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  1. Does anyone know an actual site or youtube video that describes how Ancient Greek to early Renaissance armies fought in indepth and somewhat historical correct terms. Because all I can find is too razor focused on why a particular battle worked. What I want is a more arching overview not spefic tactics.
  2. If you want to get a grasp of army tactics I'll warn you ahead of time - ancient tactics will be harder to find, and it's going to be a lot of reading, because the whole point of having tactics is to be prepared for a large variety of situations. It's not like Star Trek "Attack position Gamma!", you don't have a list of different choices, it's rigourous training to work with the terrain and the opposing armies, and those are different in every battle.

    The Art of War is a great read for anyone who wants to understand how an army leader's mind must work.

    reading about the career of George S. Patton might also be insightful; the man was a military genius.
  3. I am not in the least daunted by the volume of reading. I've got nothing but free time until my leg and cuts heal. And I honestly think it will help my military characters if I know exactly why the ancients fought as they did.

    As for the art of war it is far too eastern in approach to suit my needs. Besides I've already read it and the Thirty Six Stratagems.

    And I disagree with Patton being a military genius. He simply had more troops then the Germans did. He was competent nothing more.

    But I need a study on tactics and tactics as employed by ancient western civilizations. I don't need academic interest into the whys, I need the how and where ya know.If that makes any sense.
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  5. Well the second site was somewhat informative it is slightly flawed in the equipment department. No mention of the hasta or spatha is made.

    I suppose once the damn leg heals I can check out the library at UBC but I hate the assholes who work there. They always have this superior attitude. And seem to go out of their way to subtly insult you when you ask for help.