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  1. For any friends that wish to rp, this is for rpg style combat. this is my first time, please do not judge to harshly.. thanks.
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  2. wow, i got no notif about it.
  3. I figured. Shall we post?
  4. alright, for a rpg game style rp. what characteristics do they have?
  5. Hmmm...Weapons for sure.
  6. weapons, yeah i can see that. just look at kingdom hearts for playstation. sorry, those two were the only ones i played.
    but also stats...i got to think what stats i should make up.
  7. How about strength, speed/agility, style...Am I leaving anything important out?
  8. those are good, and i know i said this was combat related, but what about other things? like certain skills and traits?
  9. Yeah, that's a good idea. Let's do it! You start!
  10. alright, let me think...
    Oc name/gender/age
    description (that oughta be fun!)
    nd stats (hold on, not done with these yet.)​
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    Endurance, Strength, Agillity, Defense, Mana, Speech, Attraction, Intellegents. how does those sound? and, you only have 25 points to put them in, if you ever played fall out, you know what i mean.
  12. I haven't, but I get the idea. You go first.
  13. (you're the weirdest nerd ever, though, i don't think you play console games, so i forgive you :P)

    Description- He has blonde long pointy/spiked hair that stands up. He has golden eyes and a scar over his lip, White skin with a small trace of a tan, tall and lengthy. Yellow being his favorite color, he usually wears it. Usually just a yellow t-shirt, jeans, and white sneakers. He uses a golden aura katan (gold is soft...) with wicked red flame designs down the blade.
    Personality- Proud and Calm, though can be irritated.
    (okay, now stats. everyone's base stats are at 50. there are multiple categories that are aided with each stat increase. so strength increases melee attack by 10%, special attacks 5%, and protection 5%. i'll go over the categories. also increasing it to 32)
    Endurance-4 Strength-6 Agillity-8 Defense-1 Mana-5 Speech-2 Intelligence-4 Attraction-2​
  14. Lilly/Female/20
    Description- She has blonde short wavy hair. She has green eyes, white skin, short and lean. Purple being her favorite color, she usually wears it. Usually just a purple dress with simple flats. She uses a steel rapier with the ability to glow as she does.
    Personality- Smart and quick. Can be easily distracted, however

    Endurance-4 Strength-6 Agillity-7 Defense-1 Mana-3 Speech-4 Intelligence-5 Attraction-2​
  15. Categories-
    Health- increased by, Strength, Defense, and Ednurance- 4%,4%, 8%
    Melee- increased by, Strength and Defense- 10% and 5%
    Protection-increased by Strength, Defense, and Mana- 4%,6%,2%
    Speed-increased by Strength and Agility- 5% and 10%
    Recovery-increased by Endurance, Agility, and Mana- 5%, 3%, 2%
    Healing (others)- increased by (their) Endurance, (your) Agility, and (both) Mana- 5%, 3%, 2%
    Trickery- increased by Speech and Attraction- 5% both
    Chanting- increased by Speech and Mana- 3% and 7%
    Random?- increased by all- 1%
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  16. i shall calculate mine, if you want me to do your ask. i'll keep these on record.
  17. Please do mine! Lilly's numbers were hard enough!
  18. alright! also, the percentages are going of from 50, base stats! it'll be a second! eat a cookie!