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  1. Hey folks, Coma here!

    I've been craving a Final Fantasy XIII and a Tomb Raider story line for a while now. Instead of procrastinating any longer, I thought I'd just dive right in and send a feeler out to you fine folks!

    I'm going to keep this pretty short and sweet, but I promise a fuller detailed explanation to those who reach out! I tend to keep to 2-4 paragraphs. I don't desire a novella, but I like reading pretty bulky posts. I'm on daily and try to respond daily. I'd like my partner to try and match me, if possible. Also, I prefer my partners to be 18 and older. Just a preference, but I'm amendable to this! Oh, last thing. Please help me brainstorm. I don't have plots already made for the majority of these pairings. I'd like to work with my partner to create something we both like.

    Anyway, here's the pairings! If you'd like to crossover, let me know, and we'll talk! Just for organization, I prefer the characters on the left.

    Final Fantasy XIII

    Lightning x Fang/OC
    Fang x Lightning/OC

    Tomb Raider

    Lara x OC

    Dragon Age Inquisition

    Assassin Specialist x Inquisitor/OC
    Orlesian Harlequin x OC

    The Division
    Given that this isn't out, this will be a sandbox rp with an original plot. Only universe used.

    Civilian/Agent x Agent/Civilian

    Gears of War

    Anya x OC
    Sam x OC
    OC x OC

    Mass Effect

    Female Shepherd x OC/Any canon
    OC x OC


    That's it for now! If y'all are interested, just PM me please! I'll update this thread periodically :)!​
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  2. Updated my dears!
  3. I would be interested in an Oc x Oc Mass Effect story.
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