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  1. Hey, I was thinking of a simple idea..

    The colour of the usernames here ^^

    As many of you know the newest members have an orangish shade, How About then- the colours will be taken to another level ?

    example: the Teen members to have their name of the same colour of the star( blueish ) and the Adult one a colour of the same tone as the adult star ( an somehow, -not red- but something close to that)

    good idea maybe for the Forum?
  2. The name colours are to easily discern between New Members, Regular Members, Donators, Volunteers, Staffies, and Admins. This is handy because if someone has a lot of questions or seems unfamiliar with the site, you can see right away that it's because they're New. If someone is telling you "hey, this should be done this way :)" and you can see right away that they're a staff member or admin, you know right away its someone whose job it is to help out and not some busybody who may not even be correct.

    We have the stars to quickly see what age bracket someone falls into, so I personally think changing the name colours to reflect ages would be redundant and also necessitate a new way to tell newbies/volunteers/staffies etc apart.

    That's just my thoughts though.
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