Color, Color Everywhere!

Favorite colors?

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They say that color has a huge impact on your mood and feelings. There's also those that believe the color of your aura can tell what sort of person you are. And sometimes you can even send personality trends across people who use similar text colors on forums!

What is YOUR favorite colors? Why are you so attracted to those colors?
My favorite color is Green. I love it because of the many hues you can get out of it. Out of the colors it makes when you combine it with another color. With the fact that it can be the color of plants and eyes. I love stones and semi-precious stones that are green. Bloodstone is beautiful, so are emeralds and Malachite. Apatite can be green as well.

Plus, it's a color I'd see as representing life. And on the flipside, it's usually the color of a zombie's skin ^.^
RED! :3

I like its dual meaning, which are anger and amour. Yes, red is also the colour of bloodshed... I am a violent, twisted person who absolutely loves to type out a descriptive scene of someone dying horribly. I even laugh at the people who die in a puddle of red on TV. >:3 [Only movies, of course. If I see that in real life, it makes me the opposite of maniacal.]

And of course I love romance. The colour of our hearts is REEEED, pumped by REEEED blood! >D ...*cough* I mean, Valentines are sometimes red~

Red's also the colour of some yummy foods, like strawberries, bacon and RED VELVET CUPCAKES~ I also enjoy red in autumn, my favourite season.
I like blue, red, purple and black don't know why just do.
Blues of all hues are my favorite. I like it all, from midnight blue to baby. One of the only colors I wear besides black, white and gray (Although sometime I sneak some lighter, pale greens in there)

I like blue because its a cooling color, and anyone that knows me knows I'm cool as a Cucumber.
Yellow! It's such a positive color and generally people think of smiley faces, and well I'm generally always happy!
Blue - The sky, always aspire to rise. Spent long hours when things were the worst looking at the sky, in a way it represents hope and escape. I'd get people standing next to me and looking in the same direction and asking what I was looking at. I hated that.
Gray - Balance, approach everything with no bias. Not a colour but it represents that in everything there is good and bad. The different shades are the proportions. Not that black is bad, its simply not white as white is simply not black. Never look at something only from one perspective. Always find the gray.
Red/black - They're sexy!

My cbox colour is mostly gray with a little blue.
I'm the only one man enough to like pink.
Naw I just edited it in because I know it will be likes by some of the members.

Blue, Black, and White are just absolutely sexy together. I can usually make a gray fit in the too.