Color challenge #2

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  1. Summer has hit pretty hard, or at least it has for me! :3

    The sudden heat wave got me thinking about my favorite RP characters and what their reaction to the muggy weather would be.

    What would they do on a summer vacation? How funny would youknowwho look in a bathingsuit? Can you imagine whatshisface running through a sprinkler?!

    This is where y'all come in!!!

    This challenge is all about drawing your favorite RP character taking a time out from their busy lives (no matter what genre) and living it up in the sunshine!!

    The challenge colors will be all about reflecting summer time!

    Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow and any other warm tone you can get away with!!

    I'm looking forward to seeing some characters kicking back by the pool and taking a load off!
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  2. So like... is this a drawing / coloring challenge?
  3. I will try to do this x3 Expect a horrible picture by the beginning of next week xD
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