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  1. *This challenge is not a part of any weekly challenges from me, but is an idea I figured I'd throw out for people to try if they so desired!*



    Hello there! For this little challenge, the goal is fairly simple: write a poem based on a color. It can be any color you'd like to use, so long as you do not mention the name of the color within the poem, just to make it a little bit more of a challenge. The poem can be any length or style as well. Just remember to try and be using a color to inspire your writing!​
  2. Alright, here is my attempt. c:

    My heart rests when
    these skies turn dull,
    When these grounds dampen
    by Heavens tears.
    I indulge in this sadness.
    I breathe in these fears.
    A pessimist, I deny,
    But I know none
    Of optimism's song.
    Spare me your pity.
    Spare me your sighs,
    For I am content.
    I fell in love
    With melancholy,
    And melancholy
    Is what
    I love.
    My Inspiration- (open)
    I used the colour grey as my inspiration. (:
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  3. Royalty, hated them all.
    A girl's color, rather die then wear.
    Roasting marshmallows in the fire.
    The tea at the store was dapper.
    But finding food coloring I poured it off the life guard's tower.
    So I went and ruffled my hair.
    A bit lethargic and meloncoly
    Till I saw a early sky colored car jump the vally.

    <3 I really love the challenges. Trying to do my best in them so I can roleplay once I do enough of them.
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  4. In your eyes
    I see the color of my demise
    The fathomless depths burn
    No matter where I turn
    Like the fields of home
    Where I roam
    In your eyes
    I have my demise
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  5. Twisting mounds of browning mold,
    like the harsh green of a winter forest,
    tucked away in the blistering white of forlorn mountains.
    Though it thaws now,
    ready for rot
    it crawls in the glancing rays of sunlight,
    a fleshy radiant hue of tortured greens.
    Insignificant against the fires of the woods,
    tender to the roots of their giants.
    Blots of red and blue speckle their little caps,
    natures umbrella
    to protect her renewal.
    Grow now my marvelous little darlings,
    return the body so the dirt.
    You will be rewarded with new life,
    so that all the rays of the sun
    will meet your skin.​
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