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  1. This is a continuation of a RP we did a while back. So we are not starting from the very beginning. However, I will post the main storyline so that is makes sense to anyone that is reading it.

    There was once peace in the land, but that was all taken away when the Beasts arrived..They caused major destruction, killing thousands. No one seemed to know how to kill them, not until the Guild was formed. The Guild was made to destroy those cursed Beasts. They have successfully taken down one so far. Even the guild knows little about these Beasts. Where did they come from? Why are they here? What do they want? No one knows...yet. The Guild thought the first Beast was tough, oh compared to the rest, that was nothing. They were not prepared for what was to come. Two guild members, one veteran (Obsidian) and one new recruit (Melancholy) are left to fight these Beasts. Will they beat the odds and find out why these cursed creatures are here, and destroy these Beasts. Or will they cause their own destruction?
    Avalon's eyes widened at the dark hall before them; it looked rather menacing. She hopped off her horse, Kalheart, and walked next to Savalas. "Are we going to go in?" She asked. Who knew what was inside of this place. The possibilities were endless, and Avalon was thinking of all the bad ones. "Do you think IT is down there?..." She asked in a hushed tone. Her horse snorted, and began to stomp the ground. "I don't think our horses like it here very much." She began to bite her nails, something she always did when she was nervous. Were they heading towards their doom? Or were they going to be successful at finding this beast and studying it?
  2. "I don't know..." Savalas said worryingly, "I don't know what we will find in this tower... The wanderers who ventured this far couldn't tell much more than we will find how to kill the beasts in this place... Just stay close..." Savalas walked forward into the darkness deep below, following the stairs, pulling up the hood of his torn up cloak. He pulled his horse behind him making sure it followed. The sound of boots and hooves echoed down the dark stone halls. The only light was behind them at the entrance, and at the end of the hall far down below. Savalas couldn't tell what was creating the dim light, but he continued walking, staying cautious of what could be there.
  3. Avalon followed after him, unsheathing her sword. She was prepared for a potential threat to appear. She felt herself brush up against Savalas's arm and she felt her cheeks get hot. "Sorry.." She whispered. She narrowed her eyes so that she could see better into the dark. She heard a low rumble, and she jumped. "What the heck was that.." She asked as she tightened the grip on her sword. What was that, the beast that was making the noise, or was she imagining things? She shook her head, and continued onward. Eventually they reached the light at the end of the hall. The light blinded her momentarily. Once her eyes focused, she gasped. Before them was a gigantic room, I guess that is what you could call it. It was completely empty, but you could not see the end of it. "Wow..." was all she could say. She looked back at Savalas, "What do we do now? I don't see a monster or anything." She jumped when she heard the low rumble again, this time the ground began to shake from it. "Well...maybe it is here."
  4. "Sshhh!..." Savalas hushed nervously, "Get back Avalon!.." He whispered and
    pointed to a row of columns on the side of the large room signaling Avalon to go back. Savalas took out his pistol cross bow and stepped back towards the columns pulling his horse with him. Sweat rolled on his forehead, Savalas was scared but he was making sure not to panic. The room had had to be 30 ft high, with torches on every corner and column. Surprisingly it wasn't extremely dark though. Savalas turned back to Avalon, "I don't know what that is..." He whispered, "Just stay back and wait to see..." Rumbling of stone and rock echoed through the long room. Small pieces of stone fell and dust rose with each quake. Just as he made it in the back of the room behind the columns lining the room, he heard the sound of footsteps approaching from the doorway they entered from. "It must be the next group of warriors to help us!" Savalas thought to himself.
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  5. Avalon nodded and looked behind her to see what the sound was. She narrowed her eyes to see in the dark hallway. She sighed in relief as she saw some of the Guild members. "Finally..."She said. Although...she was kind of starting to like being alone with Savalas. She stood straight as the Guild members approached them. The commander walked up to her, his face forming a frown. "Have you seen anything yet?" She noticed that his bottom lip was quivering. "Are you okay commander?.." She asked, feeling herself cower at his massive size. He clenched his fists and shot a hand right towards Avalon. Avalon flinched, but relaxed when she saw that he hand punched the wall right next to her. He turned his gaze to Savalas, "We were attacked on our way was one of those cursed beasts! There were six fatalities, and several inured. It came out of nowhere, and then left almost as soon as it came." Avalon felt her eyes widen at the news. "These beasts show no mercy do they.." She thought to herself. She felt herself shaking, and she leaned against the wall in hopes to make the shaking stop.
