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  1. Some games are all about the brawl, and - sometimes without the creators even realizing - the world facilitates this.

    What kinds of things do you find fun or useful to pop up in the worlds of combat-based RPs?

    I don't do many fighting games myself, but in books and movies I like when the fights happen in unique or dynamic areas that give characters things to bounce off, climb over, slip on, or duck under; it's like the scene itself is a participant in the fight!
  2. I think BIG HUEG (mis-pelling intended) monsters make for entertaining fights, especially if it means the ones fighting them have to climb on it and run all over the terrain to find ways to get onto it. That's plenty of room for interesting locations that enable the fighters to get on a more even keel with the monster.

    Or like in a setting where cities are mobile somehow, either because they're basically a giant tank, or on the back of some incredibly gigantic monster, and the monsters can serve as a battlefield or landscape unto themselves.
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  3. To start allow me to apologies I'm not sure of the goal here. Are we listing different types of fight scenes. If thats the thing I GOT THIS ALL DAY!!!

    From a Master Apprentice duel to the death. {{Insert class} vs {Insert class} + {Insert settings + Back-story} = Fight} Has found this equation to be very useful when coming up with fight scenes, possibilities are nearly endless.

    ~Is lost at this moment~ But i'm going to list my favorites among the fight scenes.

    The Dual : Probably top of my favorites.

    The Arena: From fighting a one on one fight to fighting a mix of beasts and men/women to fighting said giant monster @Drakken {Thanks for the idea}, Flooded arena makes for small navel fight.

    The Siege

    The Rebellion or Riot {This is my love.} Can lead up to the "TAKE OVER" fight

    Large scale combat {Sometimes played like a large scale chess game.}

    The ambush

    Assassination attempts <Always nice to set things off, can possibly lead to the "Take over fight"

    Take over fight : Last fight before end to claim the throne/Title/master ship, continued~~~
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  4. We're discussing what we like about the worlds of combat-centric RPs! This is a great list!
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