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  1. (I thought it would be neat to bring this back, obviously we will start where we left off, but I will state the story line again just so we will remember.)

    [BCOLOR=#ffffff]There was once peace in the land, but that was all taken away when the Beasts arrived..They caused major destruction, killing thousands. No one seemed to know how to kill them, not until the Guild was formed. The Guild was made to destroy those cursed Beasts. They have successfully taken down one so far. Even the guild knows little about these Beasts. Where did they come from? Why are they here? What do they want? No one knows...yet. The Guild thought the first Beast was tough, oh compared to the rest, that was nothing. They were not prepared for what was to come. Two guild members, one veteran (@Obsidian ) and one new recruit (Melancholy) are left to fight these Beasts. Will they beat the odds and find out why these cursed creatures are here, and destroy these Beasts. Or will they cause their own destruction?[/BCOLOR]

    I'll let you start @Obsidian
  2. Rocks crumbled, columns fell, and foundations broke, as Savalas looked around nervously, he knew this was no simple matter of an earthquake. The beast was outside the tower, and it knew that they were there. The beast was aware of their presence and was trying to get to them. The primitive need of these beast to slaughter humans was probably all it knew. "Run!" Savalas yelled, he had drawn out one of his scimitars and grabbed Avalon's arm and ran, pulling her to a gap between two columns for cover. After relentless striking against the stone tower, once they made it to cover, it bursted through the wall tracking stone dust and ruble as it charged in. Only a silouette of the beast could be seen behind the dust cloud. Savalas turned to Avalon, "Get ready..." He said sternly...
  3. Avalon let out a yelp as Savalas dragged her along. She found herself leaning on him as they stopped. She quickly stood up and shook her head. Her eyes wide,"Where do we go?..I'm still bleeding." She said as she pointed to her leg, which was still oozing blood. She looked at Savalas, tears forming in her eyes. "We're going to die like the rest of them." She was fighting back a sob as she spoke. She was inexperienced, and she was slowing him down. She closed her eyes for a moment, then focused her gaze back on Savalas, her lip quivering. "Just leave me, I'm holding you back. If you leave me can find a way out and live. I can stay here and distract the beast as long as I can.." She said, her breathing getting heavier as she spoke.
  4. "I'm not going anywhere!" Savalas yelled, "we can only have a possibility to stop this thing in numbers, even if they are few... We have to try and stay quiet and hope other guild groups catch up. Savalas looked at Avalon with a face of concern, "You have to stay hidden if it finds us before the others get here... I will fight it if it does..." With a scimitar in one hand and a pistol crossbow in the other, Savalas crouched in a position ready to strike in defense. Savalas then peeked around the corner to get a better view of the beast. The beast's bloodcurdling roar shook the ground of the tower like a earthquake. The silouette in the dust made the beast appear to be a quadruped with glowing eyes like streaks of fire, and 2 sets of horns that straight up. It appeared to be 15 or 20 feet tall on all fours, and 30 feet long from front leg to hind leg. When it opened its mouth, it extended farther back past its jaw than a normal animals, and it's tail was long and moved like a whip ready to strike. Savalas went back to cover with emotions of being prepared for battle and simultaneous emotions of worry...
  5. Avalon nodded slowly, and withdrew her sword. She reached out and grabbed Savalas's hand," Please be careful.." She said and let go. She leaned against the wall, her breathing still heavy. She was terrified, her body shaking from both fear and from the fact she was losing blood. She couldn't lose her partner..not like this. "I-I could fight with you Sav-" her sentence was interrupted as the ground began to shake once more. The beast was getting closer.

    (Sorry this one is short)
  6. "No stay here and be safe, Avalon." Savalas said. Then Savalas dashed over to the other side of the building, undetected by the beast, and hid behind a column up further above and ajacent to the other wall. He pulled out his pistol cross bow in his left hand and a scimitar in the right. The beast was beginning to become more visible from the dust settling slightly. It had black furr with a lot of stone armor, and it was tearing the tower apart trying to find him and Avalon. Savalas was getting prepared to attack but delaying in the hopes of it losing interest or help arriving to them. Savalas loaded his crossbow with a bolt and was prepared to fire...
  7. Avalon stood there, clutching her chest, her eyes filling with tears. "Savalas.." She wasn't going to lose her partner. She would fight by his side. Ava grunted as she limped after Savalas, gripping her sword tightly. She gasped as her leg bumped into a column, and she bit back a cry of pain. She leaned up against the column, her breathing heavy. She spotted Savalas off in the distance, and she took a step towards him. Blinding pain shot through her leg, and she began to cry. She couldn't help him..She could only watch as the beast would most likely kill him. At this moment, Ava realized that she was forming feelings for him.
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