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  1. Omega City’s Combat Academy
    Omega City Year 3549

    Welcome to the Greatest Combat Academy in the whole Universe. this is the one school everybody dreams about going to that is if there looking to become a great worry. This is the one and only Academy that you are training in the ways of war by the all the Great Gods of war like Ares. Here you will learn how to use everything from a sword to a bow, form a hand gun to a tank, and from a plane to a Space Shuttle. Yes you will learn everything here one way or another

    What nobody knows is that there’s a force out there taking out worlds that we have never heard of before, slowly it is moving towards us. Soon it will start taking the worlds we are allied with and the school will be called to for help. Will the school be ready for this threat or will it be taken out in their struggle to get there students ready for the upcoming battle.

    Looking for a couple people to partner up with me and help start this Rp in the groups.
  2. I'll join if you want
  3. I was thinking we could set up factions and faction leaders who basically hand out faction quest for combat and other missions but whatever.
  4. Is it to late to join
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.