Color Coordination

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  1. Every good website has a good color design, this is because without a good color pattern a site is hard to read or follow. Now, I'm not saying that the site has a bad color pattern, but I can definitely feel my eyes being strained trying to process the site sometimes. Color scheme contributes to the flow of a site as well as the readability, while the black and white background/text works extremely well, the neon green strains your eyes and only allows you to read on the site for so long without having to take a break. My suggestion is we change to a softer blue color instead of the harsh green at the top, if you'd like I could design a simple draft of what it could look like.

    The first problem that I can see is that when you see that harsh green at the top, it's the only place you see that color, it's almost like it surprises my eyes everytime I see it at the top. You need to integrate all of your colors all along the page so that you don't have one color jump out at an unsuspecting victim. Now, I don't know if this has been suggested before, but I'd like to mention that I have actually studied color scheme and flow in design and I do have experience with Photoshop and designing and I'd like to bring that to this site.

    Another problem is the fact that the website isn't simple. Now, a lot of you may be asking, "why does it have to be simple? Exciting is better!" well, in most cases this is true, but not in design. All of the best website flow easily with your eye, you don't have to search for anything because your eye is drawn to them, this is do in part to their colors, a simple color change draws the eye, so keep anything you want your reader to drawn too in a different color, like main points or buttons.

    I'm not saying this is a bad website for color scheme, but I know that it can be better with just a little home decor on Iwaku. I would be able to set up a draft for you if you'd like, and I'll answer any questions about this, I just want to make this site even better than it already is.
  2. We already have a color style changer thing. I dunno if you know that or not.

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page, right before the affiliates is a drop down menu with different color options.
  3. Nevermind... It was brought to my attention that the color scheme can be changed...
  4. Thank you for the commentary and the suggestions, and I see you have already found that we offer some other color choices. 8D Eventually there will be other color combos, but that's not a high priority at the moment.

    I think you should join the Graphics Club and maybe show off some of this expertise! We might find that beneficial. >:]