocolate, cuddles, romantic things


    Inabilities: Expressing her feelings in a proper way
    Fears: Being vulnerable, heights, being alone, guns
    General Personality: Atty is a brave, kind, and smiling girl you'd see hanging out with a large group of friends. She's someone you'd want to be around, if not be her yourself. She seems like the popular type.
    Inner Personality: She feels a little alone, not understood, and and unhappy. But she's still smiling and sees the good when she can.
    Secret: tba


    General History: tba

    Present Life: tba

    Sorry for the tbas! I gotta get to sleep!
    Oh yeah, let me know in your cs which one you wanna do! Thanks!
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