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  1. There is many stories in which involve climatic sword fights, the zipping of the arrow from a longbow or the large fire blast of the wizards magic. I am seeking some examples of how you all would write out a combat scene, do your absolute best, this is no race. You get to choose the setting, scenery, time period, type of battle and so forth. Have fun and let your abilities flow through, imagination and creative thinking wins all~
  2. Not a single sound was heard in the gully. No wildlife, no wind. Rocks and dead grass was all one could see from miles around, apart from a single figure, head dipped down in almost a prayer. The sun shone upon his silver armour, the heat of high noon making the hottest parts of the plates seem heavier than the rest, sometimes causing itches in places the figure would never be able to reach. The man slowly raised hid head, long bangs of crimson red falling astray into his face. A single digit reached up and pulled it to the side, revealing his dim blue hues, ones that looked tired, and worn. Though his features suggested he could only be in his early twenties. Patiently the man waited, for the being he knew would come. A Greek God... One never recorded in mythology history books due to his treacherous deeds and cowardice. Only due to his passed companion did Cloud know of this being, from what he had heard, they had no sanity left. Residing within the abandoned gully of which he now stood, it was only a matter of time until they arrived.

    Sound then began, an unnatural wind flowed though the gully, as well the sky darkened in clouds bearing lightning. Cloud's companion had said that the coming of this God was predictable, and so it seemed to be true. What he didn't expect, was for them to end up behind him straight away. "Looking for something?" Came the creepy voice, Cloud turned his head slowly behind him, gasping at the crazed expression from the man. Though he didn't look like much of a God, to be honest. Hair white as snow, eyes crimson as his own hair, and a bizarre outfit of silver and black. Without a word, his digits gripped around the hilt if his sword. In one movement, he unsheathed it, and slashed upwards, hoping to take the God out with one hit. To his horror, Cloud found the God had his sword balanced on the tip of his finger, and was spinning it around lazily.

    "You know it's not very nice to strike at somebody without even telling them your name. It's not... HEY! I KNOW THIS SWORD!" He said, then began laughing like crazy. Well, he defiantly was as insane as he described, Cloud thought to himself, though the sword was not all he had brought to kill this thing. But just as he reached behind him to grab a weapon, the God laid a hand casually over his arm. "Stop ya baka! Your name! You're supposed to tell me your freaking name! You HAVE to tell me now that you have such a wonderful sword. One forged to kill a God of all things!" For a few moments, he was speechless, unable to decipher the mans odd reactions. Shaking his head, he answered carefully. "My name is Cloud Tobin. Son of..." "Oh I don't give a damn about your heritage yada yada yada." He interrupted with a wave of his hand, then the God placed both of his hands atop Clouds shoulders. It surprised him, as he hadn't seen the sword released from his hand. "My name, young one, is Hanasha Kixyoukino." With that said he went into a fit of giggles, letting go of Cloud to step back a few steps.

    "Soooooooooooo you've come to kill me have you?" Hanasha began, opening his arms out wide. "You have the power of your dragon lover inside you, all that power is now yours! I want to see what you can do with that. You're not yet fast enough to wield that weapon. Now take off that armour, and fight me properly. I will wait." he finished, giving a bow. With his arms out wide like they were, it was almost like he had just finished a performance. Cloud was baffled. How on earth did he know about Gemma? Impossible... And what did he know of his power? He knew hypothetically how to use his power, though he had never once used it. And he had a feeling this God knew that full well. A little aggravated by the whole situation, and more than a little confused, he obeyed Hanasha, and stripped out of his armour. A plain black singlet and trackpants was all he wore beneath, though... Hanasha seemed to give a nod of approval. "Go ahead boy..." He said, a viscous snare upon his face.

    Closing his eyes, he focused on the power inside himself, and found himself at a place where visually he could see hundreds upon hundreds of rows of locked cogs. Holding his hand out, he gently touched the locks, several breaking and retracting at the simple touch, causing him to yoink his hand back in surprise. From these unlocked cogs, he could almost tangibly feel the power running into him. However, the amount wasn't enough, so he pressed on. More and more cogs he unlocked, until they wouldn't open any further. Something seemed to be blocking it. He pushed, with all the strength he had, but it wouldn't budge. Out of nowhere, chains wrapped around his arms, restricting his movement, trying to pull him back. With all his might he fought them, desperate to get one last cog unlocked. The lock seemed to be breaking, cracking at the seems, but it wouldn't give. The chains were pulling him, desperate to take him out of his inner self and into really, but he wouldn't have it. With a final cry, the binds of the lock shattered, his inner self taking a warm red glow. With a smile, he let the chains guide him back, content with his achievement...

    Then reality. The same red glow that had filled his inner world, now surrounded his very form. Hanasha seemed impressed, and let out a high pitched laugh. "Very good. VERY GOOD! You will be a fast learner. My gosh, UNLOCKING THE RED GATE ON THE VERY FIRST TIME! Nobody fights the chains, none are good enough. I'm the first one to do it, you're the second! NOW COME AT ME BRO!" Hanasha screamed, the jibe doing well to set Clouds adrenaline going. Though he barely understood how this guy even knew what the hell was happening, in that moment, he didn't care. Syphoning the red aura that surrounded him, he balled it into his hand, then punched the ground, releasing it within. Only a few milliseconds before a large spike of earth catapulted up through the earth, Hanasha had done a backwards flip diagonally. Not willing to waste any time to let the strange man recover, he thrust his other arm into the ground, another spike shooting up where Hanasha was sure to fall into the path of. To his dismay, Hanasha grabbed ahold of the spike, hitching a ride to the peak of the spire. The God was excited, and throughout entertained. "Wo-ho-how! THIS IS SO MUCH GOD DAMN FUN YOU KNOW THAT? Come on, SHOW ME YOUR FIERY PASSION NOW!" He screamed, jumping like an idiot from one spire to the next.

    "Fiery... Passion?..." Cloud repeated, then shook his head. The freak literally knew more about his abilities than he did. But how was that possible for somebody insane? He didn't plan for this idiot to have this battle play out the way he expected though, he had to do something to throw him off guard. His hands still in the earth, he focused the temperature, setting fire to the vegetation within the earth itself. No... It wasn't enough. He had to do better. As he pushed on, he felt himself creating magma, although it was a small amount. If he could channel it through the spires, he could create a mini volcano, then send the lava after the damn God. But as the lava erupted, his sight began to dim. All that power... It seemed he was at his limits. Why? Why couldn't he beat this maniac? And why did Hanasha mock him in such a way that it felt like... He was being urged on, forced to strive to do better? The last thing he saw was a blurry vision of Hanasha, though for some reason he heard the words clearly. "Your partner did not sacrifice herself and give you her power so you would die another day, she did so because she loved you, baka. So much so that it defied the bonds between myth and mortals... You're like me. You will learn to harness her power, even if I have to beat it out of you." And with that, Cloud lost consciousness.
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