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  1. Do you have a question or problem regarding COMBAT? If you want to know something about or are struggling with orchestrating fight scenes, combat etiquette, pacing action, or using realistic combat physics and weaponry, just post here and a Professor or volunteer will help you!

  2. I have a character that has a very skilled melee prowess from martial arts training-

    How would I dsiplay this?
  3. @Maddeline

    What sort of martial arts is your character an expert in? And do you mean how you would show this in a combat situation, or in general?

    Generally speaking, someone who is a skilled melee fighter is going to be in prime physical condition (good musculature, trim physique). Many martial arts teach self-discipline and healthy practices as well, so they would likely maintain a healthy diet and practice restraint in life (of course, that's not always the case, and deviating from that can make for an interesting character). If they've seen actual fights or even just been practicing long enough, they may have scars or other old injuries. They likely have a basic knowledge of anatomy and pressure points or weak points on the body, know how to escape a hold, and how best to position their body in a fight. If they're well-trained, they act on reflex rather than emotion.

    Specifically in combat, they're going to be more in control and able to react quickly to counter their opponent. They'll be calmer, less frenzied, and surer than someone who doesn't know what they're doing.

    You might check out some of the videos in this thread for realistic depictions of actual combat. It's slanted toward weaponry, but some of the same logic applies to hand-to-hand combat as well.

    I used to practice Tae Kwon Do, so I can answer more direct questions about martial arts if you're curious and if that's in the same ballpark as what you're looking for.
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  4. My character performs Krav Magna (Israeli martial art of disarming an opponent), KFM (keysi), kickboxing and Ju-Jitsu.
    The character is a CQB Spetsnaz soldier, so the martial arts training is important for his career in the military.
  5. "Well-trained" and "disciplined" will definitely apply in his case, then. Spetsnaz training is probably some of the roughest out there and your character is likely to be ripped. Also, those scars/former injuries? Yeah, he's got them, from training if not from combat.

    (By the way, it's Krav Maga. Not sure if that's a typo or if you were misspelling, so I am pointing it out just in case.)

    I'd also like to mention that Keysi is a pretty new fighting style (originated mid-2000's, despite the claims of the official site; that's when they began developing it but it was unheard of until 2005) and is unlikely to be part of any formal military training. (It WAS recently picked up for military contract I think- in the U.S., not Russia- but unless your guy were a fairly fresh recruit, I don't think he'd have studied.) It was developed by a couple of stuntmen who worked on the recent Batman films who have little to no formal training, as I understand it. Of course, I'm not super familiar with the style, so take my info with a grain of salt. If your character practices this style, it'd most likely be something he picked up on his own and depending on your time frame it'd probably be fairly recently.

    I have to say that being Spetsnaz, I might suggest that he be trained in Sambo instead of Keysi. Combat Sambo is most definitely used by the Russian military, and in fact was developed for it. Another Russian martial art you might look into would be Systema, although I'm not sure if the military uses it, since it's a little less well-known and I'm not as familiar with it.

    While Krav Maga, kickboxing (I'm assuming you mean Thai kickboxing?) and Ju-Jitsu (not sure whether you mean Japanese Jujutsu or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but the principle is pretty much the same here) are entirely possible for him to have trained in, it's a very American-sounding lineup of study that you've got going on overall. You want to keep your character's nationality in mind, especially for a military man who'd be receiving very particular training.
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  6. The character didn't stay in just Russia, his backstory is that he moved around a lot studying to become a fighter but when he lost his parents he chose the military life-

    And he does have scars;
    He wears a balaclava/ski mask to hide his very distinct face from potential witnesses.

    The change from keysi to sambo is very good- I only listed keysi because it was the first brutal martial arts (besides Muay Thai kickboxing which is the most lethal foot work I've ever seen or heard of) I've heard of and most of the moves are bone shattering in a single connection. I know little of sambo, but that what google is for.

    (And I have issues with spelling some words xD)
  7. @Maddeline

    Traveling would account for it, then! :]

    You should be able to find a decent amount of info on Sambo with a little research. I'll try to hunt up a good video or two for you and post them in the Visualizing Combat thread when I have time, too.
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  8. @Maddeline
    I do both Muay Thai and Brazilian Jujitsu and I do a LOT of sparring in Muay Thai. I can tell you right now that Muay Thai from Thailand and American Muay Thai are two fairly different animals, but Muay Thai overall is quite brutal and involves not just the legs and feet, but elbows, knees, and fists. This is one of the very few styles of fighting where kneeing/clinching is allowed and it's devastatingly effective if you can do it correctly.
    If you need info on any particular combinations/moves or what sparring is like, I can help you there.
  9. So I have been told my fight scenes can be a bit controlling. I try to keep my posts for each roleplay over 10 sentences, so it seems illogical just to say "He dodged the punch and quickly ran his shoulder into his opponents gut." And wait for a response. I'm one for detail, and have been told that the detail I put in, or the actions become controlling. How should I go about bettering my fight scenes?
  10. I understand the frustration - I also like to have a bit longer of a post, but it's difficult when I can only do so much without a response from the other character - like in a conversation or fight scene. However it's even more annoying to be on the receiving side of a power-play post; nobody likes having someone else tell them what their character did or didn't do!

    Another note with fight scenes; when you tell your partner that you either scored or dodged a hit, you need to explain how that happened, or it can come across as a cheap way to make your character kick more ass. Remember also that roleplays are not a competition; it's fine to let your character take a punch, or even lose a fight! It can set up plot and character development like wanting vengeance, feeling inadequate, motivation to train harder, carrying on their current goal with an injury to deal with, having more admiration or respect for the winner... lots of cool story stuff can happen from your character coming out on the losing side, or at least getting fairly well schooled.

