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  1. Did you know that colors are used to get us to buy things, eat more or less, go to church, feel better in the hospital, and inspire us? It's true. Color theory is an important part of our culture. Some blues are considered very calming, while yellow and red together make us hungry. So, how do you utilize color in your daily life, be it for fashion, RP, graphic design, or decor?
  2. I decorate with lots of bright colors! I know that my mood can be influenced by whether or not I'm seeing drab things all over the place. I used to also wear a lot of orange and yellow but it is SO hard to find good orange/yellow clothes. Especially for winter clothing. Oh well, more reason to make my own!
  3. I'm very strange when it comes to my clothes and my art...

    I wear very drab clothing, and most of the colors I use are grays, browns, white and blacks. So neutral colors really, but I wear this color selection in the fall/winter. Once spring and summer arrive, I'm wearing blues, yellows, and purples.

    As far as art goes, I love, love, love color. It just doesn't show in my clothes because I don't feel like I wear color very well. But when I'm painting, I love using tons of different colors and making it all work together. Even colors that I distaste, like red and pink, are colors that I will very often use in my art. I feel like a lot of people are afraid to use colors with their clothes so they just stick to the 'safe' colors. When I'm painting or coloring, I will try to use every color of the rainbow.
  4. I believe strongly in color theory! 8D I feel teal represents me very well as a color, and now I am struggling to make sure all my clothes aren't teal. >>;; It's the first color I am attracted to when buying clothes.

    I've always used color for moods when I did website graphics too. >:3
  5. I like to decorate with passionate or rich colors. They make me feel rejuvenated just looking at them. I like deep reds, chocolatey browns, pine greens...

    I find bright colors, like yellow and lime green, to be too insubstantial. I also like pastel colors, for a calm and reflective mood. They tend to make me feel more thoughtful, so I like them for typing (as you maybe noticed!).