  6. Savalas had a feeling of anger for split second towards the commander in the moment of him almost hitting Avalon. Then whe he heard the news his face quickly grew with a look of concern and anger. His fists clenched tightly... "How?..." Savalas asked, " how could that have happened, the only way over is the bridge to this tower... And there was no beasts at the bottom when we entered shortly before..." "It... It destroyed a section of the bridge..." The commander replied softly. Savalas's eyes widened at the realization that the bridge is the only known way to leave the lands... Savalas looked at the faces of the other guilds men, a lot of them quivering and shaking with fear. Their eyes were empty and devoid, they stood in the hall of the room terrified on their horses. Savalas turned and looked at Avalon with a face of concern.
    Then a huge boom echoed close to the side of the wall where they all stood! A crack in the wall formed with a that hit on the stone wall. " GET BACK!!" The commander yelled. Savalas quickly grabbed Avalon by her hand and sprinted forward not looking back behind him. The sound of a final boom and falling masses of crumbling stone following behind him as he was pulling Avalon!
    The sounds of screaming soldiers and horses were heard also. Savalas was just trying to make it to the other side of the room. He looked behind him for one second... To see a beast with glowing red eyes... 20 feet tall on all fours, two pairs of horns like a bull, dark black fur and plates of armor... Then there was the blood curdling low echo of a muffled roar...
  7. Avalon screamed in fear as Savalas jerked her away by her hand. She made the mistake of looking back at the beast and her eyes widened with fear. She had never seen anything more terrifying. She felt a sharp pain shoot up her leg and felt blood begin to ooze down her leg, but she kept running. There was no time to stop and see what caused the wound. Avalon spotted a small doorway, and she immediately ran into it, dragging Savalas with her. The room was dark and small, but they were hidden from the Beast's view. Avalon felt around for the wall, and once she felt the hard stone, she hit the ground. She was beginning to feel the pain in her leg again. "I don't know what happened, but my leg is hurting pretty bad.." She said through gritted teeth. She tried her best to keep herself from crying. She was injured, who knows how many of the Guild members were dead, and that beast was just outside. "Savalas....what are we going to do?" She had never been so scared in her life.
  8. "I have to try and help... I can't just do nothing..." Savalas replied, "just stay safe Avalon... Please... I will mend that wound when I'm back..." The thunderous stomps of the beast shook the entire structure. It felt as thought the earth itself was shaking.
    Savalas pulled out one of his scimitars, clutching his pistol crossbow in his other hand. He then walked out of the small corridor leaving Avalon, into the main hall where the beast was causing the destruction. Upon entering the hall he saw 2 men hanging on to the beast by its furr stabbing him. Nine others still alive on the ground shooting arrows at him and stabbing at it with spears. All of the other 20 or so dead... The beast was in a furious rampage, that proceeded to get worse. Horses running around the area wounded and terrified. Savalas's gut turned at the sight of dead friends of war, but he quickly shook it off. He pointed his pistol at him and shot at its head hoping to gain it's attention, but to no avail. The beast was in a pure rampage... Savalas put his bow away and grabbed both scimitars, ready to fight...
  9. Avalon felt her heart sink as Savalas left the room. She felt tears begin to stream down her face. She shook her head, and rubbed the tears off her face. She would not abandon her partner and leave him to fight for himself. She grunted as she slowly stood up, the pain almost unbearable, but she was going to fight through it. She was going to protect her partner, and save what members of the Guild she could. She unsheathed her sword, and stumbled out into the hallway. She leaned up against the wall, breathing heavily. She spotted Savalas and ran as fast as she could to him. Oh how it hurt, but the rising adrenaline kept her going. "I'm going to fight with you, whether you like it or not." She raised her sword in defense. She took in a deep breath; prepared to face her potential death. She looked at Savalas, her eyes softening for a moment. "You've been a great partner, and I am honored to fight by your side." She then turned her gaze back to the beast. "I'm ready." She said to herself.
  10. Savalas looked at Avalon, he thought and knew there was no convincing her not to fight. He quickly grabbed his crossbow and handed it to her. "Aim for its eyes!" He said, "I'll attack him, be careful Avalon..." Savalas then ran forward on to the beast. The two men on the beast were shaken off and injured now. The commander had his legs stomped on and broken. Savalas ran up behind it jumping on to his front leg, stabbing his sword into the hard flesh of the beast. He was hanging on to the hilt of his sword while the beast flailed around, hitting two more soldiers... The impact contorted them in an unnatural way... killing them. Chaos, death and destruction ensnared the area. This had to stop... Savalas, Avalon, The commander, and 6 more men remained... Savalas was trying to make his way to its head hoping to end it's life. He was on the front thigh of the large bull like beast now...
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