    Back to writing detailed posts for short time sequences, I find it helps if you concentrate more on the detail of what your character is doing, and be sure to include other elements, for example, using your "he dodged the punch and quickly ran his shoulder into his opponent's gut" example:
      • How did he dodge it? Did he duck down, deflect it with his arm, sidestep, lean backward?
      • Were there any results of dodging it other than the punch not hitting? (for example, did dodging cause him to leave a part of his body open to another attack, or if he had long hair, did the movement obscure his vision?
      • Remember the environment! Your scene is a great big tool for you to use, especially in fight scenes! For example, let's say they're on a dirt road for this scuffle - did dodging the punch cause your character to step in mud, or onto a rock/pothole where they might have their balance put in jeopardy? Are they in an area with walls, where your character would be thinking about not getting backed into one while fighting? Speaking of thoughts
      • What's going on in your character's head this whole time? Are they emotionally distressed about having to fight? Angry at their opponent? Confused about why they're being attacked? Trying to think of a way to end the fight faster? Are they confident they're going to do damage with the gut-strike, or are they worried it will be relatively ineffective?
      • What's going on with their body besides their movement? Is his heart pounding? Are his palms sweating? If they've been fighting awhile, sweat can start to drip into the eyes and sting, obscuring vision. Are any scrapes or bruises he's accumulated so far causing pain or movement restriction?
      • You can take sound into account, too - however I don't reccomend having a lot of dialogue, taunting, or laughter in a fight scene. I don't know if you hit the gym IRL, but anything you couldn't realistically do while running/exercising heavily, you shouldn't put in a fight scene. Grunts, growls, cries, screams, gasps, and yelps however are all in!
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  11. Can you guys give me an advice for a lycan combat? Also for a character that can summon animal spirits.
  12. I'm assuming your lycan fights in wolf mode; could you tell me more about it? I've seen many interpretations of a lycan and what they transform into
    Are they bipedal?
    Are they taller than an average human?
    Do they get a strength boost?
    Speed/agility boost?

    For summoning spirits, I'm guessing the summons will do most of the work, so the summoner should probably stand from a safe location, or else have some sort of shield, good armour, or shielding spell.

    For the spirits, it'd again be nice to know more about your interpretation;
    Do they appear as literal animals?
    Can they go through things at will?
    Can they themselves conjure things like fireballs or water blasts?
    Can they pick things up?
  13. Bipedal
    Higher than average human
    Speed/Strength/agility boost
    Claws and fangs

    They appear like animal but with some changes in appearance
    They can go through things
    They can conjure things
    They can pick up things

    And this isn't like a normal summoner, it would be like 50/50 job, they both work together as one to damage the enemy. Ex: You attack the enemy's chest with your dagger while the wolf spirit sneaks behind and bites the enemy's leg.
  14. What kinds of changes in appearance?

    For the lycan I imagine they'd be a Melee fighter. Weapons would be difficult to manage so go for the claws and fangs and remember to fight dirty! Bite, scrape, and use the weight/ height advantage. Also keep moving, the back and stomach are vulnerable, so make sure your Lycan guard them when they can. If you're up for it, look at dog fight (specify the animal so you don't get planes) videos on YouTube and take notes of what kinds of fighting instincts canines seem to have. Look up fighting with spiked gauntlets or other glove weapons, too, to get an idea of how to use the claws besides horizontal and vertical swings. Try watching Wolverine's fights from the X men movies, too; corny but good reference for claw fights.

    And of course in any fight scene, you can mix it up by using your environment!
  15. Just the color changes.
    The animal spirits are able to charge energy and shoot it or gather energy in claws/fangs and bite/slash with it.
    The SOME animal spirits have enough power to infuse themselves with a demon's energy.

    Now going to reveal the truth :3

    I have a character named Okami wich is a lycan that uses daggers while in human form AND can summon animal spirits.

    Saying this, i come to the original question: Advises for battle scene, he can infuse himself with an animal spirit energy to attack in different ways.

    He can summon the animal spirit while in wolf form to aid him in combat.

  16. Why would you keep that a secret til now? I feel like I just wasted time looking up resources to help with Just Lycan and Just Summoner fights :/

    Well for that combo you basically have a tag team of Melee fighters. Assuming summoning and maintaining a spirit isn't too physically taxing, Okami can Melee fight as described before, with spirits taking advantage of any openings he leaves. If they can shoot beans, you may want to have the spirit keep it's distance and provide cover fire for Okami's movements.
  17. I kept it in secret for 2 reason: 1-I though that you was going to give advices that i was going to able to "Fuse" the create Okami's play-style. 2-The troll

    The original Okami (Wich stills being used) haves A LOT of stuff, besides being a lycan and having the animal spirits i gave him things that i wouldn't like to tell for the moment.

    Well, Okami fights more in human form because in that RP world lycans are almost extinct, and they are being chased.

    Just going to say that Okami can attack from distance using blood and "Madness"

    Keep the ideas flowing :3
  18. Almost forget it:

    Minibit...Please don't hate me Q.Q
  19. @Zackymas

    I don't hate you , I just wish you'd given full disclosure from the start so I don't have to keep amending my suggestions. I'll think about it and come back later with more ideas. In the meantime, try looking at the combat exercises here in the institute for ideas and tips
  20. Thanks, if have other advice, instead of posting it here, could message me?

    I don't want to full this thread only with my crazy ideas
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