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  1. No Serenity to be Found

    After having all gone their separate ways after the illusion incident, the rag-tag group of friends consisting of Teresa Agnes(played by Sav), Malcolm Reynolds(played by BarrenThin), William Herondale(played by Gummi Bunnies), and Jennifer Tate(played by Thuro Pendragon) meet up once again.. But their meeting is quickly cut short...

    Illusion side-story taking place between Illusion II and Murder VII.

    No Serenity to be Found |
  2. I SEE A FOX!

    I love your artwork! It's beautiful, and it's so diverse!

    What;s your favorite medium?
  3. why thank you! >:D

    I really love to paint, but it's probably the one thing I almost never do. x___x I usaully just do pencil skecthes and coloring with color pencil, or screw around in photoshop. I had a drawing tablet, but it died on me and I need a new one. >:[
  4. THEN GET ONE! Put a little donation thingy in your sig.......

  5. Traversing Aether

    A canonical side-story that follows up The Metamorphose Sickness and expands upon the story, by Atomyk.

    Welcome to the Aether facility.

    Ripped out of your world by unknown means, you wake up in a state of utter confusion, finding yourself locked inside a facility home to all kinds of horrors. In the midst of an outbreak, you and a group of strangers will find yourselves arriving at the worst possible time. Not only will you be subjected the facility's strange experiments and machinations, but you will also have to contend with those who would seek to silence you or add you to the ranks of the facility's monstrosities.

    Whether you and your fellow survivors choose to band together or not, you're in for one hell of a ride.

    Traversing Aether


    Cast List

    TheSpringwoodSlasher as Locus (Red vs. Blue)
    Mighty Roman as Leo Elster (Humans) and The Eighth Doctor (Doctor Who)
    Gummi Bunnies as Nezu Jirou / Rat (Tantei Opera Milky Holmes) and William "Will" Owen Herondale (Infernal Devices)
    Cromartie Sarkissian as Ash Williams (Evil Dead) and Johnny (The Room)
    C.T. as Doctor Emily Grey (Red vs. Blue)
    Gibbons as Sendo Takeshi (Hajime no Ippo)
    The Silver Paladin as Yuriko Omega (Command and Conquer: Red Alert)
    OrlandoBloomers as Max Rockatansky (Mad Max)
    Kaykay as Huang Rong (Legend of the Condor Heroes)
    Jerelin as Cersei Lannister (Game of Thrones)
    Klutzy Ninja Kitty as Carl Grimes (The Walking Dead)
    Jeremi as Rhonda Kerske (Dead Rising) and Roberta Mendez / Captain America (Marvel Comics)
    york as Jean Kirstein (Attack on Titan)
    Lizzy as Shion and Nezumi "Rat" (No. 6)
    BarrenThin as Jean-Luc Picard (Star Trek)
    Gen. Gwazi Senpai as The Master (Doctor Who)
    Lissamel as Catherine (Gregory Horror Show)
    CookieMonster as Jenny (Doctor Who)
    Ryu Keiko as Daniel Angelle (Original Character)
    ResistingTheEnlightened as Alan Wake (Alan Wake) and Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes)
    Arcadium as Travis (Mother 4)
    Saint Guillotine as Emily Kaldwin (Dishonored)
    Thuro The Assassin Potato as Richard B. Riddick (Pitch Black)
    TheColourlessRainbow as Cleo Price (Life is Strange AU)
    siontalk as Ayano Tateyama (Kagerou Project)​
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