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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Boba Fit, Jun 20, 2016.

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  1. I also posted in the bug thread since I didn’t have this issue pre update.

    View My Video

    I apologize for the super duper small video. Make sure your sound is turned up to hear me clicking and speaking.

    I’m having an issue with the color coding.
  2. First, did you look at the actual code? As in, leave the rich text editor, and look at the BB code editor? Everything that is posted in your thread will be visible in the BB code editor. That's what the computer actually reads and posts. Second, did you try actually posting? Are the colors still off them? It's possible that your computer is processing something weird, and making some white words look blue.

    Third... Never write in white. Enough people use the pale background that half of the people on Iwaku won't be able to see what you are writing when you actually post. :tongue:

    If you've tried both of those, I'd need to take a look at the actual post that is acting weirdly to be able to get a better sense of things. Your video doesn't actually give me much information.
  3. It is a problem in coding I think. The Rich Text Editor isn’t changing all the BBcodes for some reason.

    BBcode version:

    Rich Text Editor Version:

    I have not made any more edits to the text since the video. I have not edited the BBcode to make the text look that way. The text is still colored that way because of the Rich Text Editor not changing all the coloring. I just screenshot the Bbcode.

    I do not know why the Rich Text Editor is not altering all the BBcodes.

    I did not try posting because I noticed that the BBcodes reflected the color of the text in the Rich Text Editor.
  4. Okay. I think I've got an idea what's going on. :D But, first, a quick confirmation. Did you purposefully put that shade of blue somewhere else in your post?
  5. Yes. That shade of blue is color of the Text for the character above. It also used for the heading.

    In the second paragraph, where I am having issues, it is only used for when that character is talking.

    If that makes sense.

    Also, I just want to make sure it isn’t my incompetence causing it. lol
  6. Well, it isn't incopetence, but it isn't a bug, either. It is just the way BB code works, which is stupid.

    The Rich Text Editor doesn't always lay things out correctly. As soon as you start adding in different fonts and centering to your text, the rich text editor will occasionally lay down the brackets incorrectly. And then things look like what you have above. You'll notice it laid it out as :

    (color)(u)(b)(font)(color) Your Text (/font)(/b)(/u)

    On the very first line where things start going weird. To line things up, you need the brackets to always open and close in order, with no hanging code. Aka, you need (u)(b)(font)(color) Your Text (/color)(/font)(/b)(/u), or the equivalent.

    As soon as the rich text editor started getting things misalligned, and then you added in more colors afterwords, the bb code editor was desperately trying to figure out what the rich text editor was telling it. And, therefore, you get junk!

    Your best bet, when you start wanting to stack different types of formatting, and turning them on and off at various points, is to do it manually, and make sure things open and close in the correct order. X.X
  7. I was afraid you were going to say that. I hate BBcoding with a passion.

  8. Yeah, it can be obnoxious and stupid. There's a reason I don't format my posts anymore.

    I'm sorry it wasn't a bug! D:
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