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  1. I love colouring *^*

    I love abstract pages, and ones with lots of detail. I like motivational ones too with colour-in phrases like "don't forget to be awesome", etc.

    I find it's great stress-relief as well as just fun and a good creative outlet

    what about you guys? Are you also adult/teenage colourers? What are your thoughts/feelings on it?
  2. I love to color...digitally. <_< 4srs, I can't get enough of it. I'm sad I don't have a computer otherwise I'd be doing it now lol
  3. ... I need to find that article that says coloring is actually more beneficial for adults than meditation.

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  4. Every semester during finals, my mom sends me a care package in which, as a joke, she often includes a My Little Pony coloring book.

    ...I don't think she realizes I've actually been using them. XD
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  5. My wife loves coloring. Me, not so much. But I let her buy a bundle every so often and she colors for days until she's burnt out.

    There are adult coloring books that I hear are quite popular, but haven't put time to find them for her..
  6. They sell them in arts and craft stores, like Michaels. It's basically shapes turning into scenes or animals. Uh I think they sell them in Barnes and Nobles too, not sure.
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  7. My grandpa, when he worked as a businessman, always kept a coloring book and some colored pencils in his desk, and whenever he had a break, he would color.

    My grandpa is a former marine, and a generally kickass guy, and that just makes him even more awesome.
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  8. I don't think that's the kind of ADULT coloring books he's talking about. Heh.
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  9. I love to relax with some coloring pages. Mainly I enjoy coloring humans and clothes. I do like to color both on a computer and with pencils, but now a days I mainly do it on a computer since our printer sucks :p
  10. Oh colouring.

    That shit I did when I was young...just like 99% of all children LOOOL

    But yeah colouring makes me feel so...calm and tranquil for once in my life...Yet I don't even have the time to colour things in colouring books.

    Man I really wanna buy one of those Adult Colouring Books orz...
  11. I was always buying Disney coloring books to color in. O_O Then I discovered adult coloring books with all of the fancy, intricate designs in them. So my ass is coloring all the time now.
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  12. YOU'RE 16.
  13. I love to color. It's very therapeutic for me when I'm having bad anxiety. I like any kind of color pages/books, honestly. And I have a huge love for color by number most of all.
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    I draw random things just so I can color them! 8D
  15. My coloring consists of digital art, and colored pencils.

    I love both, but I use prisma color pencils and erm...



    Can't use other ones though... They are so smooth......
  17. Does finding lineart to use online and coloring them on my laptop count? o_o idk if it's relaxing but it ate up a lot of my time


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  18. I wanna see what you would do with some of my line art. xD
  19. What program do you use and how do you do it? ;-;
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